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Bargain, Bust or Best of the Bunch...

Thread originally posted on the Aeclectic Tarot Forum on 30 Jan 2004, and now archived in the Forum Library.

Cerulean  30 Jan 2004 
Name your memorable tarot



Best of the Bunch?

(If you include one or two oracles, I don't think the moderators would be too disturbed)

Mari, whose contemplating her picks and pans... 

Cerulean  30 Jan 2004 
1. 1975 Visconti Tarocchi, U.S. Games, $35 from
2. Dei Visconti Tarocchi, Dal Negro, $20 from E-bay.
3. 1971 Rider Waite, U.S. Games, Accurate Color Tones, unlaminated, from used bookstore, $8.00

1. Lukumi Tarot and Tarot of the Orishas.
Just never did it for me.

Best of the Bunch:

Well, the perfect tarot might be the ones that I don't have:

I'm dancing over the Estensi Tarot and delighting over the Tarot of the Eternal Stars...Estensi for historical and Eternal Stars because I do like Andrea Serio's beautiful Dante Tarot paintings, but I'm thinking a Thoth workalike with dreamlike paintings and decans might be fun...and maybe I'll understand those astrological degrees much much better.

Mari H. 

little  30 Jan 2004 
Bargain: I found not one but two copies of the PoMo at Half Price Books, plus two Tarot for Cats, all priced at $14.95. :D

Then there's the Rock Art Tarot, which I got on the sale table at Borders for $5. Everyone in the world hates this deck but me- and I adore it, so I got the benefit of disagreeing with the crowd.

Bust: The Lord of the Rings Tarot/Card Game is the ugliest, most intrusive, most impossible to read deck I've ever paid full price for.

Even on sale, Tapestry Tarot and Questor are so ugly to me that I wish I'd left them on their sale tables.

Best: Victoria Regina was my second deck and is still one of my favorites.

I'm also in love with my Visconti Gold and with my Old English Tarot.

Of course, I still do most of my actual reading with my old Universal Waite, which is starting to get that nice used feel. And the familiar feeling of a deck that is softening to your individual touch might just be the best of all, don't you think? 

Logiatrix  30 Jan 2004 
>Healing Earth Tarot, $15
>PoMo Tarot, $12

>Mini Motherpeace, full price, but I was unable to return it, per the rules of that particular shop--I don't buy tarot there anymore.
>Minchiate Tarot (Williams); paid full price for a poorly cut and defective deck that I was eventually able to return.

Best of the Bunch:
>My beloved Visconti Gold (1999), from way back in the beginning.
>My equally beloved Aquarian (1970)--also a bargain, as it was a trade with the lovely Faunabay (thank you, Faunabay!).

faunabay  30 Jan 2004 

Best of the Bunch:
>My equally beloved Aquarian (1970)--also a bargain, as it was a trade with the lovely Faunabay (thank you, Faunabay!).

Thank you! Thank you very much!! (snicker)

I'm sooo glad you're enjoying it Tauni!! :* :* 

dolphinprincess  31 Jan 2004 
I got my Inner Child Cards (book and card set) like new for $8.95 and the workbook for $4.95 :o)

I've had many "busts".. but one that sticks out is The Tarot of Transformation by Willow Arinea & Jasmin Lee Cori. This is mainly bc I was SO disappointed.. I really loved this deck, but the card quality was AWFUL - paper thin, rough edges, and the coating allowed your fingerprints to be seen on the cards.. I loved the deck, but for the price, I just could not get past the quality, so I took it back...!

(edited to add).. Also, the LOTR tarot. I forgot about this one until I read other posts. I adore LOTR - and if this deck was spectacular, I probably wouldn't touch another deck again. haha!.. but it SO wasn't!

Best of the Bunch:
I love my Froud Faeries' Oracle.. and I have the Dolphin Daze Tarot on the way :o)

** great thread Mari.. thanks :o) 

VGimlet  31 Jan 2004 
Bargain - PoMo for 23.00 from
Greenwood tarot - 40.00
Shakesperian Tarot - 11.00 from ebay
Marvel Tarot - 28.00 from ebay

Bust - Unicorn Tarot - very disappointed
Celtic Dragon Tarot - ditto
TArot of the Cat People - not for me

Best of the Bunch? - Rock & Roll tarot
Amber Tarot
Okay, most of my other decks....I like them all for various reasons. 

