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Magical snow cleansing!

Thread originally posted on the Aeclectic Tarot Forum on 27 Jan 2004, and now archived in the Forum Library.

Aerten  27 Jan 2004 
I had a really beautiful experience last evening that I wanted to share (I hope you don't all think it's too sentimental-sounding!)

Snow had just blanketed the rather sparsely populated area where I live. On the way home from the shopping center, I saw how the snow was blueish and pure and inviting in the waning evening light...

I'm not a very spiritual person but the snowy woods just captivated me. I parked the car and went down to my room to get my trusty Universal Rider Waite deck, tarot cards being really the only spiritual item I have. It somehow seemed appropriate for the magical winter atmosphere.

I bundled up in my high boots and long jacket (with a rather injudiciously short skirt, I realized after the bitter cold started to get to me), and went out into the darkening path that led to the grove of trees behind my house. I've never really felt much of an urge to cleanse my cards, but the purity of the snow seemed to emenate the same sort of tranquil energy I try to use for my readings. So I knelt in the purple shadows of dark pine trees in the thick snow (thank god my jacket was long enough to kneel on!) and passed my cards through the snow one by one; first the cups, then the pentacles, wands, and swords. By the time I got to the major arcana my hands hurt from the cold! I quickly finished and tried to put the cards back in a neat pile, but some of them had frozen together! I briskly threw them in my bag and then wandered in the snow for a while longer. I must have looked silly to any curious neighbours :P

When I put my cards on my desk they still had snow stuck between them. I took a washcloth and carefully dried each one. At first I was a little apprehensive-- some of it had melted and soaked into the cardstock, giving them a funny bumpy texture and making dark patches on some. Then I stacked them up again and left them for the rest of the night.

This morning I found a rather interesting effect had taken place: they are all slightly warped, giving them almost another dimension. They have the bitter metallic smell of snow, which is certainly very "cleansing" (there I go using that new-agey term again) but also a little powerful, so I rubbed some citrusy oil onto the edges.

They have a slightly different personality to them now, but I'm rather fond of it. :) 

allibee  27 Jan 2004 
That sounds wonderful!

Snow is my absolute favourite weather as when you are alone it can be soooooooooooooooo quiet ... wonderful, truly

Thanks for sharing 

Deneb  27 Jan 2004 
Sounds a really great experience :)
Where I live, the winter season is quite long, dark and usuallu cold, so even the most beautiful snowed landscape starts to feel depressing by the end of february and I'm starting to wait for spring, but I also just love the snow covered trees and the complete silence surrounding me when I look the dark cold winter sky and watch up to the stars. 

WolfyJames  27 Jan 2004 
I love winter and snow as well. Maybe it's because I was born in winter. I find snow so beautiful, soothing and quiet. I'm always excited when it is the first snow. I wrote a poem about snow many years ago, on a first snow. I'm not surprised at all to see that you were inspired by snow too and cleaned your deck. 

lunakasha  27 Jan 2004 
That sounded truly magickal!
You definitely have a gift with the written word...I felt as though I were walking right beside you, into the snowy forest...I could see it so clearly!

I love snow and winter too (except to drive in it).
The problem with living in Maine is...too much of a good thing sometimes! We don't really see any hint of spring until mid-April.
Anyway, thank you for sharing your experience with must have been amazing!

:) Luna 

Aerten  27 Jan 2004 
Well thanks for not minding my post, everyone!

To you who live where there is lots of snow... I'm quite jealous of you. Like Allibee and WolfyJames I love snow :) I would very much like to have a ton of it... :cool: 

Imagemaker  27 Jan 2004 

To you who live where there is lots of snow... I'm quite jealous of you. Like Allibee and WolfyJames I love snow :) I would very much like to have a ton of it... :cool:

Ah, be careful what you wish for, you might get it! Though a ton really isn't that much--we have that just at the base of the driveway after the plow goes by, LOL.

I love the first snowfall in November or December, and by March when it's still falling I really, really wish it would stop! And we won't mention what those black parking lot mountains look like by March! Yuk! 

lunakasha  27 Jan 2004 

I know what you're saying!!! After about five or six months of winter--snow, sleet, ice, sub-zero temperatures--it is definitely ENOUGH already!!!

But as much as I hate shoveling it...I am always in awe of those sparkly flakes falling on my nose, and the way the fresh snow clings to the trees like is just so beautiful. Those are the times when I am reminded of why I am happy to live in Maine.

:) Luna 

Majecot  28 Jan 2004 
That was very beautiful! I agree that there is something that seems magikal about snow fall at night. It is lovely, and it is so quiet you can almost hear the stars twinkling in the sky ;)
We just had a fair amount of snow fall where I am, and I love to stay up late and just look out the window at it. Almost like your in another world.
I love snow ( I am not real keen on the bitter cold part of winter tho ) 

Bean Feasa  28 Jan 2004 
Aerten - that was a lovely post, thank you. Snow's been forecast for us here - it was supposed to come last night, and I was quite disappointed when the world WASN'T all white when I woke up this morning :( . We get very little snow here, so I'm with you and the ones who are longing for it. Enjoy, while you can, and hope it gives your deck an extra zing!

Jewel-ry  28 Jan 2004 
Hi everyone,

Thats a lovely experience Aerten!

We've had snow tonight! I love to see it, but hate to drive in it. Its very unusual in the South of England, consequently we are not equipped for it. I think the last time was probably 3/4 years ago. It never stays long, a couple of days, at most. Tonight was weird. One minute it was dry, the next we had so much snow and it was thunder and lightening too! Never seen that before. It was actually quite eerie.

I'm not sure I'd risk putting my cards in it, but I just might cleanse some of my Crystals, if I'm brave enough to go out!

J :) 

The Magical snow cleansing! thread was originally posted on 27 Jan 2004 in the Talking Tarot board, and is now archived in the Forum Library. Read the threads in Talking Tarot, or read more archived threads.

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