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New Tarot Icons

Thread originally posted on the Aeclectic Tarot Forum on 30 Mar 2002, and now archived in the Forum Library.

Solandia  30 Mar 2002 
Kayne has created a wonderful set of 78 tarot icons for use in the forum. They have been installed as smilies, and are available for use in messages. I think kayne deserves a round of applause for his efforts :)

~ Solandia

Major Arcana


The codes are as below, but in UPPERCASE.

:tfool :tmage :temps :tempr :thier
:tlove :tchar :tstre :therm :twhee
:tjust :thang :tdeat :ttemp :tdev
:ttow :tstar :tmoon :tsun :tjudg :twor


Solandia  30 Mar 2002 

:TAW :T2W :T3W :T4W :T5W
:T6W :T7W :T8W :T9W :T10W

:taw :t2w :t3w :t4w :t5w
:t6w :t7w :t8w :t9w :t10w
:tpw :tknw :tqw :tkiw 

Solandia  30 Mar 2002 

:TAS :T2S :T3S :T4S :T5S
:T6S :T7S :T8S :T9S :T10S

:tas :t2s :t3s :t4s :t5s
:t6s :t7s :t8s :t9s :t10s
:tps :tkns :tqs :tkis 

Silence Dogood  30 Mar 2002 
Do you need the colon or is that merely to separate them? 

Solandia  30 Mar 2002 
The colon is necessary. 

Solandia  30 Mar 2002 

:TAP :T2P :T3P :T4P :T5P
:T6P :T7P :T8P :T9P :T10P

:tap :t2p :t3p :t4p :t5p
:t6p :t7p :t8p :t9p :t10p
:tpp :tknp :tqp :tkip 

Solandia  30 Mar 2002 

:TAC :T2C :T3C :T4C :T5C
:T6C :T7C :T8C :T9C :T10C

:tac :t2c :t3c :t4c :t5c
:t6c :t7c :t8c :t9c :t10c
:tpc :tknc :tqc :tkic 

Solandia  30 Mar 2002 
Please use the icons wisely - each one is an individual graphic, and if they are over-used will slow down the forum. Otherwise, enjoy.

~ Solandia 

kayne  30 Mar 2002 
Thanks for using them Solandia :)
And if you are wondering about some of the pics... Rider Waite was the main influence...

(Now I feel so proud that I have contributed to Aeclectic :D )

:TKNC k a y n e

p.s. Oh - don't forget the High Priestess :THP :D 

Kaz  30 Mar 2002 
kayne, cool icons you made here !!!!


Malachite  30 Mar 2002 

*standing ovation*

lost for any more words... 

Silence Dogood  30 Mar 2002 


Geenius at Wrok  30 Mar 2002 
OK, Kayne, you clobbered me. :) 

Talisman  30 Mar 2002 
Kayne --

My gosh!

If you publish 'em, Kiama'll collect 'em. And that's 'cause she has good taste.

Clobbered me too! Wonderful.


Diana  30 Mar 2002 

fairyhedgehog  30 Mar 2002 
Thanks, kayne, these are brilliant!

All the best,


Jimilyn  30 Mar 2002 

These are wonderful. Thanks for all the hard work.

And, by the way, you have always contributed to Aeclectic. I haven't always posted a lot lately, but I do browse the forums. We're fortunate to have you here!


P.S. I do understand what you meant by having now contributed. The icons are just a more formal way of contributing. :)  

floracove  30 Mar 2002 

Lion-O  30 Mar 2002 
Congratulations on a job well done Kayne. IMO those cards look marvelous indeed. Indeed a very welcome addition to the forums (now hopefully I don't forget to save this HTML page as a reference ;)). 

Melvis  30 Mar 2002 

Those are wonderful! Another example (aside from Kayne's Celtic Tarot, of course) of your artistic talent!




VGimlet  30 Mar 2002 
Oh, those are beauteous Kayne! 

Razz  31 Mar 2002 
Those icons are so cool! Have you put them into your own deck?

Very talented!


Kiama  31 Mar 2002 
Well done Kayne! Here, have a rose, from me... :TEMPS

He he...

Kiama, :TPW 

Kiama  31 Mar 2002 
Why aren't they working....? *Sniff* 

kayne  31 Mar 2002 
Thanks for all the great words of encouragment :D

Don't forget - to make them work you have to type them in UPPERCASE. (Solandia typed them lowercase so they wouldn't go and turn into tarot icons on us :p )


Pollux  31 Mar 2002 
Kiama, why didn't you kiss Kayne? Your kisses are becoming too rare... :)

Man, should I praise your artistic talent once again? :)
I'll get you fed up with it sooner or later...

I think I will use my soul/shadow cards...


This Icons ROCK!!!!

P.S. I want a Red-painted Sun Mirror too!!! ;) 

Kiama  31 Mar 2002 
Okay, fine: :* :* :* :* :*

Kisses, just for you Kayne, for all your hard work!


Marion  31 Mar 2002 

just trying it

Great stuff... 

jade  31 Mar 2002 
wow! good work :)

in light,

MeeWah  31 Mar 2002 
Kayne: Kudos to you--I am in awe of your talent.
Thank you for sharing it on the forums!
I also *love* your imaginative signatures! 

jmd  31 Mar 2002 

Great work! 

Maan  01 Apr 2002 
wauw there so beautiful! 

Original Destiny  01 Apr 2002 


Silence Dogood  01 Apr 2002 
:ttow ttow

They don't seem to be working for me... :-( 

kayne  01 Apr 2002 
*Don't forget to write them in capitals*
:TTOW = : T T O W (without the spaces...)
Also, you can get a list of them all if you click the little "Smilies are on"

Glad you like them :TJUST 

Pedeka  02 Apr 2002 
Very nice Kayne


Silence Dogood  02 Apr 2002 
Trying again -


Did it work? Cool! 

kayne  02 Apr 2002 
Woo-hoo! Well done Silence :) Pitty they don't work in Signatures... If you want to use it as part of your sig you might need to type it in each time...

~ :TKNC Kayne ~ 

arizonagirl  02 Apr 2002 
What a great addition! Thanks, Kayne. :T10C 

Major Tom  02 Apr 2002 
Absolutely brilliant Kayne!

Of course you realise you've now designed a complete deck. :D 

All Is One  02 Apr 2002 
Kayne, this site gets greater every time I look at it,
and you have designed a wonderful set of icons/cards!
*sends Kayne a dozen long-stemmed red roses and a bottle of champagne*


(trying it out...)
Someone mentioned you had designed a deck before- is it available for viewing or ???
:) :) :) 

TallTarotGuy  02 Apr 2002 
VERY cool icons Kayne! Thanks for sharing your talent with us.


raeanne  02 Apr 2002 
You posted the picture for the High Priestess, but I don't see the code for it. My guess is :thp but I'm not sure. I'm going to test this and see if that is right.

YES!! :thp in capital letters! Thanks! 

Jewel  02 Apr 2002 
Kayne how lovely! Thanks :) ... Now lets see according to Tarot Constellations I am a :THP :TJUST :TJUDG .... OHHHHHH lets see if it worked :) 

The New Tarot Icons thread was originally posted on 30 Mar 2002 in the Talking Tarot board, and is now archived in the Forum Library. Read the threads in Talking Tarot, or read more archived threads.

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