Kiama  31 Jan 2004 

- Hermetic Tarot by Godfrey Dowson... Free! (A gift from a friend who on longer wanted to study Tarot, and knew I liked Tarot. But neither of us knew the deck was worth so muc. I love the deck aswell because it is so deep...

- Greenwood Tarot, by Chesca Potter. Boyfriend found it in a New Age shop in Poole for about 15.

- Papus Tarot, found in Glastonbury, 4.

- Knapp-Hall Tarot, same place, 4.


- LOTR deck. Horrible, horrible, horrible deck. It could have been so good... but it wasn't.

- Dragon Tarot. Again, Peter Pracownik has sold himself short. Ugly deck, too dark for my liking, nothing to read... Even my friend who loves everything 'dragon' hates this deck.

- Royal Tarot. I only own this deck to show people what NOT to buy. (Made in Taiwan... says it all.)

- One World Tarot, by Crystal Love. Oh, dear God NO! Disembodied heads for all the Court Cards? AGGGH!!!

Best of the Bunch?

- Salvador Dali deck
- William Blake Tarot of the Creative Imagination
- Sugar Mystic Tarot (my childhood pal, first ever Tarot deck!)
- Celtic Wisdom Tarot (a half-decent Celtic deck is hard to find these days!)
- Triple Triple Goddess Tarot (Yep, I said triple... I works somehow...) I don't know why I am so in love with this deck. I got it in a trade from Tauni, and I fell in love with it immediately... I can't explain it. (It also smells really nice! :D)
- Cosmic Tribe (aka. The Nekkid Tarot.) I bring this out at every Tarot workshop I give... }) Fond memories, quite a few rather lovely men... }) Oh, and it's good for reading too!

There are so many more I love... But I'd be here all day trying to say why!



Ruby7  31 Jan 2004 

Astro Mythological Lenormand oracle deck for $7.00 (can't remember if that was CDN or U.S. dollars) from E-Bay


Renaissance Tarot by Brian Williams, I got the set cheap on E-Bay, so disappointed by the artwork, maybe I just don't "get" the Renaissance period. Is it me or the cards? Anyone?

Best of the Bunch:

William Blake
Hanson Roberts
Faery Wicca ---except that the green colour from the back of the cards is smudging onto the front of some cards. I've only had the deck for two months! 

Dark_angel  31 Jan 2004 
Bargains: Greenwood for 25
Ananda (bought from faunabay, and absolutely priceless!)
Vargo Gothic (I think it was only 9, from ebay)

Busts: One World Tarot - I really liked some of the Majors, and the minors were ok, but Court Cards are so important to me, and were just the same head for every Queen, the same for every King, etc. It's run away now - maybe it's found someone who appreciates it, because I hated not liking it.

Best of the Bunch: Hard to say, I mean, I've just got the Greenwood, Fey and Prague, and not studied any of them properly yet.

Of the ones I have studied:
Vertigo (very cool, have had some wonderfully surreal experiences here)
Mermaids (far far FAR prettier than RWS, and virtually identical)
Ananda (quite possibly The One - my Desert Island deck)

That's just so far though!

Decks I want:

Tarot du Chat
Tarot Belline

galadrial  31 Jan 2004 
Bargain: The Kazanlar deck, new, off ebay for $15.00.
Kardz: the Funny Animal Tarot for $12.00 + another $8.00 for the 15 Kardz Zines. He'd stopped selling the deck and sent me one of his own copies, then ran out of some of the Zines and actually ran off copies in order to send me a complete set. I think I'm safe in thinking that I got the last of both.

Busts: Arthurian. I got the deck and accompanying books, loved the concepts and the Matthews' impressive scholarship, but couldn't use the deck. It was too harsh and bleak. Fortunately, the information transferred well to the Legend: Arthurian and Celtic Wisdom decks, both of which I have no trouble using. Also, I was able to trade it for the Nigel Jackson, which I enjoy.
Waking the Wild Spirit. Wonderful artwork and easy to read with but I just couldn't take it seriously and always chose a different deck to work with. Recently traded it for the Cloisters deck (thank goodness for the Tarot Trading part of this forum!).

