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Most accurate reading & Funniest failure

Thread originally posted on the Aeclectic Tarot Forum on 30 Apr 2004, and now archived in the Forum Library.

Arnaud  30 Apr 2004 

Here is a thread suggestion, that could be both interesting and fun :-) Why not sharing here your most accurate reading, and your funniest failure ? As a new participant here, i don t have one to share ... yet, but would surely like to hear yours :-)


ncefafn  30 Apr 2004 
Okay, here's something humiliating from me. I was trying to decide where to submit a short story I'd just written. I had three possibilities, so I threw a card for each of them. One of the possibilities I had hubristically chosen was The Atlantic. The card that came up was the lovely Ace of Pentacles. I saw that, said, "Oho!" and sent them my story right away. It took the editors less than 10 days to reject it. That one hurt.


SongDeva  01 May 2004 
I think this is a really great idea. But I can't think of anything to add yet. 

eastarot  02 May 2004 
My husband was offered a job in the the Middle East. I wasnt comfortable with the entire deal at all. I did his reading for him and the cards were all reversed including the Ace of Cups. I just said "disappointment" to my husband.

After a gruelling week of interviews, he was shortlisted. But the job went to someone with less work experience but knowledge of Arabic.

To be honest with you, I wasnt disappointed. I feel he will get a better break in a more safer environment. Husband was disappointed for a week, but he's accepted it now thankfully.


There was a series of cricket matches between India and Pakistan, the "Friendship" series. A leading astrologer and tarot reader were on TV predicting victories and losses before the game.

The first game I predicted correctly.
The second game I was completely wrong.
(Later I discovered so were the astrologer and the other tarot reader) so I guess the future is really not in anyones hands.

Thats the last time I'm ever using Tarot as a tool for prediction! 

sirona86  02 May 2004 
I have two readings i think tie for most accurate :

i'd done a reading for a friend, just a general one, no specific question in mind. The cards showed that someone she knew would be having relationship problems, and she would be left in an awkward position. She would feel uncomfortable in the situation and not know what to do. about a couple of weeks later, she told me that she suspected her mother was having an affair. She was the only one in the family who knew about it, and she didnt know whether or not she should shut up, or bring up the subject with her mother.

and the 2nd one was one of the first few readings i'd ever done.
I predicted my mother would get into some sort of accident, and an old friend would come to help her. Also that something do with an inheritance would come to out attention. This was just after my grandfather had passed away, and i was worried that we would have another death in the family. a few days after that, my aunt informed us that we needed to get my grandfather's will settled. I didnt even know he had written a will! And sometime after the reading, my mother was crossing a road with her friend. They couldnt see the car approaching them in the blindspot, and her friend was knocked down right in front of her eyes. luckily she managed to get out of the way in time. She called my father at work but couldnt reach him. ( he frequently goes MIA, i like to say). so she called an old family friend of ours who came down and ferried her to the hospital to see her friend. Luckily her friend sustained only a broken leg.

When she got back that night she told me never to do readings again cos they scared her now that what i'd told her had come true. needless to say, i didnt take her advice!

Doing a relationship reading for a friend. She asked if there was any potential in a particular guy. I did my reading, and told her that he had great potential, and if she were to let things run their natural course they might get together eventually. But embarassingly, the guy started showing interest in pursuing another girl, and doesnt even seem to notice her now! 

The Most accurate reading & Funniest failure thread was originally posted on 30 Apr 2004 in the Talking Tarot board, and is now archived in the Forum Library. Read the threads in Talking Tarot, or read more archived threads.

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