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What do you use tarot for?

Thread originally posted on the Aeclectic Tarot Forum on 07 Mar 2002, and now archived in the Forum Library.

kayne  07 Mar 2002 
What is the main reason for the use of tarot in your life? 

Major Tom  07 Mar 2002 
Thanks for starting this poll Kayne! It's really cool. :D

Using tarot for magick is one option which I suppose is covered by other purposes...

I'm going to be watching this one. Hopefully everyone will feel able to share and by sharing give us all the opportunity to grow. 

Temperance413  07 Mar 2002 
Thank you for posing the question. I would like to know how others feel also. I am so glad that there are people like me, who use the Tarot for Inner growth, exploration, etc, because aside from the people who ask for readings, there really isn't anyone who I can go to for advice, or just to talk. So thank you very much!!
All of you are wonderful and a blessing!!! 

kayne  07 Mar 2002 
I'm kayne... not kiama... :P 

Pollux  07 Mar 2002 



Temperance413  07 Mar 2002 
I had just posted to Kiama, My mistake!


Pollux  07 Mar 2002 
I must admit it... This Poll stuff just ROCKS!!!
Don't you all think?

This way we could have deathmatches with decks and things, without losing the counts, and getting messed up...

(Does this remind you something, Kayne? :) ) 

truthsayer  07 Mar 2002 
i use tarot for divination, collect the decks for the art, self-exploration, study of mythology/symbolism, and to study archetypal psychology. 

Logiatrix  07 Mar 2002 
what truth said--->me, too.

catlin  15 Mar 2002 
So do I plus spell work. 

Malachite  15 Mar 2002 
I mostly use it for divination, and for self-exploration...
How exactly could tarot be used in spell-work...I've heard the idea before, but I'm not entirely sure how it works...? 

Jewel  15 Mar 2002 
Well darn! I did not realize I could post more than one answer until after I hit the "vote" button ... that is what I get for not paying attention. I use the Tarot mainly for self-exploration, but also use it for meditation, and divination. But self-exploration mainly which is what I voted for. 

slinky_jo  15 Mar 2002 
I mainly read for other people - face to face, over the phone, over the net etc. I used to read for myself, but I found it too easy to read things into it that I already knew. I still like to "examine" the cards, find symbols, etc. But i really do love to read for other people. Maybe I should start charging LOL :D 

kayne  19 Mar 2002 
I think I am a little surprised and pleased that tarot for self exploration has come out more popular than for divination... We are an enlighten group aren't we!?

I am not surprised there are so many collectors!

Thanks for so many responses... 

MeeWah  19 Mar 2002 
Kayne: Great topic!
I use the Tarot mainly for guidance. I suppose that is included in self-exploration, as I voted for self-exploration, divination & other.
I "collect" some decks for their art as I do not use all of my decks for readings.
I also use Tarot for ritualistic purposes, specifically spellwork.
I have been able to use it successfully for a few in that way in terms of guidance/positive reinforcement rather than spellwork per se as I hesitate to do spellwork for others than myself.
Malachite: Regarding your question, Janina Renee's "Tarot Spells" is where I get my references for spellwork. I am pleased that her book features Robin Wood's deck, which is the deck I prefer for workings. 

Lion-O  19 Mar 2002 
Good poll IMO. Not just interesting; also very well setup; I'm using Tarot for 2 mentioned issues and it pleases me to be able to select both of them. 

Emily  19 Mar 2002 
I use tarot for divination, self-exploration and also tried pathworking. 

cjtarot  19 Mar 2002 
hi all,

OK...I have played Go Fish w/ the tarot can all shoot your screen now.

I also us my cards for divination and self exploring...

and who here can say we don't collect for the sheer beauty of the decks...

thanks for the intereting poll...


Briarfoote  20 Mar 2002 
What? Zero % for "I don't use Tarot in my life"?

Hahaha... an on a Tarot site too, who'd have thought. :)
But a good poll covers all bases - so, good Poll.

Other uses is my main Tarot use. I got into it from an interest in art and symbolism. Now I have an interest in Tarot history as well. I still am working on the reading part. :) 

jade  21 Mar 2002 
i love my tarot cards. i don't buy them to collect them, i buy them to use them and enjoy them immensely!

i use them for my own spiritual growth and development and i also use them with my clients.

in light,

Malachite  21 Mar 2002 
MeeWah:....sorry...didn't notice that post before!....thanks though....will look into that...

and whoever said Go gave me a wonderful idea! 

Razz  31 Mar 2002 
What a great question! As I read through the choices, I got a little panicked because I read mostly other people. And while I have a lot of respect for the unknown, I tell people--it is mostly common sense too.

So it was great reading over everyone else's comments about how they do readings for other people too.