Best of the Bunch: Margarete Petersen. Greenwood (definately not a bargain, but worth every penny). 

Melvis  31 Jan 2004 
Bargain: PoMo, Healing Earth, Greenwood, Hermetic, Norse: All from Half-Price Books for less than $15.00 each!

Bust: One World - Eeeww. Even for just 99 cents. Eeeww.
Tapestry - Bleh.

Best: These are the decks I keep in my "I-just-wanna-do-a-quick-spread" Basket:
World Spirit
Light and Shadow
New Palladini
Phantasmagoric Theatre

And I keep the William Blake Tarot and its book in my car so I can grab it when I stop at a coffee shop for a break!



Khatruman  31 Jan 2004 
Bargain: Hands down the deck that returned me to tarot, The William Blake Tarot of the Creative Imagination, which I found in a bargain bin at Borders Book Store for $5

Bust: concurring with everyone else... the Lord of the Rings Tarot... followed closely by the Lord of the Rings Oracle deck. Like everyone said..could have been much better.

Best: so hard to say... all the decks I have are just so wonderful 

skytwig  31 Jan 2004 
Yes, Khat, that was probably a gift from your guardian angels!! :D

For me, hmmmmm...... i don't have very many decks....

Gifted to me: Mother peace and Tarot of the Old Path (my first deck!!)

Bargains: the owner of a discount book store let me rummage through the basement of the building.... oh, that was delicious.... I found the Mythic Tarot and Book and the Inner Child set.... I think I paid $2 for each!!! (Found Ted Andrews and all kinds of wonderful books....... )

Bust.... hmmmm, none so far, although I really don't use the Motherpeace set.....

Best: don't think I own it yet.... I love Thoth, but I'm looking forward to MPress's sets and Baba Pragues cats and Mary El's deck....... 

Strange2  31 Jan 2004 

Hermetic - $15
New Tarot (Le Psycho) - $18 (from Canada)
Greenwood - $27


Tarot of Transformation (beautiful artwork, flimsy cards)
Arcus Arcanum (too Prince Valient like)

Bests: (difficult to pick just a few)

Crowley/Harris Thoth (1978 deck, what got me started)
Tarot Balbi (love the minors)
Elemental (original edition, signed Star card by Caroline Smith)
Fractal Firebird (signed by Maria Kruse)
Mary-El Tarot (limited edition)
Masonic Tarot
Shining Tribe
Tarot de la Rea (signed by Allain Boucher)
Tarot of the Sephiroth
Tarot of the Spirit 

ncefafn  31 Jan 2004 
Bargain - Ferret Tarot, a bargain at any price, and it came with its own catnip-scented bag!

Bust - Sola Busca (Ancient Enlightened), Napo

Best of the Bunch - Robin Wood (the go-to guy of the Tarot world for me), the Roots of Asia Tarot (simply breathtakingly beautiful and evocative art), the Ferret, the Halloween (surprisingly deep) 

Chronata  31 Jan 2004 
Bargain decks...all the ones I found for 50 cents to a dollar at various garage and yard sales in the past...
including the Tarot Balbi, Morgan Greer, Tarot Nova, teeny tiny RWS, 1JJ Swiss, and Baseball among others. Even if I never ever read with them, they were soooo darn cheap!

Bust...Crow's Magick. I am still not sure what posessed me to buy this deck. Proof that if ever again I find myself in a Border's Books, and they don't have the deck I came in for, that I should just leave.

Best...I love most of my decks, and that love is very clear by the fact that I still have them, and have not given them away!

But I have a special fondness for the ones that were given to me out of the blue as a gift.

My first deck...the Rider Waite Smith... was a gift from my parents when I was 11, because I was really interested in tarot, art and history. A match made in heaven...

My original Hanson-Roberts. My aunt had just bought it the week it came out and was looking through the cards for the first time, and...looking over her shoulder... I just absolutely fell in love with it. She handed it to me, and said "it's yours...It reminds me of you, and you will probably use it more than I will." Boy, was she ever right.

