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Used decks

Thread originally posted on the Aeclectic Tarot Forum on 28 Mar 2002, and now archived in the Forum Library.

Kellinator  28 Mar 2002 
When you buy or trade for a used deck, what do you usually do to clear it?

And are there any of you who won't use used decks?


Umbrae  28 Mar 2002 
Theoretically it could be cleaned…but why.
To me it would be like buying used underwear. Icky-poo. 

MeeWah  28 Mar 2002 
I am comfortable with used decks in good condition, so some of my decks are used, acquired through exchange.
I usually do a ritual cleansing: leave them out on a window sill "to air" in sunlight & moonlight; shuffle them thoroughly then put the cards in order (Majors first then by suits). Any of the methods mentioned may be sufficient, but I prefer a three-fold approach.
Any deck that I consider using for readings I usually use for daily cards first. Or I reserve them for client use. 

fairyhedgehog  30 Mar 2002 
I traded and got a Celtic Tarot deck through aeclectic. I not only didn't clear it, I liked the 'feel' it had when it came to me and wanted that to stay with it as long as possible. So maybe it depends who had the deck before you did?



Lion-O  30 Mar 2002 
I never got a deck of used cards before but despite that I really don't see why you should not treat an used deck any different then a new deck. It has been used but then again; what does the label "new" mean anyway? For all I know the people who made my deck could have used it for dozens of readings in order to be sure that it "worked" (after which they neatly pressed the cards again ofcourse ;)).

So I would not really be picky on this one, although I would prefer a new deck over a used one. Based on nothing mind you; just a feeling. 

VGimlet  30 Mar 2002 
I've bought several used decks so far, and only one had kind of an "icky" feel to it. I left that one out a few days, sorted it, shuffled it, left it out a few more days, and it finally it felt okay. All of the others seemed fine, more like they'd been taken out of the box, looked at, and then never touched again. 

wigwag  01 Apr 2002 
I don't mind using a used deck. I don't clear it as such but I do the same as I do with my new decks when they seem to get stuck on a theme.

I put the suits all back in order and the major arcana as well, then I spread them out on a surface and really shuffle them up by swirling them around.

Now they have my shuffle and no one elses.

It has always worked for me. 

Zhritza  03 Apr 2002 
Smudging is good -- burning sage next to it. Although some people think sage smells like pot. :) Any astringent plant matter is theoretically good from a magic perspective, plus they tend to smell "clean" too -- pine, lavender, cypress. You can always use the essential oils of these instead of the plant itself. 

zorya  03 Apr 2002 
any deck,crystal or other ritual item, used or new, i put out under a solstice moon, being sure to bring it in before daylight. you never know about the energy of the people involved in making a new deck. if i just can't wait for a solstice, i put it under the moon each night for a whole moon cycle. it's hard for me to get up early each morning so i usually opt to wait for the solstice. :) 

Emily  03 Apr 2002 
I haven't got any used tarot decks, only got 4 anyway lol, but I do have a used I Ching deck (The Visual I Ching) and I don't have problems using that - I think if they've been looked after and don't seem to feel off then you can inprint them with your vibrations - Saying that I wouldn't buy a deck second hand if I didn't like the feel of it or if it hadn't been looked after :) 

The Used decks thread was originally posted on 28 Mar 2002 in the Talking Tarot board, and is now archived in the Forum Library. Read the threads in Talking Tarot, or read more archived threads.

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