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cards not working any more...?

Thread originally posted on the Aeclectic Tarot Forum on 29 Mar 2002, and now archived in the Forum Library.

harleen  29 Mar 2002 
I recently switched decks (from Zerner Farber to Whimsical) because the readings I was getting with my last deck no longer "worked" for me...meaning, every reading was a struggle to get the answers I was seeking, it just caused me more frustration than it was worth! I loved my ZF deck, it was also easy for me to shuffle as I have small hands. However...I am the type who does not mind seeing situations in different lights, but not when I have to run into constant brick walls for them....

I don't seem to have this trouble with my Whimsical deck. If I start to run into a brick wall, I am able to pull back and figure out why...which was something I was unable to do with my other deck...

Has anyone else had something similar happen, and how does one handle this situation other than switching decks? I tried a lot of things, without success....

love and light,

Pedeka  29 Mar 2002 
Absolutely I've had this problem. I'll go through cycles where for one reason or another one deck reads so much better than another, then, one day it just doesnt seem to work for me and I change decks. I have a few decks that I want to read with so badly, because I just love how they look. But when I lay them out I say "Oh look. Pretty cards.. that dont mean a thing to me" Sometimes I go through periods where it feels like none of them work( and thats talking 30 some decks). I just put them away for a few weeks and live a nontarot life for a bit. Then inspiration will strike, or my fingers will itch to play with them...and BINGO Im back online. I just take it like the universe is telling me to relax a bit and not get dependant on them. Wish I knew why it happens or how to stop it. Ill be watching this board to see if there are any explainations.
You arent alone though.

Jimilyn  30 Mar 2002 

I don't have any explanations as to why your deck would quit working for you; however, Pedeka suggested what I would do...put the deck away for a period of time. Later on, pull it back out and see if it works for you again. Just because it's hard for reading with right now shouldn't necessarily mean it will always be difficult...after all, it used to work quite well for you. Maybe you just needed a shift in your reading.

At any rate, since you enjoy the deck so much, I hope that the two of you will get back in synch in the not too distant future.


DollChica  30 Mar 2002 
You may have oversaturated the deck itself. If you are the type who keeps the deck shuffled, I would re-order the deck from front to end and put it away for a week. Then try it again. 

Butterfly  01 Apr 2002 
Sometimes I find that I have to clean my cards. Re-energise them so to speak. This just means bathing them in either sunlight or moonlight- depending on the energy that I feel it needs. Sometimes I feel that I'm overbalanced in feminine energy, so I bathe them in sunshine to compensate. 

Original Destiny  01 Apr 2002 
Hi I agree with Butterfly...clean the deck..I Ground my cards..I place them on a stone especially chosen for this purpose... I also use a crystal to help clean the cards... 

The cards not working any more...? thread was originally posted on 29 Mar 2002 in the Talking Tarot board, and is now archived in the Forum Library. Read the threads in Talking Tarot, or read more archived threads.

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