The Mythic Tarot. I was performing at a Renaissance faire, and met a wonderful gentle free spirited soul. We got to talking about different tarot cards, and other Great Mysteries, and he told me that the Mythic was the deck that he used. I told him that it was the one I was wishing for, and the next day he gifted it to me!(and it still, after decades, smells faintly like Patchoulli!)

Tarot of the Animal Lords...Dark Angel saw it on my wish list and surprised me by sending it to me! Thank you thank you Dark Angel! It is one of my absolute favorites now! 

Dark_angel  31 Jan 2004 
:D I'm just glad you like it. 

Lady Eclipse  01 Feb 2004 

Here's my list:

Bargain: Servants of the Light, Millenium Tarot (Mary Susan Chamberlain, Ziba Vilmanis-Westernberg), Le Tarot Ambre, Tarocco delle Felicita, Ansata, & Blue Moon Tarot. All were FREE since they were gifts! :-)

Other bargains: Pomo $5.00 at rummage sale, Omaggio a Erte $40.00, Tarot for Cats $9.00, Celtic Tarot (Giacinto Gaudenzi, Saverio Tenuta) $5.00, Tarot Universal Dali $25.00, Tarot de Gruyeres, $10.00, Fantasy Showcase Tarot $12.00, Greenwood $7.00, Tarocchi delle Stelle $5.00, & signed I Am One Tarot $5.00.

Bust: Pagan 2000. Pretty deck but the cards are a bit rough around the edges making them hard to shuffle. Margarete Petersen Tarot was a disappointment due to the minors not matching the majors. The majors are wonderful but the minors look hastily thrown together and too much alike. The Celtic Tarot (Julian de Burgh) was a big disappointment due to the cards being so flimsy so it's not a good reading deck. There are some other real stinkers but I'd rather not say since I know their creators belong to AT.

Best: The Quest, Voyager, Shapeshifter, Ananda, Gendron, Spiral, Celtic Dragon, Rock & Roll, Merry Day, Sacred Circle, Cosmic & Cosmic Tribe.

Joy to you,

Dexter  01 Feb 2004 
I don't know i fI have found a real bargain yet but I am still looking.

My Best or one of, is the Celtic Wisdom Deck I love it.

Bust: The Robin Wood Deck try as I might I could not get a connection with it. So I have given it away to a good friend who right away loved it just by looking at the colours. She knew right away why I couldn't connect. She said the colours were to bright for me and she was absolutely correct. She is a very colourful person wears bright colours all the time. And she pointed out to me that I wear very muted colours and shades all the time. I am not attracted to bright colours at all they actually irritate me. So I have learned my lesson. I will now try and buy my new decks by looking through the cards first if possible and not just by other peoples recomendations.


faunabay  02 Feb 2004 
OK let's see.....

Servants of the Light - $24 on ebay!!!! :)
PoMo - $25 on ebay
Faery's Oracle - $9 new at a discount bookstore

Lord of the Rings - could have been a wonderful deck.....but wasn't! ick!
PoMo - I was sooo excited to find this on ebay at a price I could afford, but just didn't connect with it at all.

Best of the Bunch:
Servants of the Light - I bought this mostly because I found it so inexpensively on ebay. But have found to my delight that I absolutely LOVE it!! IMO it's got one of the best Fool cards I've seen!! It's definitely MY deck for serious readings.
Faery's Oracle - You know the faerys in this deck are real don't you? !! (giggle) 

northsea  01 Apr 2004 
Norse (Barrett) $17 new, ordered at shop years ago, my 2nd deck
Knapp-Hall $7 inc. shipping, shrinkwrapped
1975 Visconti Sforza Dal Negro extras $12 inc. shipping, shrinkwrapped
1971 Rider-Waite-Smith NY address unlaminated $10 inc. shipping, shrinkwrapped

Renaissance (Lyle): paid list+shipping, damaged card and card backs differed in tone, didn't much like the fronts either
Diamond Rider-Waite: paid list + shipping, pictures too small,
Tarot Basics (Fiebig): plastic cards, and a defective card, OUCH
Lord of the Rings: paid list ...AAAARRGGGHHHHH,
Herbal: lacking RW symbolism, I use the LWB with the RW itself, have no use for the cards,
Philosopher's Stone (De Es):never used it
Fantastical, Egyptian, Esoteric Ancient, Motherpeace, Convos Marseilles, Camoin Marseille and many more...

