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who reads every post???

Thread originally posted on the Aeclectic Tarot Forum on 10 Jan 2004, and now archived in the Forum Library.

ros  10 Jan 2004 
I was just wondering
"Who reads every post"
I try to read most but
do most of us read everything or just what we are studying? Half the time I feel like I'm lost on here is so large. I guess we could look at this as a newspaper just picking the sections we want to look at.The tarot is good but after a while they are ALL good! 

Melvis  10 Jan 2004 
Every post?! Wow, you are my new hero, ros! :D I had to cut back and not look at each thread that came up, simply because I would be here for too many hours at a time! What I do now is pick and choose threads, going simply by their title most of the time. If I notice a thread I've been ignoring suddenly has 60 posts in it in just a few days, then I go check it out simply to see what all the fuss is about! ;)

It took me a while, but I found a way that allows me to find all the new threads and posts up to the minute as I read and respond to some of them. This way, I can see everything new, but it's less work finding them:

* I choose "View New Posts" in the upper right corner of the Forum home page.

* I go to the LAST page of new posts and start reading from the bottom up.

* When I get to the top of the page, I refresh, just in case any new posts at the beginning of the list pushed a couple threads onto the last page while I was reading it.

* Then I go the next to the last page, read from the bottom up, and so on, refreshing each page as I finish it.

It used to take me forever to go through all the posts in every section, only to find new posts popping up as I was reading! Also, when I find myself reading too many posts in too many sections, it's like I get overexposed to Tarot (shocking!) and I seem to lose interest for a while. So for me, a steady diet of reading about 1/3 of the new posts works well for me.

Great thread idea, ros! Another one I have to keep reading! ;)



skytwig  10 Jan 2004 
Selective scanning....... that's my technique.... One can certainly get brain freeze after reading too many posts!

I prefer things that will teach me something or make me think a bit... Games I don't really dabble in anymore..... and I'm not one for 'controversy'..... i tend to leave when steam starts rising.... ;)

I too hit the New Posts button, but i go from the first page back.... I will hit my favorite sections at times to see if I missed something....

I also like to dig way back for the goodies I missed when I was away for awhile.... sometimes I bump them if they are extra tasty...... :) 

HOLMES  10 Jan 2004 
i too do new posts , i learned about it when i first came to the forum. i do it to save time.

yet once in a while when i am really bored i go through every forum.
but that is rares these days as i go to yahoo groups , pratice guitar, read some new books and such.

i mostly keep an eye on some threads that interest me that i get updated on. or when i want to see responses to a post i did.
(eheh the ego part of myself i guess) 

ros  10 Jan 2004 
I do push the New Posts after the fact it took me so long to find. I pick & choose. 

Agathe  10 Jan 2004 
I read new posts but if I'm interested in the topic, I read the whole thread or couple of them. It simply depends on the topic.


Alissa  10 Jan 2004 
I read every post in *this* forum, of course :D but other than my required reading, I will often pick a forum to browse if I have any time left.

Before I had moderator duties, my preference was to read the New Posts daily though, and pick and choose. Lottsa hits and/or replies draws my attention most that way. 

VGimlet  11 Jan 2004 
If I read every post, I'd never get anything done :D

I kind of pick and choose. I have a few forums I always check, and others I look at every few days , and every so often I'll take a spin through the other ones just to see what's going on. 

CreativeFire  11 Jan 2004 
Good idea for a thread Ros, and can understand what you mean about feeling a bit lost because there is just so much to read!

As I am new here and very excited about all the information and getting to "talk" tarot with others - I have been overdosing recently on tarot on the computer - LOL

Thanks for the tips you listed Melvis - this will make things easier to keep track.


Sulis  11 Jan 2004 
i do the 'new threads' bit too.

Love and light

sulis xx 

Moonbow*  11 Jan 2004 
I start off with what's in my e-mails. Hence, why I got so impatient a few weeks back when I wasn't receiving them.

Then I go to new threads from the oldest page backwards (usually, then again, not always.....)and refresh just as Melvis does.

Then I go to the individual forums.

I don't read everything though, my kids would hate me if I was on here any longer than I am already!


