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Thread originally posted on the Aeclectic Tarot Forum on 10 Apr 2004, and now archived in the Forum Library.

cartarum  10 Apr 2004 
once while i was doing a reading using the moon as a signifactor,
i heard a gentle voice say auram. it was more like an impression than a voice. must say, i am completely baffled. what is auram? any thoughts? just need some clarification.

Ivy Rhiannon  11 Apr 2004 
Interesting how our intuition baffles us with it's mystery...uhmm auram? Could it be your spiritual name? What was the question being asked? Maybe it is from another language... Good luck in your search, let us know if anything else comes up! 

Astraea  11 Apr 2004 
I don't know much about ceremonial magic, but Aurum represents the element of air in some systems, including weather phenomena such as storms, lightning, high winds, etc. 

Kittaine  13 Apr 2004 
Did you try searching the net for the word? 

Mojo  13 Apr 2004 
It's the sound my neighbor makes when he starts up his lawn mower....


laura_borealis  13 Apr 2004 
I found this via Google:

"Auram is the Art of air, wind and weather. True flight is only possible through this art.

"Auram spells are powerful because the element of air is ubiquitous. Their weakness is that air is not usually violent, like fire, nor strong, like earth. Auram however, includes in its scope most weather phenomena such as storms, lightning, rain, mist and falling snow. Auram spells usually affect air as phenomena (winds, odors) rather than as gases (a mothern concept)."

(I think this has something to do with a D&D type game.) 

cartarum  13 Apr 2004 
powers of air would be consistent with what i have been working on lately. alternative spellings of it are oram and aurum. i am really interested in learning more.
i chose the moon as a signifactor because i wanted to gain more insight of a subconcious nature. another method i know gave me the alternate spellings.
i cant spend too much time on the net; library computers. 

The auram thread was originally posted on 10 Apr 2004 in the Talking Tarot board, and is now archived in the Forum Library. Read the threads in Talking Tarot, or read more archived threads.

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