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Cards are moving

Thread originally posted on the Aeclectic Tarot Forum on 30 Apr 2004, and now archived in the Forum Library.

TenderxWhispers  30 Apr 2004 
well i did a readint yesterday and the cards began to move i layed 3 cadrs and they began to move towards me i then put tehm up and left them this afternoon i did it agian and all of ther cards were inverted asidefrom 4 when i layed them down they tirned till they were inverted..whats going on? 

Mojo  30 Apr 2004 

TenderxWhispers  30 Apr 2004 
no it was a flat surface ive used it befofre nothing weird ahppend well aside form what ive said 

Xarokys  01 May 2004 
I think it's time to call an exterminator.

Or an exorcist. }) 

Suriel  01 May 2004 
i once heard from my friend, that her friend had bought a tarot card deck, and whenever she wants to do a reading, the cards will move by itself to shuffle....
you know, just move round and round on the table, by themselves!....
actually is that possible to happen? 

Nycelle  01 May 2004 
I've had this happen with the Vampire Deck, but that would be the excessively shiny cardstock.

Otherwise I have no idea. 

LadyMedusa  01 May 2004 
Static Electricity

The build up can be in either the cards or on the surface you lay them on. I have had it happen both on a slick surface, and with slick cards on a cloth.


WalesWoman  01 May 2004 
I like that static electricity idea, Ghostbusters. So far my cards have behaved themselves and if they didn't I'd probably talk to someone about doing some sort of cleansing in my whole house, not with Spic 'n Span or Lysol either. Smudging and sweeping out strange energies with sage or cedar or something appropriate. 

Suriel  01 May 2004 
just asking....
could it be postive energies? such as your spirit guide? or higher spirit is helping you?
i'm thinking of the possibilties.... 

Mojo  01 May 2004 
meanwhile, on planet earth..... 

_N_  01 May 2004 
I subscribe to either the theory of static electricity or possibly an AC vent. However, barring those two, I would not discount the possiblity of, as has been suggested, a spirit guide or a resident energy in your home. If you are of a persuasion which leads you to casting circles for ritual, you may have inadvertently attracted an energy form or spirit which has decided to hang out for a while. If this is the case you can either try to work with it or to "release it" from your home with ritual cleansing/smudging etc. Though it is very rare to encounter such things, they are possible, and I have seen such things in action in the past which is why I won't discount it in your case ;) but, again, I would look FIRST to mundane possibilities, then to spiritual.

Cerulean  01 May 2004 
Some of my most slippery cards have this very very smooth polish and it doesn't take much for them to slip out of a bag, toss themselves off a smooth table or cascade like a waterfall of delicate tiles out of my hands. Anything slightly tilted away or toward me shows it's bent with the slippery cards.

A smooth but not shiny piece of cotton or a slightly textured placemat might help.

I rather keep my cards settled....

Just an idea and suggestion, hope it helps.

Cerulean Mari 

Alissa  01 May 2004 
I've had the sensation of slippery cards going everywhere, the Frouds Faery Oracle jumps to mind, that slid all over when I first opened the box and began handling them.

Mostly, this was due to the gloss of the cards, and the fact that the cards weren't "worked in" yet with shuffles to bend the cards and give them better shape.

When they're brand new, they're all factory cut, so to speak. Uniform, and they can slide easily against each other.

Other than that, static electricity sounds like another likely culprit. 

The Cards are moving thread was originally posted on 30 Apr 2004 in the Talking Tarot board, and is now archived in the Forum Library. Read the threads in Talking Tarot, or read more archived threads.

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