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Just Letting ppl know...

Thread originally posted on the Aeclectic Tarot Forum on 31 Jan 2004, and now archived in the Forum Library.

ol_crazy_Legs  31 Jan 2004 
Well right now its 2.30am. Ive just wanted to take the time to tell everyone thank-you. With these Forums Ive grown with the Tarot so much. In a strange way it is starting to feel like a family here. I look forward to the future with my place in the Aecletic Tarot. I'll be sure to tell every on I know about this site. Than-you 

inanna_tarot  31 Jan 2004 
hmm, i'm going to jump on your bandwagon here Crazy_Legs!
I've been here on Aeclectic for, well not even a week and I LOVE IT! You've completely changed the way i look at tarot - and expanded my wish list to a few hundread! You're a fun and loving lot and *tear in eye* we just had to say thanks!



Dark_angel  31 Jan 2004 
That's exactly how I feel about this place!

I first joined as I was just starting my journey into tarot, and I definitely think that joining such a diverse and welcoming community has helped make me a better reader than I would have been without you all.

Group Hug! 

TemperanceAngel  31 Jan 2004 
Oh yeah, there's always a big three cheers from my world....


I wonder if I could measure how much I have learnt from AT...

(now that would be a science or intuition, measuring the knowledge gained from AT...........)

Jewel-ry  31 Jan 2004 
Room for one more in that hug???

I love it here too, have learnt loadz. Still so much to learn though!

J :) 

Mimers  31 Jan 2004 
This place is great, isn't it?

I haven't had the time to read all your posts Crazy legs, but I think it's great that you are all out there! Makes everyone think.


galadrial  31 Jan 2004 
I love this forum, as well. Besides learning so much, I enjoy the atmosphere. Even when I'm (gasp!) wrong, no one ridicules me. I've been here since March and it's all been about building up, not tearing down. (Have you seen some of the other forums where you might just as well yell "feeding frenzy" as to venture an original idea?) 

skytwig  31 Jan 2004 
Group hugs are nice!!!!! Hug, hug, hug..... :)

So glad we are all here together, learning from each other and inspiring each other and helping each other think and grow.

Thank you, Solandia, for this splendid nook in cyberspace!!! 

Inana  31 Jan 2004 
Is both nice and interesting to see threads like this one arising from time to time...
I dont know for how long i've been here... Almost a year now? I LOVE this place, the people here and the ones who make this posible. Is a great board.

I've learned here almost all i know about tarot, and I will be learning more still here with you all! 

M-Press  31 Jan 2004 
how nice all this is, ah?

AT is the only addiction I have (and don't want to get rid off...!)

Orion  31 Jan 2004 
I am an AT junkie! And I love it! 

Majecot  31 Jan 2004 
squeezing in for a hug too.. always have AT up and running in the bacground while I am at work, so I can pop in on occasion;) 

lunakasha  31 Jan 2004 
Originally posted by Orion
I am an AT junkie! And I love it!

LOL!!! :D

Me too!!! Thanks to everyone here for being so friendly and supportive...and for helping to nurture my VERY expensive new habit....I LOVE it!!! Hey, I can think of worse things to be addicted to....thanks to everyone here at AT!

:) Luna 

Astraea  31 Jan 2004 
I join everyone here in expressing my deep appreciation for Aeclectic and the wonderful souls who make up this forum. It is a pleasure to come here every day and share thoughts with some of the most interesting, generous-spirited and open-minded folks around. 

CreativeFire  31 Jan 2004 
I also think AT is a wonderful place, so much knowledge ... so little time :-)

My only wish is that I found this site years ago. I am only very new here as well, only a month! - time flies when you are having fun - but what I have learnt in the past month it is just brilliant and still so much more to learn and enjoy.

The best thing however is being able to communicate with people, and read other peoples diverse experiences (and view points) of tarot, which has done wonders even in such a short space of time, to give me more confidence in having tarot as a much more visible part of my life - I am not alone!! :-)


Lady Eclipse  31 Jan 2004 
I know what all of you mean...I love it here too. There are so many nice and friendly people here. I only wish I had more time to spend pouring over the different forums. (((((hugs to everyone)))))

Joy to you,

Dexter  31 Jan 2004 
Me Too to everthing everyone else has said.

I love it here. For someone who dosen't have anyone else around them who reads, finding this place has meant more than words can express. Everone has been so supportive and has made me feel very welcome.

Many heartfelt thanks to everyone.


Phoenyx*  31 Jan 2004 
*hugs to everyone* I feel the same way though work and school have kept me from the boards lately. :( 

Jypsie  31 Jan 2004 
YAY for AT! I feel so at home here.... =D

(oh yeah, and this post makes me an official CITIZEN!) 

