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smudges and blotches and rips...Oh my!

Thread originally posted on the Aeclectic Tarot Forum on 29 Mar 2002, and now archived in the Forum Library.

Andryh  29 Mar 2002 
Just felt like venting some tarot frustrations with some folk of like-mind. I love tarot, and love to collect different decks. Lately, it seems every new deck I buy has a flaw of one sort or another. I am always noticing rough edges, white blotches where the printer missed, and smudged colors on my decks. This really drives me crazy! Some printer flaws I have found are unique to a deck. Some seem to be ubiquitous. For example, I recently noticed some small flaws in my Connolly deck. I contacted the printer, U.S. games and requested replacements for the flawed cards. Much to my surprise, the cards that I requested had the very same flaws. Perhaps I am asking too much, but it certainly is a big dissapointment when you get a brand new deck you've been dying for and find these imperfections. Anyone have these same complaints, or am I just being "nit picky"? Also, if you have noticed imperfect cards in your collection, do you live with it, return the deck, or request replacement cards from the publisher? How does the rest of the tarot world deal with dinged cards...Or do they even notice. Anyone's thoughts on this are welcome. 

jade  29 Mar 2002 
i've only ever had one card that was a problem and it was cut wrong.

soul cards - and they sent me a new one right away!

in light,

zorya  29 Mar 2002 
haven't had this problem andryh, but just out of curiosity, and maybe this is a little out there, but which card in the connolly deck was found flawed twice? perhaps it has some significance. lately i've been experiencing a great many syncronicities, and take little for granted.:) 

Andryh  29 Mar 2002 
The little flaw in the Connolly deck is on the lady's dress on the nine of pentacles. There is just a small white spot where the printer missed. It is such a beautiful card...One of my favorites of the deck. Every time I draw it though, my eye is drawn to that little white splotch! It is a small flaw, and probably not one that would bother most people. Maybe these little smears, blotches and spots are trying to tell me something...Perhaps, "don't sweat the small stuff, just look at the big picture!" Thanks for your input on this. 

Geenius at Wrok  30 Mar 2002 
Andryh, that splotch is probably on the photographic plate, in which case the entire print run will have the same flaw. You might mention this to U.S. Games. 

Diana  30 Mar 2002 

Kiama  31 Mar 2002 
One of the Minor Arcana in my Buckland Romani has a rather prominent flaw, where it looks like the colour has run... Forgotten which card its on now. I don't use this deck for reading though, so I'm no too concerned.


destinyawaitsme  31 Mar 2002 
Originally posted by Kiama
One of the Minor Arcana in my Buckland Romani has a rather prominent flaw, where it looks like the colour has run... Forgotten which card its on now. I don't use this deck for reading though, so I'm no too concerned.


I have that deck, I think it is the page or knight of wands. 

wigwag  01 Apr 2002 
I have the buckland romani with the flaw on the card.

I thought it was blood for ages till I noticed the picture in the book was different. It is the page of chivs (knives)

It is quite annoying. 

arizonagirl  02 Apr 2002 
My Buckland Romani deck has the same flaw. It was annoying at first, but it seems to turn up when the situation warrants caution in overextending yourself and getting hurt doing so, and also in situations where caution is advised.
I've attached a picture of it here for those who are curious. 

Logiatrix  02 Apr 2002 
i used to have the same compulsive responses to flaws, but all that changed when my deck chose ME, flaws and all (both of us). my visconti deck has several minor arcana cards that were printed upside down; and now, after a couple of years of consistent use, the cards are worn, dented, faded and smudged. the printing error is supposed to be corrected in a new edition coming out soon, but i don't want a new deck. i LIKE all the imperfections and boo-boo's in my deck. each flaw represents the longevity i have enjoyed with these cards. this deck, of all the decks i have, is the one i have had the longest and the one i use all the time.
i think that if you are REALLY attached to the deck, you will easily overlook the glitches you see, even embrace them.

Jewel  02 Apr 2002 
Metaz I really agree with you on this. The deck that chose ME was the Cosmic Tribe. The Fool card in that deck came with a blue ink blotch at the bottom. Although at first it bothered me now I do not even notice it, and the thought of adding a new card to the deck when we get along so well seems wrong *LOL*. Talk about humanizing decks *LOL*. That deck also came with a couple of extra cards (an extra Ace of Swords and 4 Lovers Cards instead of 3). With all the strangeness, something told me that the deck had come that way for a reason ... call me crazy, but that is my story and I am sticking to it *LOL* ... 

Talisman  02 Apr 2002 
'Lo all,

Metaz, you struck such a responsive chord in me.

I've never had a deck with a flaw, but I do find that the more I use a deck, the more worn and confortable it feels. I take care of my decks and don't abuse them, but, time will tell.

My first deck, Aquarian, looks okay, but it feels worn and shabby. The white has turned ivory. The edges are hand-held dirty gray. It is only 20 or so years old, but it looks like an antique.

Dark old deck, with dark old meloncholy readings. My first, I love it.

For a few months, I have been using World Spirit. I am one of those people who needs a personal relationship with a deck as a prerequisite to reading the cards well. And, I'm slow. It takes me a long time. Maybe years.

Now the World Spirit, which I love, is made out of Kelvar and is bullet-proof. It is hard and shiney and is made out of Titanium. If you want a deck that always looks pristine and new, wonderful.

I'll treat it as gently as my tavelin' lifestyle permits. But, I really want that soft, warm feel.

I think Metaz knows what I'm talking about.

Talisman :TSUN :TWHEE :TMage 

Andryh  02 Apr 2002 
This post is really going places! I never really thought about it, but while I own many decks, and really adore most of them, I don't yet have one that I feel the strong intimacy with that has been described in these last few replies... Perhaps one day a deck will come along that speaks so directly to my heart, that no splotch, smear or smudge shall pull us asunder. Rather than wish for the flawless deck, perhaps I should rather hope to find the deck which like our dearest friend only grows (at least in our eyes) more beautiful with time. Thanks for these wonderful replies, and the perspective which they have granted me. 

purplelady  06 Apr 2002 
The Renaissance Tarot by Jane Lyle (Same deck now re-named secrets tarot) is hands down the most flawed deck I've ever bought. Publisher "Fireside Simon and Shuster".I suppose I should've tried to return it. But I didn't. I didn't expect it to be my main deck but more of a collectable. It's a beautiful deck set really. But the printing quality is awful! It came with 2 3 of pentacles and no 7 of pentacles. I actually drew 4 more pentacles on one of the 3 of pents and call it the 7 of pents! It was easy to do on that card. On a number of cards there are the white spots where the printer messed up. Then I noticed the card backs were actually 2 different batches of color. A royal blue , but you can see some of the cards are a little darker blue. AND one batch is actually a little bit longer! It's an interesting and unique deck , and the book is really nice. But the deck printing and quality is the worst ever! 

purplelady  06 Apr 2002 
I also have the Buckland Romani with the same flaw mentioned above. I remember looking at it for awhile to try and determine if it was a printing flaw or what it was. 

Zhritza  07 Apr 2002 
Originally posted by purplelady
The Renaissance Tarot by Jane Lyle (Same deck now re-named secrets tarot)

ack... are you talking about the Lo Scarabeo Renaissance and Secret Tarots? I was tentatively planning to buy that Renaissance... If you've saved me from a bad purchase, I humbly thank you :* 

The smudges and blotches and rips...Oh my! thread was originally posted on 29 Mar 2002 in the Talking Tarot board, and is now archived in the Forum Library. Read the threads in Talking Tarot, or read more archived threads.

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