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Cards in a mainstream paper

Thread originally posted on the Aeclectic Tarot Forum on 01 Apr 2004, and now archived in the Forum Library.

Kosmos  01 Apr 2004 
This article was in our Free Press today. I have to brag and post it because the reader they had at this party is my girlfriend. I know card reading parties might not be big news to people here, but it's just exciting if you're me. lol.

Travel, love, a new job? The answers are all In the cards

Thu Apr 1 2004

Cheryl Binning

AS a kid, I remember slumber parties were the highlight of every young girl's social calendar. They were evenings of junk food, movies, giggling and more junk food. The aim was always to stay up all night, something we never quite managed to do.
But I also recall that no slumber party was complete until someone got out their Ouija board and we attempted to call upon spirits from the other side and ask them questions.

We didn't get any answers -- but we did manage to scare ourselves silly, which was really the point of it anyway.

Then we grew up and, of course, would never even think of taking part in such childish foolishness.

So, instead, we have card-reading parties.

Like the slumber party, it's an all-female affair that features lots of salty and sugary snacks (but bottles of wine replace the cans of cola). There's lots of giggling and sharing of stories, just like the parties of our childhood. But instead of cryptic messages from ghostly apparitions, a card reader offers us glimpses into our future. A few days ago I was at a card-reading party where a group of about 12 women gathered for an afternoon of food, drink and fortune-telling. Our reader, Mikaela MacDonald, uses mah jongg cards, which originated as a board game thousands of years ago in China. She works out of the DeStress Stop in Osborne Village.

"I've heard that she's just amazing -- very accurate to the point of being scary," Susan Rich, who hosted the party, said in an e-mail. "And more importantly, it's a great reason to get the girls together."

Who could resist an invitation like that? So one by one the women arrived, each carrying a more sinfully sweet dessert, until the table was piled high with a rich array of chocolate cookies, cakes, pies and pastries. Of course, we couldn't let all that chocolate go to waste -- so we stuffed ourselves as we waited for our turn to take a reading.

Many of the women at the card reading insisted they don't take it too seriously -- they do it for fun and it's really just an excuse to get all the girls together for a party (as soon as you say card-reading, most men run as far as they can!).

But Evelyn thinks these parties are also therapeutic.

"We share our readings, compare notes afterwards, evaluate our card reader and how accurately they described our friends, contemplate what messages we received -- it's like group therapy!" It definitely lifts the spirits to find out about a new love, a new job, or travel to a far-off place -- even if the card reader can't say for sure if it will happen tomorrow or 10 years from now.

Evelyn, for example, had a bad week, so the reading made her day.

"She confirmed the rotten time I was "supposed" to be going through and then gave me hope that it will all be incredibly bright again in the next two weeks. That makes for a better attitude to take on the week, knowing that this too shall pass."

"We all feel overwhelmed by the stress and demands placed on us," adds Susan. "So it's nice to throw a party and have someone tell us our futures are going to be great! It's a pampering of sorts."

Susan made another interesting point as I was leaving. She said that our lives are chaotic, and these readings help us believe that there is a plan, some sort of order to it all. We want a road map and in a way that's what the cards provide.

Or perhaps I'm trying to read far too much into it. Maybe these parties are really just an excuse to eat chocolate to our heart's content. And not feel a bit of guilt -- just like when we were kids at a slumber party and didn't think twice about stuffing ourselves with cookies and candy all night. 

Alissa  01 Apr 2004 
"So it's nice to throw a party and have someone tell us our futures are going to be great! It's a pampering of sorts."
I'm such a cynic... I'm sitting here thinking, Yeah, you'd like readings while they're telling you what you *want* to hear. But what if your reading is one of those readings that provokes tears, etc.?

Then, I'd end up feeling like the biggest party pooper! :D

Still, if more people did this, maybe having a reader come over for house calls and small parties would become a more popular past time (reminds me of the henna parties I do, as a freelance henna artist). 

The Cards in a mainstream paper thread was originally posted on 01 Apr 2004 in the Talking Tarot board, and is now archived in the Forum Library. Read the threads in Talking Tarot, or read more archived threads.

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