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How high is your interest in tarot?

Thread originally posted on the Aeclectic Tarot Forum on 28 Apr 2004, and now archived in the Forum Library.

miss_apples  28 Apr 2004 
How interested are you in tarot? Is it major life path for you or just a passing hobby...or somewhere in between. long have you been studying tarot all together? 

cheekyminx  28 Apr 2004 
I remember asking a similar question about a year ago. It was interesting to read what people had to say.

The thread was/is; 

eastarot  28 Apr 2004 
Tarot began as a hobby years ago, and the more I read and practiced on friends and family, the more I discovered I loved it. Its not the only thing I'm passionate about, but I appreciate the clarity it brings to me and those who come to me for readings. It's a never ending learning:) 

Nycelle  28 Apr 2004 
It is a crossover between several of my main interests - mythology, art, storytelling (especially the passing on of stories in the oral tradition), history, social history, and psychology.

So I'm as interested in tarot as I am in any of those - and more in some. 

September Pixie  28 Apr 2004 
Tarot is my number one passion in life.. It's something that I do, and pretty much always have done, naturally.. it started as a passing interest and grew into an ultimate obsession... :) 

closrapexa  28 Apr 2004 
Right now its pretty high in my list of interests, but I'm taking it one day at a time. I've found that if I obcess about one thing, then my interest wanes, and I move on to something else... 

September Pixie  28 Apr 2004 
It's funny you say that closrapexa, I am the exact same way with EVERY THING in life.... except tarot. It is the only thing my interest never sways on. 

Bean Feasa  28 Apr 2004 
I haven't been studying Tarot very long, coming up to a year soon. I kind of fell into it when my sister asked me to buy her a deck, and I opened it to peek. Subsequently, a wave of Tarot-fever gripped me. I've since bought about 30 decks and a couple of dozen books on the subject. At first I lived and breathed it, but I've calmed down a little bit in this past month or two. My interest level is still very high, and I reckon it will be a lifelong one, but the initial mania has abated... just as well really, as I have a real life to live too ;)

Agathe  28 Apr 2004 
Originally posted by closrapexa
I've found that if I obcess about one thing, then my interest wanes, and I move on to something else...

Coincidence?!?! :D

Tarot is really important. This is my hobby and a bit more. It's not my profession though, which doesn't change the importance of it in my life. I think it's good I can't afford new decks. I would not know what to do with them afterall because I usually use one deck ;) 

Marion  28 Apr 2004 
It is important to me, and I have been interested in forms of divination since I was a young adult. Tarot as a factor has waxed and waned over the last 30 years, but it has been pretty steady, though not obsessive for last 4 or 5 years. Marion 

hedgecub  28 Apr 2004 
It's one of my hobbies, and right now it's among the top of the list, but it tends to oscillate depending on how I'm feeling :)

I consider myself a deck collector though, so I don't feel bad about buying decks even if I'm not being too active about reading with them ;) 

Ravenswing  28 Apr 2004 
Simply put-- Tarot is a way of life.

fly well

MeeWah  28 Apr 2004 
Tarot is an integral part of my life & occupies the majority of my focus (other than those related to real life obligations). A life path. 

laura_borealis  28 Apr 2004 
I've gone through phases of high interest and low interest. Right now I'm in a high interest phase. I'd like to incorporate tarot into a daily routine (daily card draw kind of thing) but so far haven't established a habit -- but I do play with the cards almost every day, and of course I read AT every single day. :D 

mercenary30  28 Apr 2004 
I have been studying tarot pretty solidly for a little over a year right now, even though I have been interested in tarot for longer than that. I am constantly reading a tarot book of some sort, even though I am actively reading on the average, three books at a time.

BUT, I don't read the cards that often. Very little for myself, more often for others, but I don't have a lot of people to read for.

I am on AT all the time though....... 

Chronata  28 Apr 2004 
I used to say it was more than a hobby... but less than a career.

Lately, it has been an all-encompassing focus...a bit like it was for me when I was 16.

I am a perpetual student...always reinventing, always discovering, and always studying to find more layers... and deeper ones.

There are many different paths in the subject of Tarot...and eventually I hope to traverse them all! 

miss_apples  28 Apr 2004 
I have been interested on and off for like 6 years now. I became imcreasingly interested in tarot within the last year because I have became more needing of spiritual enlightenment and tarot definatly helps with that, not just reading for myself, but reading for others also helps to open up all my spiritual senses. So now its became a serious part of my life where before it was just a hobby :) 

diane drizzy  28 Apr 2004 
Tarot had always been on a back burner in my life. In the 60's & 70's it was always there. (I still remember my Aquarian Tarot deck when they 1st came out)! Last year someone gave me a deck for my birthday and the time was right. From there, I then found all of you! I can appreciate the tarot and oracles so much more now. ("But then I was so much older then ,I'm younger then that now")-sorry I couldn't resist! Tarot is a "me" time. I do not read for others, I'd like to think I'll do this for a living one day. I really do consider it a part of my life at this point. I am so much more open and intuitive then when I was younger. 