Thanks for the poll!


kayne  20 Apr 2002 
*bump*bumpity*bump* :D

Sorceress Jade: You might find this thread useful when looking into the uses various uses for tarot... 

suzyspellbound  20 Apr 2002 
When I voted I thought I would be in a minority of people who use it for self exploration, but discovered most people feel this way towards it (well so far in the poll).
I only have one deck and would love to start a collection, I originally brought them purely from and artistic perspective and they have always been a great source of inspiration for me!
After a while I wanted to learn more about their symbolism and how they work so I began reading a couple of books and trying a few spreads.
I have only ever done readings for others about 3 or 4 times and I didn't feel very confident, but for myself they help and guide/ support me alot, they help give clarity in my life! 

emily2otters  21 Apr 2002 
how does one use tarot for past life regression? 

kayne  22 Apr 2002 
emily2otters: That would be a great question to start a new post :D (I don't know either and would be interested to find out...) 

LGarrick  22 Apr 2002 
I've started to use it as a tool in creating clarity and to improve myself. I often look at situations ONLY on an emotional level; Tarot can give me several levels to look at ... and as I learn spreads...many different ways to view life experience.

I would LOVE to learn Tarot in terms of former life experiences...
and Karma. 

Sam  18 Jun 2002 
self exploration is my reason! 

napaea  05 Sep 2002 
* bumping * and voting...
i use tarot for self exploration...
and for past life regression work.
i'm finding it surprisingly informative in the past life arena, and since i'm fascinated with reincarnation this is a blessing! much cheaper than being regressed professionally! 

starr  05 Sep 2002 
The tarot for guidance, self study and soon for spell work.

Always looking for new applications.


SharonElizabeth  05 Sep 2002 
For the most part I use tarot for self-exploration and insight into my life. Though I also use it for divination. I've also been thinking that I will explore spell work with tarot. 

Starfish  05 Sep 2002 
I use it for self-exploration, divination, past life regression, spell work and I'm a Tarotholic (})) so I collect them for the art work too.

:TQW Starfish 

Strega  06 Sep 2002 
I use tarot for self-exploration... magick and divination. :) 

Fuzzmello  08 Sep 2002 
Like so many others here, I use Tarot for self-exploration and divination. I must say, I'm learning to apprecate the wonderful artwork, too. I had no idea of the variations on themes until I started hanging around Aeclectic!


pentunen  09 Sep 2002 
Hmm... *finds herself clicking on "I collect Tarot decks for the art work"*

Damn Aeclectic, you're being a bad influence on me ;)

- LittleCub,
More decks! I must have more!!! 

Trogon  09 Sep 2002 
Not to be too "me-too-ish" but I also use the Tarot for both divination and for self-exploration. I began using it for divination, but quickly discovered that it opened up a lot of pathways to the inner me in the process.

Gee... a poll on a website dedicated to Tarot, which asks why we use the Tarot and answered "I don't use the Tarot"? })


ihcoyc  12 Sep 2002 
One thing I use Tarot for that I didn't see anyone mentioning.

I do some online dungeon-mastering, and from time to time write stories and do some amateur scripting in computer games.

Whenever I need a minor character and want to give the character a bit more personality than just their function in the story line, I do a three card draw:

[1] - their background; where the character came from.
[2] - their public persona/what they are doing when met
[3] - their real agenda

From this I construct a personality and give them an appropriate alignment and so forth. 

Jewel  12 Sep 2002 
ihcoyc, thanks for posting that! I have decided to explore the "fantasy writter" in me and will be using tarot decks in getting started. This spread of yours will be most helpful! 

Major Tom  10 Jun 2003 
Just a bump - thought it might prove amusing. :) 

galadrial  10 Jun 2003 
I also use tarot for self-exploration and divination, but I'm sort of yes/no about collecting decks for the artwork. I look for a fresh presentation that helps me to look at the cards in a new way- some very nice artwork does not do that, and therefore does not entice me. A recent example of something fresh is the Fradella Adventure, which not only uses super heroes, but uses masks for the suit of cups. Still, I will check that catagory, as there surely must be an "art" to presenting the archtypes and suits in a fresh way! 

sagitarian  11 Jun 2003 
Mostly I use it for divination purposes, but they are pretty handy to use for multiple things. Plus the artwork is neat :). I like to use my readings for ways for people to understand what is going on in their life, some advice on how to apply their energies, and helpful insight into a possible outcome. Most of my readings result in general in how the person should apply themself, where they need to go, and advice on how to get there. Areas they need to work on themselves, and why.

This is a great thread! 

The What do you use tarot for? thread was originally posted on 07 Mar 2002 in the Talking Tarot board, and is now archived in the Forum Library. Read the threads in Talking Tarot, or read more archived threads.

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