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which anime tarot card are you?

Thread originally posted on the Aeclectic Tarot Forum on 07 Jan 2004, and now archived in the Forum Library.

Cerulean  07 Jan 2004

I ended up being the Fool. If you finish the quiz and click 'all possible' combinations you'll see all the major arcana.


P.S.: I edited the posted link--it should work now.

Thanks for the note. 

WolfyJames  08 Jan 2004 
I passed other tests "Which major arcana are you?", and I used to get The Fool, but in this test I got The Hierophant. 

Majecot  08 Jan 2004 
I could not get the link to work :( 

Cerulean  08 Jan 2004 
Should work now!

Mari H. 

Majecot  08 Jan 2004 
oops edited to fix your name
I guess I am tired.

ok now I know I am tired.. I just quoted myself instead 

Majecot  08 Jan 2004 
woo hoo... I am the High Priestess ;) 

Black dragon  08 Jan 2004 
Hmm I seem to be the tower. How worrying!

Black Dragon. 

ros  08 Jan 2004 
Boo Hoo
I'm The Hanged 

Alissa  08 Jan 2004 
"You are the Wheel of Fortune. You are energetic and have good luck. You always go forward and confront your problems with a good sense of humor. You're a good friend and a generous person. Money has no value for you, only the happiness of those around you."

Hmmmmmm ... I'll buy it. I am often energetic, to the point of hyper-unable to settle down. I have had good luck in this life so far. I do prefer to confront issues quickly - mostly because I'm terrified of confrontations (get it over with mentality).

I try to be a good friend and a generous person.

And money can't be the end-goal in life, but money can come in damn handy, and can help create an atmosphere that includes happiness. So I'm not renouncing my meager personal wealth :P, it's got a *little* value.

fun quiz.... :D 

ultraviolet  08 Jan 2004 
I got Strength. I promise my temper is really not so bad! :laugh: 

Little Baron  08 Jan 2004 
I am justice! 

Agathe  08 Jan 2004 
I am The Lovers.... mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, how nice :D 

WalesWoman  08 Jan 2004 
High Priestess, it's also my numerological archetype I think, my life path number is 11=2

But I don't think I'm scary or cold, unpredictable to be sure, and not nearly as moody as I used to be as when I was pre-menopausal. (:D) I'm working on it, really! 

Juccota  10 Jan 2004 
Interesting quiz, I got the Hermit... 

Siwan  10 Jan 2004 
I got the Empress. 

Summerdream  10 Jan 2004 
I got the fool too :) 

Marion  10 Jan 2004 
The Tower but I couldn't see the card image or, as it appears there is, the description. I must need some plug-in or something. 

The which anime tarot card are you? thread was originally posted on 07 Jan 2004 in the Talking Tarot board, and is now archived in the Forum Library. Read the threads in Talking Tarot, or read more archived threads.

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