Jewel  28 Apr 2004 
Originally posted by Chronata
I am a perpetual student...always reinventing, always discovering, and always studying to find more layers... and deeper ones.

Tarot has been a part of my life for over 12 years, and has been a guiding influence in my life - not by readings but by what I have learned on my tarot journey. Like Chronata, I am a perpetual student, and tarot has been a great teacher and has taken me in many directions I would never have thought to travel. I cannot say that tarot is an interest to me, it is a way of life, whether I am working with the cards or not. 

mysticalowl  28 Apr 2004 
I have always been drawn to the tarot. It certainly has become a passion for me. Lately, it has also been a source of friendship and fellowship. I have learned so much from the people on aeclectic as well as the mentors that I have been working with. They have not only taught me about the tarot, but life in general. 

HOLMES  28 Apr 2004 
well guaging it,

1. if i was to say by going professional, and reading it full time,
for i haven't done that

2. if i was to say by going researchical and studying every ounce of history ,
for i can't speak french, or anyother language from where tarot originates to understand the original texts.

3. if i was to judge by the amount of tarot decks, books, readings i have done, and concepts in my head.
10 , no more or no less then any other aeclectian who finds the tarot is the key to understanding the universe :O) 

lionette  29 Apr 2004 
Hi all,

With tarot I tend to wax and wane with it. Right now, probably because my learning has increased greatly since I last had a phase, I've been really fixated. And I can safely bet that this is also due to finding AT! (makes such a difference to have a sense of community to enhance learning)

Also finding tarot now to dovetail with other elements of growth, again probably because of my learning being on a higher plane where it's all joined somewhere and tarot is becoming another of the windows! 

September Pixie  29 Apr 2004 
I cannot say that I have one deck I use religiously.. I change them here and there.. but I am ALWAYS wanting another deck, wanting to read for myself and others, and well.. just looking at them! They are all beautiful so I love them for the confidence, beauty, information, guidence, etc that they give to us. 

Lady Eclipse  29 Apr 2004 

What a great question. I've been very interested in, collecting, and reading tarot for many, many years. I've been fascinated ever since I was a child. However, it wasn't until I actually started making my own decks that I truly merged with the cards. So my answer would be: we are one.

Joy to you,

VGimlet  29 Apr 2004 
Like a lot of people here, my interest in tarot rises and falls - but it's been part of my life for over 30 years now, since I was a child. It's more than a hobby - it's part of my life - but not my vocation.

Right now my interest is at about a 7 - which is pretty high, because my life is pretty full and busy right now. 

CreativeFire  29 Apr 2004 
I have been on my tarot journey for about 10 years now and during this time have always enjoyed continuing to learn more. There have been times when it had to sit on the backburner for a while due to home and work commitments and studies but for the last 3 years it has come back into being a major part of my life.

To me it is not just a hobby or collecting, but a way of life and an extension of my other interests / beliefs and a source of relaxation and greater understanding of life itself :)


Phoenix Rising  29 Apr 2004 
My interest for tarot at the moment is very high. I only started becoming serious about it 4 months ago, when I bought me a cheapie deck for my Xmas present. I don't why I developed a interest in it all of a sudden. I've fiddled with them now and then when I was younger. As I've always had a interest in Divination since teenager.
It has actually taught me alot about myself and those around me. Really enjoying pulling daily cards, and it amazes me how it can reflect what happened that day. 

Sulis  29 Apr 2004 
It's more than just a hobby but hopefully it's not an obsession. I see it as an important part of my spiritual path at the moment. I've been using cards for a couple of years.

I go through phases with tarot - I'll have a spell of a couple of weeks to a month when I'm really into it - I'll use my cards daily, will read for others and most of the books I read will be tarot books.
Then my interest will wane for a couple of weeks - I'll hardly pick up the cards or a tarot book.

Everything goes in cycles I suppose :)


Sulis xx 

wavebreaker  29 Apr 2004 
It's an interesting hobby, one of many. Certainly not a way of life. 

Emily  30 Apr 2004 
I was always interested in tarot, also I Ching and Runes, but a couple of years ago I started to study the tarot more. It is just still a hobby but it has become a part of my daily life, I either do my daily cards or I don't, but then again I might not pick a deck up for a couple of days - I like the decks that have become part of my collection and will now admit to being a collector lol.

It is my No1 hobby and I would feel like a part of me was missing if I didn't read tarot cards anymore. 

The How high is your interest in tarot? thread was originally posted on 28 Apr 2004 in the Talking Tarot board, and is now archived in the Forum Library. Read the threads in Talking Tarot, or read more archived threads.

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