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new to tarot cards

Thread originally posted on the Aeclectic Tarot Forum on 08 Mar 2002, and now archived in the Forum Library.

Rocksolid  08 Mar 2002 
I was hoping people can tell me more about Tarot cards. I have never done a reading, but I think I would like to learn more about it. There are so many different types of cards. Are there "evil" cards are "good" cards. Last year was a very bad year for me, I lost 3 family members and I was thinking of doing a reading for myself to see if this was going to be a better year. I know there are cards that have only positive messages. I would not want that, I want a classic deck that tells you good and bad events, I think that would be more truthful. Where do I buy these cards from and how long will it take for me to lean how to do a reading ?
Thanks for the feedback.


fairyhedgehog  08 Mar 2002 
Hi Jeff

and welcome to these forums :)

I'm sorry to hear that last year was such a terrible time for you. I can understand that you'd like some reassurance that this year is going to be a better one but I shall have to leave others to anwer that as that isn't how I use the cards.

I can say, though, that as far as I'm concerned no tarot card is 'evil'. Some of them have more difficult messages than others, and some decks bring this out more than others.

Your best bet is to look around the web for pictures of tarot cards you like. You can see them here at aeclectic, and at and, to name but two other places. When you find some decks you like, let us know and there are people here who can tell you more about them.

You can order tarot cards from amazon, and there are links to amazon from the picture pages. (If you are not in USA there are more links at

I've no idea how long it will take for you to learn to do a reading. I am finding it a very enjoyable experience learning about the cards and I hope you do too.

With very best wishes,


destinyawaitsme  08 Mar 2002 
How long will it take for you to learn tarot?

Well pretty much anyone on this forum would tell you that the learning process never ends. Tarot is a multi layered tool that many people spend years learning something new everyday.

But Kudos to you for being interested in it. It's a rewarding experience for many people. It's interesting how many people stumble upon tarot when they are down on their luck. A year ago I found tarot when I was severly depressed. I was a lost girl with no direction, no path, no hope. Now, I'm am so bubbly I make myself sick sometimes. :) Did tarot make me happy? NO. Did it kinda point me in some sort of direction? Definately. So now after that spiel...your questions:

Are there good are bad cards? no! Tarot is supposedly neutral. Like I said before, tarot is multi-layered. A seemingly bad card could be the long run...or vice-versa. Also if you counted all the "good" cards and "bad" cards you would get that there are an equal number of each. And remember: nothing is black and white in tarot everything can be interpreted in many ways.

Deck reccomendations: Well, there are so many decks out there, it's hard to reccommend one. But since you are a beginner I would reccommend the Rider-Waite deck. It's used in lots of books about tarot. But then again, you don't have to use that one. I've never owned it! but I'm familiar witht he imagery. And that can help you so much.

Where can you get a deck? Just about any chain bookstore. (Waldenbooks, B. Dalton, hastings, Books-A-Million, Barnes and Nobles, also, if there is a metaphysical book store in your area that would be a good place to go. There would be people there that knew what they were talking about. The disadvantage of big chain bookstores is that when you ask about a certain book, you get this pimply faced teenager giving you funny looks like you are going to do voodoo on him when you get home or something.

I would reccommend before even buying, getting on the net and looking up some resources. (this forum is filled with people that have info about tarot by the way.)

also check out

This is a great source! If you need anymore help, feel free to ask.

Love and Light,

Rocksolid  08 Mar 2002 
I looked at some of the different decks and I like
Tarot of the old path
Morgan greer & Albano.
They look like cards that I have had readings with before. Are they good for beginners ? 

Kellinator  08 Mar 2002 
I believe the Albano is a differently colored version of the drawings from the Rider-Waite. Some of the combinations are a little strange (red skies, etc.), but if you like it and connect with it, that's all that matters.

I would vote for the Morgan-Greer. The drawings are much like the Rider-Waite, but I find them more appealing. I think it would be an excellent choice for a beginner. Specialty decks can be lots of fun, but when you're just starting out, it's easier to have something more traditional that doesn't change the names of the cards, IMHO.

