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New Year Spreads

Thread originally posted on the Aeclectic Tarot Forum on 11 Jan 2004, and now archived in the Forum Library.

Justin  11 Jan 2004 
I'm sure a lot of you out there did this, i'm still planning on it, but haven't had the quiet time to do it yet. So here's my question, how many of you out there did a reading for the new year? Did you come across anyhing interesting that you'd like to share? The curious part of me is wanting to know!!


Thea Lynx  11 Jan 2004 
Hi Justin,

Very timely question.

Actually, I have done no less than three spreads for the coming year. The first one was done in a seminar with my regular Tarot teacher - we did a reading for 2004 and the spread we used was Rachel Pollack's Sacred Quest. Our teacher also gave us a layout to do as close to New Year's day as possible - called the Calendar Spread - it is 13 cards. 12, being one for each month, and an "Indicator for the year" card. Then, on January 4th, which is my birthday and therefore the start of my Year in Growth, I did a "reaching my goal" spread. For this I used Rachel Pollack's Shining Tribe deck. The interplay between the three readings was amazing - which should not surprise me but never ceases to. The Shining Tribe deck has special significance for me as the first time I ever saw it was the day I had my first professional reading ever - with Rachel Pollack.

By all means do your readings for the year - the information is valuable and provides superb guidance.


Cerulean  13 Jan 2004 
I did a nine card spread from a treasure ship layout that I'm working on. I actually had been developing a seven to eight card spread for new projects based on the Seven Gods of Good Fortune and their Treasure Ship of gifts for the year--a childhood folktale.

** *6**

1-2-3 are the top floor of the ship
4-5 are the supports.
6 is the anchor
7-8 are the sails.
9 is the navigator's star.

1--Seven of Pentacles
2--La Forza (11 in old Marseilles style)
3--Wheel of Fortune
5--Seven of Wands
6--Six of Wands
7--Six of Pentacles
8--Ace of Pentacles
10-Ten of Wands

Deck: Stained Glass Tarot by Luigi Scapini. Keywords;

1.7P--Solidarity, bone
2.Forza- Force of loving reaction
3.Wheel-This is the driving force of Chariot as white light is the active mix of all colors in the spectrum
4. Hermit-Lord of time knows how to dominate fluids with care and love.
5. 7W--Energy on physical level, joy and warmth
6. 6W-Service, fruitful work at rest
7. 6P-Firm balance, hearts force
8. Ace of P- Money-Earth-Return to Eden
9. 10W--Forest clearing where a cup shines, with nothing in it...

As if my grandmother was speaking to me..."The base of the matter is build on a floor of solidarity. I gave you the outline of my own path, my concerns and heart. The bones you walk on are like mine to the end, sturdy and strong. The family strengths I gave or see in you are like mine.

Your strength is your in the confidence and force of loving reaction. When you exercise the tones of caring, even lions can be tamed.

The driving force, the base of the chariot's progres is the rotating wheel. What shows as white light may the spectrum and interplay, the sum of all colors.

In order to access deeper wisdom, the hermit or lord of time advices how to dominate fluids with care and love.

In order to express deeper wisdom, the energy on a physical level should be giving joy and love.

The anchor of these things are the service you can give. But also understand the wisdom and energy can work slowly, bloom in it's own time as 'fruitful work at rest."

One of the sails you will hoist is your heart's force-- it call to you.

The other sail will be for you to hoist is to make these things manifest on earth--your work is to make true your wish, your definition of a return to Eden.

The star you navigate by will lead you through a dark wood as well, but the end of the path, you will see a true cup of spirit--and while empty, it is your work to visualize it, to fill it and know at the end of the pilgrimage, it is the cup of your making at the end of a dark wood..."

I'm probably making the reading rather abstract, but I'm writing it out this way to help me define goals and ideas this year...

Mari H. 

The New Year Spreads thread was originally posted on 11 Jan 2004 in the Talking Tarot board, and is now archived in the Forum Library. Read the threads in Talking Tarot, or read more archived threads.

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