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Which Decks Where?

Thread originally posted on the Aeclectic Tarot Forum on 14 Jan 2004, and now archived in the Forum Library.

Shade  14 Jan 2004 
Hi I remember a thread a while back where we discussed what image we try to project by the deck we choose... and I don't want to do anything that speculative but I was wondering what decks people use when reading in different situations.

When I read at high school dances or charity events I usually choose a deck like the Cosmic tarot (not the cosmic tribe mind you) or the New Palladini. I choose them because they are close enough to the Rider Waite so that I can do a number of readings very quickly with a deck that still has some esoteric imagery. people in these situations tend to want to have me explain a few things that seem esoteric or I don't seem to be authentic. So very once in a while I need to be able to identify an astrological symbol. The reason I don't use the Rider Waite itslef is that it is very popular and I don't want a large number of the people I read for to have the deck I'm using. They might be focused on how they persoanlly interpret the cards at home ratehr than listening to me.

For readings in coffee shops and bars (lots of fun) I use the Secret Tarot. It's a deck I'm very cofortable with so I can read people I have never met before and have no idea what they are going to ask about. Also there is a nice amount of simple basic imagery in the deck that I can get across (ie an otter on Temperance, a creature who can live on land or in the water). When I'm in a loud location it's easier to get this info across.

When I read at a new age location (the bookstore I work at) I usally go with the Ator (hear me out). There I meet a lot of folks who have studied the cards at length and the cute and wacky Ator helps break them out of a state of seriousness. When I've used other decks there I've had folks try and one up me by pointing out "Oh yes I believe this card also represents my inner such and such in the opposition of this and such." With the Ator everyone relaxes a bit. 

Dark_angel  15 Jan 2004 
I usually read with whatever deck I've got in my bag, but if I'm reading for children or sensitive people I would avoid my dark decks. I really enjoy reading with playing cards at parties and at people's houses, because of the flexibility and the fact that my precious decks won't get beer spilled on them! 

Cerulean  15 Jan 2004 
at the moment, I may be settling on one for the next few weeks...the Stained Glass Tarocco by Scapini. I tried it in three readings and while I am awaiting feedback, it is as beautiful as the Tarot of the Crystals and for me right now, more usable.

Shade, was it you who brought up the Stained Glass and Tarot topic? I've been meaning to post a little more about this deck, because it might be a nicer blend for those need illustrated pips, but want to also use colorful decks with Italian-style Milanese/Bologna patterns. It also has some color Cabalah references which I don't quite know how to check out...but I'll be posting to the Stained Glass and Tarot topic when I can.

Mari H. 

lunalafey  15 Jan 2004 
generally I choose my deck by what ever one calls to me....but there are times or situations that there is a 'designated' deck.
Readings I do about of for my Leo daughter, I use my cat people deck. For self reflection, the voyager is sometimes used as well as the Fey. Mostly my choice of deck depends upon the question, somehow there is a 'connection' between the two.... 

Marion  15 Jan 2004 
I am going to move this thread to Talking Tarot. It is more about the process of reading than about a specific deck and its individual merits. 

Mojo  15 Jan 2004 
I always use the Royal Fez Moroccan deck except for at parties when I use the Tarocco Bizzarro by Franco Bruna. The images are wonderful which draws a big crowd.

Here's a link to some of the images: 

Majecot  16 Jan 2004 
For myself I generally use Rohrig or Legend: Arthurian, for others I use Quest.... I never ever use the first two for my daughter, they make her nervous.. I am hoping some day she gets over that ;) 

The Which Decks Where? thread was originally posted on 14 Jan 2004 in the Talking Tarot board, and is now archived in the Forum Library. Read the threads in Talking Tarot, or read more archived threads.

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