Good luck!

Emily  08 Mar 2002 
Hi Rocksolid,

The traditional learners deck used to be the Rider Waite, you'll find more books use the meanings from this deck, but there are so many R/W clones around that you don't have to start with this deck anymore. The Morgan Greer is a clone as is the Albano, Diamond, Spiral (my favourite :). As for how long it will take you to learn, you'll learn the basics quickly but a good student never stops learning. :) 

raeanne  08 Mar 2002 
As others have said, learning the tarot never really ends. But, you can start reading with the cards as soon as you get them. Some of the pictures may just make sense and you will be able to look at the card and see the meaning. A good way to learn the deck is to take one card each day and learn as much as you can about that card. By the end of 78 days, you will know your deck fairly well. Go at your own pace and if you want to spend two or three days on just one card before moving on, thatís fine. There are people on these forums that have only been reading for 3-4 months and they are very good! The time it takes each person to reach a comfort level is very individual. If you have the desire to learn, you will do fine. 

Major Tom  09 Mar 2002 
There is a book that shows you how to get started straight away: Tarot in Ten Minutes by R.T. Kaser. It's not the best way to learn the cards but it does provide you with answers you can use without waiting until you learn all the cards...

There a lots of books that are better for actual learning. :) 

Bings  09 Mar 2002 
Rocksolid, You list your location as being NY. If you are close to Syracuse, New York there is a wonderful store there that sells many different deck and books. The name of the store is Seven Rays Bookstore. It is a wonderful and fascinating store.


Thirteen  09 Mar 2002 
Hey, Rocksolid--welcome. As others have said, it's best to start with a Rider-Waite deck or clone of that deck, simply because it's the most common, and the basis for so many other decks. Don't pick anything too off-beat just yet.

As for learning the cards, you can go right down to Tarot Basics :) I "taught" "course" here for about two or three months. It goes through the cards one by one and is a pretty good intro to card meanings, if I do say so myself. The whole purpose of that board's continued existance, in fact, is to help out beginners like you. You'll also get to see the great discussions and insights it generated from others. It should give you an idea of what you're getting into. 

Thirteen  09 Mar 2002 
Oh, and just so you know, if you check out Tarot Basics, you have to tell the forum to show you posts "From the beginning" to see them all :) 

Rocksolid  11 Mar 2002 
Thanks for all the feedback and help. Everybody has been very encourgaing. I bought a Morgan-Greer deck and learning book from ebay and I will have it by the end of the week. I will keep you guys posted as to how things are going. 

silvereye  11 Mar 2002 
I'd suggest getting Russian Tarot of St Petersberg
if you're considering purchasing a waite clone deck (Waite is the standard deck, another one is Thoth)
I think the colours , IMO of course, is better than MOrgan Greer.
I like the sun card of Morgan Greer though. 

Jewel  11 Mar 2002 
Originally posted by Rocksolid
I looked at some of the different decks and I like
Tarot of the old path
Morgan greer & Albano.
They look like cards that I have had readings with before. Are they good for beginners ?

Hi Rocksolid! I saw that you purchased the Morgan-Greer and I think you will be very pleased with your choice. I had to smile when I saw the mention of Tarot of the Old Path. I did a lot of my begging learning with this deck, and still turn to it at times. As you have your deck on the way I would like to suggest a couple of books that might aide you in your learning: 1) Tarot for Yourself by Mary Greer (this is workbook with exercises, great book!), and 78 Degrees of Wisdom by Rachel Pollock. And of course Thirteens Tarot Basics ... best descriptions of cards (in plain everyday English) I know of. We also have a study groups Forum where we are actually working with those two books and you are more than welcome to come and join us.

Love & Light, 

The new to tarot cards thread was originally posted on 08 Mar 2002 in the Talking Tarot board, and is now archived in the Forum Library. Read the threads in Talking Tarot, or read more archived threads.

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