Jewel-ry  11 Jan 2004 
No way, would never have time to read all of them. First of all I go to any of the threads that I am particularly involved or interested in e.g. seekers, general study etc. and then I do a quick scan read for any new and interesting topics. I always have a look at new members because when I was new it was so nice to receive a welcome.

J :) 

WolfSpirit  11 Jan 2004 
I don't read all posts, only posts that interest me (if the title is enough to show that) and I also check threads that get an awful lot of replies, or threads that are referred to in other threads.

I have been at AT for some time but I only recently discovered the New Posts option...I often check my favourite forums anyway. 

Majecot  11 Jan 2004 
I do new posts... I sometimes scan through threads I try to read everyone's posts in a thread, and if it is reeaaally slow at work ( thats where I am usually on line at) then I start with the newest and work my way down.
Some of them get me roaring,, and then one of the guys will pop their head in to see what I am laughing about.
Now maybe when I am back on the overnight shift I may have time to read every post, but I don't have time to do it now. 

fairyhedgehog  11 Jan 2004 
I read every post in Trading, because of being joint moddie. Mind you, I'm moderating it because I tend to read all those posts anyway :) And I read all the threads in the Moderator Forum, in case there's something I should know about.

And then ... I click 'View New Posts' and just flick through, reading anything that grabs me or that I've replied to before ...

I probably miss some posts I'd like, but life's too short ... 

~X~  11 Jan 2004 
I wish I could, I just don't have the time. I started limiting myself after I spent 5 hours going through the H&I forum one afternoon.....and still didn't get anywhere near to finishing. 

Alex  11 Jan 2004 
Originally posted by ros
who reads every post?

Star Spirit  12 Jan 2004 

That new posts thing certainly sounds like a good idea :) 

Diana  12 Jan 2004 
Originally posted by ros
I was just wondering
"Who reads every post"

Not enough time in the day to read them all. Especially the Study Group ones which are for particular decks which I don't have most of the time. And I'm not interested in Astrology, so I usually skip those, unless a title grabs my interest.

However ros, that being said, I must admit that I have probably read most of your posts. :)

I also do the View New Posts thingy. Always. And I start from the last page and work up to the most recent posts but skip out the ones that don't interest me. 

HudsonGray  12 Jan 2004 
I pick through the 'new posts' too, but I've found if you're on for a certain amount of time & even if you refresh that page 1, you'll miss some of the new stuff. It won't be there as 'new' next time you click 'new postings' unless someone added to it since then, so occasionally I go into a few of the different selections to check, just in case. 

Vynara  12 Jan 2004 
lol indeed, reading every post = getting nothing done

I also start off with those in my emails for watched threads, then I proceed to my user CP and take a peek at my watched forums.

When I really got time on my hands, I'll browse around and read any thread that catches my eye.... 

draconiius  13 Jan 2004 
i've not read every post yet (am working my way there...) but i tend to pick by the topic first and work my way chronologically, as you can tell from the number of my posts, i have done that sporadically, especially now that i'm using a friend's computer as mine is in the shop :(...

i've found this website to be one of the best because whenever i have a question, i usually an answer to my question (which again explains why i've not posted so many haha). 

ros  15 Jan 2004 
Next time will someone tell me when I start a corney thread???

I have just realized what I have asked. If someone would have asked this I would of thought they were nuts! I can hardly find my way around here!

Thanks for replys, I've come to some of my senses! LMAO 

TemperanceAngel  15 Jan 2004 
I read all the posts in this thread :laugh::laugh::laugh: XTAX 

Phoenyx  15 Jan 2004 
I wish I could say I read every post or even every thread, I get to read about 1/10 of them only because my time is so crunched during the day. 

MeeWah  17 Jan 2004 
There was a time back in AT's past that I was able to read every thread in every forum! Of course, there were far fewer forums, a smaller membership & less postings then. Now as a member/moderator, I read through Talking Tarot & Your Readings first albeit not always at one sitting. I read threads elsewhere as time permits & as they call to me, usually Using Tarot Cards first (which I used to moderate also until moderating 3 forums became too much to fit in with other commitments) & wherever the whim takes me. 

The who reads every post??? thread was originally posted on 10 Jan 2004 in the Talking Tarot board, and is now archived in the Forum Library. Read the threads in Talking Tarot, or read more archived threads.

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