Medieval Scapini
Ancient Italian
Sacred Circle 

OakDragon  01 Apr 2004 
Bargain: I'm going to stretch the rules here to include a "kit": Susan Levitt's "The Complete Tarot Kit". This was a gift I got last Christmas, but even at Amazon's current price of $28, it would still be a bargain. It comes with a standard RWS deck and a Crowley-Thoth deck (both pocket size). It also comes with an excellent book that not only covers tarot basics, but also compares the decks and gives information on how other things like astrology and numerology relate to tarot, as well as a workbook for various excercises and spreads introduced in the book and a mat for the Celtic Cross spread.

Bust: LoTR -- While I'm not as down on this deck as most, it was still quite disappointing and not at all worthy of being associated with the books.

Tarot Nova (the tiny version that comes with the attached book) -- The cards are very low quality. They come attached to each other and you have to tear them apart along perforated edges. It's easy to tear one in half if you're not careful.

Best: Rohrig -- Easily my favorite tarot deck so far. Beautiful images that, although uncoventional, I find very easy to read with. Full of depth and emotion. 

diane drizzy  01 Apr 2004 
Bargain:Tarot Nova- a gift

Bust:Zerner-Farber. I felt really let down by this deck. I didn't research it enough and basically bought the set sight unseen except for The Hermit on the cover of the box (which I loved!). I have since passed this deck on to a friend.

Best:Faeries Oracle- My Babies!
Spiral Tarot 

Jewel-ry  01 Apr 2004 

Sante Fe (german) paid 2Euros for it at a boot sale. I will probably never use it but hey, 2E, thats cheap.

Royal Fez Moroccan 5 from e-bay, it was still wrapped (but I opened it!! :D)


Celtic Dragon - hate it, always have, and it was the most I've ever paid for a deck too! Still got it, can't seem to get rid of it (any offers??)

World Spirit - got it in a trade, the more I look at it the more I dislike it.

Pagan - bought this and traded it away the same day it arrived as I disliked it so much. Unfortunately, I havn't yet received the deck I traded it for :confused:

Best of the Bunch

I tarocchi classici
Both of my Marseille decks
Tarot of Prague
Morgan Greer

J :) 

lionette  01 Apr 2004 
Visconti Sforza - $15 on Ebay (!)
New Century - gift
El Gran Esoterico (OOP) - $12.60 from Joan Bunning
Ship of Fools deck/book - free with gift certificate

Secret Tarot (Lyle) - looked great online, but in person didn't click with it at all, happily was able to get full refund tho! :) and bought the Etteilla instead...
Etteilla - didn't research this one enough. was drawn in by images on box and knew it had historical value, didn't realize it's not a "true" tarot. will require alot more study, which I don't have time for just now. still drawn to it, so hopefully I'll be able to move this one out of the Bust category sometime soon! anyone interested in a study group??

Best: this is hard to answer since I do like all my decks for different reasons. right now I'm really keen on my Leonardo da Vinci deck, but the Visconti and my first Marseilles are arriving in mail soon, so Leo may get bumped down for awhile! 

Emily  01 Apr 2004 
Bargain:- Its got to be the large non-green Thoth off Amazon for 10.44 new, still convinced they have the price wrong.

Bust:- The Victoria Regina - loved this deck online but don't like it in the flesh, too large to handle, to masculine in artwork. Radiant Rider Waite - I could re-name this deck the 'Sulky deck'. those facial expressions just don't do it for me - one deck that I would happily trade away.

Morgan Greer - waited 15 months to get this, should have tried harder at the time.
Quest - an interesting deck to get into.
Sacred Circle - never thought I would find a photo-collage deck as inspirational as this.
Thoth - so much about this deck is attractive. 

ScarabFlight  03 Apr 2004 
Bargain: Golden Tarot $20, have you seen this deck!!

