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Whining about my drought and negativeness

Thread originally posted on the Aeclectic Tarot Forum on 02 Apr 2004, and now archived in the Forum Library.

KelarSkye  02 Apr 2004 
I have been on such a tarot drought recently. I haven't felt motivated or inspired to read for anyone and any reading I get for myself only provides me with negatives. Everything I want to happen I am told won't/can't/shouldn't/don't know because it is a holding pattern.

I just have had such a negative relationship with the cards for a while now, I don't want to ask anything because I always feel I will be told what I don't want to hear.

So this is me whining with a general life malaise and a general tarot malaise...because every once in a while I want a happy thing with my reading! Or actually, I need something to actually be confirmed. Everything that isn't supposed to work out, hasn't. And everything that has been supposed to work out, hasn't as well.

Except my job. I did get a new one of those and all my readings said I would. But I really don't like it and so that doesn't make me any more positive. :-(

Deep breathe...mmmm, maybe I am done whining. I don't know. Just wanted to get it all out there.


Astraea  02 Apr 2004 
Oh, I know how bad those doldrums feel! I hope that readings, and life in general, will be on the upswing in the days ahead. The wheel does keep on turning! 

mj07  02 Apr 2004 
what happens if other people read for you? a reader a friend of mine goes to refuses to read for her if she's in a state of being al emotinally worked up! maybe you just need a break from it!

or, a vacation?

hope things get better for you! 

KelarSkye  02 Apr 2004 

If others read for me everything I want to happen is told to me that it won't be...or that it will be and it doesn't happen.

I have just quit asking questions and just started trying to see if general readings, or general topic readings work out.

I am kind of at a place in the process where I am questioning the validity because everything seems vague and coincidental. You know...just once I want a "I want X to happen" and the cards say "yes X will happen" and then X actually DOES happen. Although I guess I did have a job before Feb 1, which it did tell me. BUT everything said it would be a good change and I have been miserable since I took the new job.

So this is less whining and more temper tantrum? It is making me feel a little better to talk about it. I am sure everyone has gone through periods of disbelief with tarot and psychic and such. But sometimes, you just need a little concreteness to keep you going.


Alissa  02 Apr 2004 
I was going through exactly this (*Yet Again*) last summer. And I even changed my signature line to read : "I wish I knew how to read Tarot" for a while, reflecting my own Tarot malaise.

I didn't even want to pick up my cards because they always told me things I didn't want to hear.

But, eventually, it passes. It always passes. And I believe it's usually during these times that we "plateau" that we emerge from them and usually gain higher grounds, and deeper insights, than we previously enjoyed.

I hope that's soon the case for you! The only cure is to give it a rest for a bit... but don't quit reading forever! Maybe keep up with your "Tarot journey" by logging on here and thinking about the subject more than actively pursuing for a while. (That helped me). 

MuffinTops  02 Apr 2004 
Rest yourself, your cards, and smudge everything... 

Nevada  02 Apr 2004 

I feel bad about this.

Venting is good, sometimes even a tantrum is helpful. Things build up inside us and have to come out. Sometimes talking to another person is good. Maybe you need a rest from the cards for a while.

Here's an exercise that may help:

...* Keep two journals for a week or more.

...* Journal One is a Venting Journal, for all the negative feelings about your life and how it's going. Write down at least 3 things each day that make you angry, sad, upset. Elaborate on them, enough to fill at least a page a day (more if you want).

...* Journal Two is a Gratitude Journal, where you must write down at least 3 things in your life each day that you're grateful for. Elaborate on them, again enough to fill at least a page a day (more if you want).

...* Keep these two journals for at least a week. Keep them absolutely private, so you feel that you can write ANYTHING in them. (Plan to burn them after this exercise is over if it helps, but you must express your deepest feelings.)

...* Go back after a week and re-read both. Wait longer to re-read if you don't feel up to if after only a week. You may need longer. Re-read the venting journal first, then the gratitude journal.

You might be amazed at the insights you have into your life at the end of this exercise.


mj07  02 Apr 2004 
Nevada, that's a really cool idea! I think I might try that myself some time! Maybe even a good New Years thing? 

KelarSkye  02 Apr 2004 

I haven't really read the cards in months...I just figured I would be over the slump by now :-( But now I am just going to play on the boards and not really do any study...just read others readings and such. I think I need a more strict tarot diet perhaps.

Yep, I am planning a trip to my local shop to get some stuff to combat negative. Incense and candles and crystals. Actually, I need to haul out my crystals and stones (I call them my rockies) because they always make me happy.

I think I do need some more serious efforts like the journalling. The only thing is I guess I feel like I spend a lot of time bolstering myself up, and I am tired. You know when you feel like screaming at the universe that you have been working really hard and trying to be accepting but every once in a while it has to give you a tiny little carrot to keep you going. I am in dire need of a carrot. Maybe journaling will help me find some tiny ones until a big carrot comes along.

Thanks everyone...I haven't been tlaking about all my sour feelings so this is helping....I just kind of have been on the premise that I don't want people to think I was being a whiner, because it is entirely the way I am feeling, not like life is throwing horrible things at me like others.


The Whining about my drought and negativeness thread was originally posted on 02 Apr 2004 in the Talking Tarot board, and is now archived in the Forum Library. Read the threads in Talking Tarot, or read more archived threads.

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