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Question for those who fan the cards

Thread originally posted on the Aeclectic Tarot Forum on 19 Mar 2002, and now archived in the Forum Library.

Diana  19 Mar 2002 

Lion-O  19 Mar 2002 
Although I already said I (d/w)on't do readings for others (yet?) I'd still like to reply ;)

IMO you should let the querent select the cards, simply because the question reflects to them. But when said person isn't fully relaxed and/or too tense I'd prefer to select the cards myself. Simply to make sure they are picked "the right way" (if there is such a thing). 

Temperance413  19 Mar 2002 
I like to have to querent pull the cards. No bias that way :) 

Butterfly  19 Mar 2002 
I always cut the deck before fanning too. It's a nice little focussing ritual. Rachel Pollack (78DW) writes that it is a way of blessing the cards for her.
I let the other person pick- always. It's about their energy for me, so it's important they choose the cards they are drawn to. 

truthsayer  19 Mar 2002 
i couldn't tell you a good reason i cut before i fan. sometimes i get the querent to cut the cards and that seems to relax them enough to touch the cards to pick the ones they are drawn to. kind of like shaking hands w/ someone you're just introduced to. i'll pick the cards but i prefer they do. i agree there is less bias and more objectivity when they pick the cards. 

catlin  20 Mar 2002 
My querents have to shuffle, cut and pull the cards for themselves. I only do the fanning and until now none has objected, altough some have troubles with the usual American standard sized cards and so they choose often the Pocket RW as it is the same size as German playcards. 

mermaid1622  25 Mar 2002 
to have the querent select the cards ... but here's my overall view:
Since my aim is to be a "tool" too (just as I consider the cards a tool), that is what I go by. For example, my own personal idea of what's "better" leans toward my staying out of the shuffling, cutting, fanning, selecting, etc. But, I too, have read for people whose own inner guidance was that it was better for them if *I* did all of the thngs involving touching the cards. My thought in such a situation is "Who am I to question this person's own inner guidance about what is better for him/her?" So I offer querents the opportunity to handle the cards but I trust their inner guidance as to what is best for them.


Maan  27 Mar 2002 
I let my "clients" shuffel,than i fan and than the client has to chose the cards.
I want there unconsious to pick the right cards for them 

The Question for those who fan the cards thread was originally posted on 19 Mar 2002 in the Talking Tarot board, and is now archived in the Forum Library. Read the threads in Talking Tarot, or read more archived threads.

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