Bust: New Paladini, I really enjoyed several of the cards but there were others that the artwork just didn't speak to me. I also didn't enjoy the white trim around the cards front and back.

Best: Golden Tarot, RW, and Faeries Oracle.

Okay, that is all of my decks, but I'm catching up. :D Although it is going to be hard to follow the Golden Tarot and the Faeries Oracle! 

smokey  05 Apr 2004 
Golden : 25.00 (price includes S & H )
Gendron : gift
Thoth : gift
Cosmic Tribe set :around $27.OO...I think...been awhile...
Universal- Waite: 15.00
Sacred Circle set: gift
Spiral: gift
RWS: 15.00

Lord of the Rings set: 29.00 ( knew better!)
Enchanted Tarot set : 29.00 ( darn that Border's!!!)
///BEST OF BUNCH: Golden & all gifts,of course !/// 

Scion  12 Jan 2005 
Found this thread... and just had to revive it.

Bargain: $3 for a sealed 1995 Rohrig

Bust: Light and Shadow... I wanted to love this deck and just could get down with it (traded it to magpie about 5 seconds later)


Scion  12 Jan 2005 
Found this thread... and just had to revive it:

- a sealed 1995 Rohrig for $3
- the English Arcus Arcanum for $6
- the stack of $5 Scarabeo decks that I just snagged thanks to rachelcat. :)

- Light and Shadow... I wanted to love this deck and just could get down with it (traded it to magpie in a win/win about 5 seconds later)
- Voyager... Bought this 15 years ago on an artsy-smartsy whim and found it cluttered and vague

Best: International Icon, hands down... I'd loved the cards from the time they were online and majors only, and in my hands the deck was even better. Still my go-to deck. 

September Pixie  12 Jan 2005 
Golden Dragon Tarot - found here at AT (I can't remember who sold it to me though :( ), I love anything dragon & fey!
Nigel Jackson
Gothic Tarot (Vargo)
Osho Zen - wasn't really a bargain but i love this deck to pieces

Froud's Faerie's Oracle - found on ebay, new in box, with book for $3 free ship!

Vision Quest - didn't love the artwork
Gendron - ditto 

Rosanne  12 Jan 2005 
Bargain- Spiral Deck and book for free for buying heaps at one store
Bust-Thoth when our dollar was 3 1/2 to US Dollar- creepy green cards
Best - Estensi Golden Tarot of Renaissance- Our Dollar high- must rush to get more best- maybe Kat Black Golden and finally a Tarot de Maiseilles. 

Emily  12 Jan 2005 
I'm posting again because in a year my list has changed a little:-

Still the Thoth from Amazon

Liber T - I wanted so much to like this deck, I liked the online scans but once I had the deck in my hands the negativity just coloured and spoilt the whole deck for me.

Still the Morgan Greer, followed by the DruidCraft and the Golden. :) 

Lillie  12 Jan 2005 
Best bargain.

Gold box Thoth off ebay. 6.00
There was no picture, or really much about it. Only one other person bid. I don't think anyone knew what they were.

worst cards.
Oh, well. I have a habit of buying those 'Tarot kits' for a fiver. The one with the book by Jonothan Dee was grossly ugly. I think I threw it in the wood burner.
The Royal Tarot. in a set with a book, a pendulum and 3 I ching coins. The cards arn't very nice, but I got it for the coins. They are worth the fiver someone else paid for me! 

Alta  12 Jan 2005 
Bargain: Tarot of the Old Path: Ravenswing wanted to cut down his collection and he was trading 2 for 1. This was my 'extra' deck. I still like it.

Bust: um, sadly, quite a few. Faery Wicca, Enochian and green Thoth sort of stand out in my memory.

Best of the Bunch: happily, quite a few. BB Cats, Prague, International Icon, DruidCraft and Celtic Dragon at the moment (it changes) 

September Pixie  12 Jan 2005 
Faery Wicca is a deck I forgot about... you can add that to my Bust list also.. 

The Bargain, Bust or Best of the Bunch... thread was originally posted on 30 Jan 2004 in the Talking Tarot board, and is now archived in the Forum Library. Read the threads in Talking Tarot, or read more archived threads.

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