Alissa  01 Feb 2004 
I thought this place was special the minute I first landed here, and the wonderful people I continue to meet only reaffirm my original assessment. :D

Thank you to all the good people of AT :* 

miss_apples  01 Feb 2004 
I have learned a lot from this forum is great. Its especially helped me to not be so afraid to read the cards for other people as well as myself :) 

spoonbender  01 Feb 2004 
I love this place too, I've learned so much here thanks to you guys! Thank you so much, everyone of you! It's too bad though that school is keeping me off of the Forum lately... That reminds me: gotta go study :)!

Warm regards,

rubricat  01 Feb 2004 
Although I don't post often and have only been visiting since this past Nov, I find myself drawn here almost every day to see what's new. I've discovered so much about Tarot here and am so happy to have discovered AE. :)

Many thanks to all that make AE happen! 

Osher  23 Feb 2004 
Better late than never, but I love AT! I've been a member for a couple of years, but I only seem to be active between January and April (anyone understand that?). Anyway,YAY to Solandia for this lovely site, and for being an all round good egg. After some of the nastiness on some sites, this place is brilliant! 

bluediva  26 Feb 2004 
I have been learning so much from hanging out here. I am very much a solitary student of Tarot, so to find such a wealth of experience and insight has been such a blessing for me. I mostly just lurk, and can usually find answers to my questions in past threads, but I would like to express my sincere and heartfelt thanks for the collective wisdom and enthusiasm shared on AT.
-Blue Diva 

Indigo Rose  26 Feb 2004 
I joined in November of this past year. Since I have been here I have grown by leaps and bounds. There is no other place that I can share Tarot and learn like AT. Thanks for a great site, and thanks to all of the warm people here.
Indigo Rose :) 

Ivy Rhiannon  10 Apr 2004 
I love At too! I mean who ever started this forum needs to be drug out in the road and... well kissed! LOL I haven't been here long but I have met the nicest people on the web here, so open minded and caring, and funny too! I love you guys, and am thankfull for your friendship, and knowledge of the tarot! 

Star Spirit  10 Apr 2004 
Ditto. Yer all my bestest buddies :D 

Alissa  10 Apr 2004 
Originally posted by Ivy Rhiannon
I love At too! I mean who ever started this forum needs to be drug out in the road and... well kissed! LOL
That would be ... Solandia!

And I agree, she deserves lots of kisses. I hope the angels are taking care of her for the world of good she does with this site.

It's a joy to log on and see all of you, my friends, online..... 

purple_scorp  10 Apr 2004 
Hi all. Nice thread.

I have found that there are as many diverse threads at Aeclectic as there are members. It seems everyone is dedicated to their craft and to the common pursuit of a greater spiritual knowledge for the good of mankind.

People here unselfishly give of their time and expertise. Posts are filled with honesty, enthusiasm, and humour. There is a genuine undertone of support and encouragement which provides a nurturing and tender environment, not unlike that which is found in a close-knit family.

And it doesn't stop at the forum posts either, there is all of that pm'ing going on in the background too.

Thanks to Solandia for having the foresight to provide such a great place for us to meet and share our ideas, our beliefs and our dreams.

And thank you to all of you, who have touched my heart and etched a permanent place there.



diane drizzy  10 Apr 2004 
Make room for my piece of hug too!

I do consider you all my friends, since I've joined AT. I've learned soo very much from you all. You've made me think, you've made me smile.

And I also thank Solandia for making this all happen!

P.S. HAPPY HOLIDAYS TO YOU ALL ! (even though I have to work thru it all grumble,grumble) 

Kosmos  10 Apr 2004 
I'll agree that there has never been such a friendly, level-headed, non-confrontational message board on the internet. It seems that most of the time when people sit down and start typing, knowing that their face won't be associated with what they say, people start talking smart and tearing into each other. Maybe it's all the purple and blue, but Aeclectic is a truly enjoyable community of kind, thoughtful, and mindful people. 

OakDragon  10 Apr 2004 
I fell the same way! This is such a wonderful website!!! I'm going to become a subscriber as soon as I can. 

HudsonGray  10 Apr 2004 
There's been a few times when flaming started or someone got upset, but usually it's smoothed over pretty quickly. Considering there's a worldwide community here, with everyone from 13 to 80 years old involved, this is pretty darn good! 

The Just Letting ppl know... thread was originally posted on 31 Jan 2004 in the Talking Tarot board, and is now archived in the Forum Library. Read the threads in Talking Tarot, or read more archived threads.

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