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vertigo can i read it?

Thread originally posted on the Aeclectic Tarot Forum on 05 Jan 2004, and now archived in the Forum Library.

estroncios  05 Jan 2004 
Hay there everybody iam new here and this is my first post after a long time for the count activation nway iam here now lol

well my question is simple, i got a vertigo tarot deck somedays ago but i didnt use it yet cos iam kinda confused about question is: "Can i read vertigo as any other deck?" for example, everybody knows that 10 of cups in raider waite means something like joy,happines,family and etc so can i read vertigo's 10 of cups in the same way or it has a different meaning?

cya ;) 

Jypsie  05 Jan 2004 
I've only come in contact with the Vertigo deck one time, and I didn't read with it casue the person who owned it wanted to keep all the cards absolutely pristine (he has it for comic book collector's puposes, not for tarot collector's purposes), so I am not sure what that particular card, or any of the others, look like. A lot of tarot readers say follow your intuition first, which I do to a point, but also being a Libra among other things, I tend to be very logical, I like rules and order and for there to be a set way of doing things. It would help if I could see the card. Isn't there a book that came with the deck? What does it say about the character on the card? Sometimes it is different, for example, the 10 of Swords on my Connolly deck is 180 degrees different from the 10 of Swords on my Mythic Tarot deck or my Universal Waite deck. 

estroncios  05 Jan 2004 
the book is horrible it says unlogical doesnt has the "meaning" of each card...and with vertigo we cant follow our intuition cos the cards are kinda surrealistic....

nway thanks for the interest...

n1 else here had experiences with vertigo?

cya ;) 

Umbrae  05 Jan 2004 
Are you sure you want to read with this deck?

Perhaps simply hold it for a couple of years (as an investment piece) and sell it for a profit; especially if it’s a first edition, although second editions are collectable also.

But ultimately, yes – the cards can be read just as any other deck. Although as some of the images are ‘skewed’, I’d most likely keep my mind open for those random thoughts. Journal them.

I believe Rachael Pollack wrote the companion book. 

Majecot  05 Jan 2004 
estroncios, welcome back ;)

I do not have this deck but I did take a look at it on
this site, I do see what you mean.. looking at this card it does not appear to be a very happy one.
I would do as Umbrae suggests and put it away for further use or investment. Sometimes we buy something that apeals to us, but at that time we are not ready to read.

Good luck :) 

Jypsie  05 Jan 2004 
Looking at the picture, I can definately see some of the feeling from the traditional meaning of the card. The person has his eyes closed like he can't bear to even watch anymore, the swords above his head are like all the things he feels looming over him. Plus the angry color, etc.
If I were you, I would still use the deck, especially if you feel drawn to it, but as far as reading it, use the traditional definitions. For me, I can look at a given card from any deck and call to mind the things I know about it, see images from other decks, put all the symbolism together, add a pinch of intuition and voila!
I don't like any of the books that have come with any of my decks really, they are all pretty vague, etc. When I first started learning, I used a lot, and bought a book called Tarot, Plain and Simple by Anthony Louis, and those two sources have helped me immensely. 

estroncios  05 Jan 2004 
Thanks for all your help, well is really one of the best sources but they only cover raider waite...

and just for curiosity i found a site where they give an explanation about vertigo meanings and for my surprise its the same thing as raider waite...


i love dark stuff...

and a tip for those that like dark stuff too visit and know whats behind your dreams...its an amazing site...


cya ;) 

WolfyJames  06 Jan 2004 
I thought about putting the Vertigo on my wishlist because I like the majors, but I changed my mind once I saw the minors and how little sense they had. I'm not surprised to see that you're at loss too. I'm afraid you'll have to persevere in order for you to be able to read with your deck.

Thanks for the link, by the way. The guy is an amazing artist, his website is well made too. And the music is great, eerie. No surprise after that to see that you love the Vertigo. ;) 

allibee  06 Jan 2004 
I have the Vertigo Tarot but I never read with them, nor will I ever part with them.

The complete deck resides in a huge frame on the wall where I can admire the work of my favourite artist/illustrator: Dave McKean ... truly inspiring.

Next on my list is his majors only Particle tarot ... and I'll be framing them too :)

But to answer your question, you can apply any meaning that feels right for you, you can make up your own meanings if you feel inspired, you can use *traditional* meanings, you can use someone elses meanings. Better still, use a combination of all three .... but as I said in another thread the pictures don't get used in my readings, I just rely on my combined knowledge and intuition gleaned over the years to tell the story.

Good luck

allibee (Heathen at large

estroncios  06 Jan 2004 
well vertigo is really amazing and ao try start reading it...well iam on vacations now and free time isnt a preocupation for me tho lol

nway thanks for your help and ideias...

hey just for curious, do u know anyother deck that looks like vertigo, u know kinda surrealistic pics?

cya ;) 

allibee  06 Jan 2004 
Like I said, Dave McKean has also done another deck, but majors only, called the Particle Tarot ... the same surrealism but different subject 'matter' (excuse the pun) as his Vertigo deck.

If you like Surreal, you could look up the Marilyn Manson tarot on the internet ... quite dark and alluring ... not finished and not published unfortunately :(

allibee (heathen at large

Umbrae  06 Jan 2004 
OR, if dark is your gig - hunt down either a Vargo Gothic, or a Gothic Tarot of Vampires (dark but not surrealistic). Mage: The Ascention is dark and almost Animae but not quite... 

HudsonGray  06 Jan 2004 
Another dark deck is the terrestrial tarot (ebay had one for a mere $2.99 a day ago) which is supposedly very powerful to read with, but there's a learning curve.

The Vertigo deck is based in part on a series of comic books called the Sandman, I believe. If you don't read those, then you're missing out on part of what the cards are supposedly drawing from. 

isthmus nekoi  06 Jan 2004 
Vertigo takes time. I used the Pollack book at first, but really what it requires is time and patience. This is definetely not a deck that's giving you clear answers right away. If you are willing, give V time to feel at ease with you. It's like getting a shy, wild animal to come close enough for you to touch.

One thing I've found about Vertigo that makes it different from other decks is that its very fluid. I can feel a weight in the cards pulling and pushing each other. They interact so well, I can see them disturbing, exciting, repelling, soothing etc each other in a spread. I'm sure others can see this in other decks, and I can try to get this feel w/others, but w/Vertigo, it is effortless.

A note about Vertigo's pips: they may be very deviant from Rider Waite's pips and are more in tune w/Thoth's. They generally draw from numerology more heavily than Rider Waite's imagery. 

The vertigo can i read it? thread was originally posted on 05 Jan 2004 in the Talking Tarot board, and is now archived in the Forum Library. Read the threads in Talking Tarot, or read more archived threads.

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