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Art in Tarot Reader's life

Thread originally posted on the Aeclectic Tarot Forum on 01 Jun 2005, and now archived in the Forum Library.

jumptothemoonyea  01 Jun 2005 
Do you do any art in addition to Tarot? As professional or amateur. How does your knowledge of Tarot influence your artistic expressions?


Emeraldgirl  01 Jun 2005 
Ok I write (stories & poetry) , I paint, I take photos and I think I am constantly acting ;) and I am an ametuer at all :)

Tarot affects all at different levels.

I started painting because of tarot. I started with painting a box I made for my cards and progressed from there.

I have been writing for as long as I can remember. I have recently found myself writing more tarot related poety and short stories.

With photography I tend to look more now for photo ops that relate to tarot. Sad I know but I love photographing buildings and monutments and sometimes you find fantastic tarot type images in the decorations of old buildings. 

Violinagin  01 Jun 2005 
I'm a professional artist as far as that goes, but I also write stories and poems, play music, and sing. And I love dreaming. Night and day! I think singing would be my favorite, but no one around here appreciates opera. So I get told to be quiet a lot... :(

But other than that, it's all good :)

And I forgot my paragraph about tarot: I'm not sure how it affects everything I do, but I know that everything done affects everything else! So I know everything is important to me. 

autumn star  01 Jun 2005 
I've just finished my degree in literature - with some creative writing. I sometimes write my own poetry - but I'm just a beginner.

I did ballet for 10 years and took some drama classes at University. When I was younger I took drama classes for many years, but I never pursued it beyond the classes. I am too shy - I hate being in front of people!

I wish that I could paint :), I've been thinking about taking classes. Like a previous post - tarot has inspired me to do this. I love the images in my deck - they bring out the creativity in me. 

WalesWoman  01 Jun 2005 
I'm an artist, I love to sing, write music, darn forgot check off write poetry and photography and mostly dream about all the things I could do if I had the time to do everything I'd like to.

I'm beginning to earn a bit of money from my art, but am professional by no means.

Tarot has helped in someways influence my art, but I think I have always been the way I am now... seeking to see the spiritual nature in the mundane. Tarot helped me define it more than I could before... since before it was more instinctual. 

Pook  01 Jun 2005 
Im glad we werent limited to just one of the options. I would have had a hard time. I write (Im currently working on my novel...but then I have been for about 2 years...4 chapters, I am a photographer, I even worked as a professional a few years ago, but realized I enjoyed it more when I could do my own thing with it, and I am a musician..sortof...I am a musician in training i guess, but I write my own lyrics. 

Emeraldgirl  01 Jun 2005 
Forgot to add I am a dreamer also. Really bad must be the Pisces in me :) 

BlueLotus  02 Jun 2005 
I voted for Dreamer - DUH . .

I would have pursued further a musical career and/or hobby as a piano player but unfortunately I didn't and this I regret. 

Fairawen  02 Jun 2005 
I've written quite a few books, poetry, and I've been an actor since I was a child, I swear. :P I've also been taking piano for five years... or was it six..? I don't remember. :P Strangely enough, none of those led me to tarot... but I'm sure as heck using tarot for them! :)


Ankou  02 Jun 2005 
I'm a "papered" artist but really I think I'm still on the quest as it were... I make a resonable living doing free lance graphic design, I used to sing but have the same problem as Violenagin no one really likes Opera any more...
Played flute, Classical dance (till I grew curves and lost my balance),played piano (scared all the teachers away by the time I was 8), wrote some music, wrote many short stories and meanderings, paint, sculpt, draw, computer futz, photos... I like making things...ALOT :)

Got into tarot because of an artist friend and loved it right off the bat because of the complexity of the images (also art history buff). All the symbols and their levels of meaning, no wonder its a life time pursuit to understand the darn things!!!!

Recently discovered AT and pulled my decks back out and haven't stopped drawing since! I'm working on an oracle for a friend, made one for myself and working on another for myself also, making a lithomancy set with Chronata's wonderful thread, and just overdoing it in general!!! Also working for a living in my spare time, courting a photo exhibit,working on architectural drawings, and doing lighting design...

Ummm... Can you tell I was eager to jump in this thread!!!! If you think I'm nutty, you should see the rate my husband works at!!! :)

Love and Light,


rosyelf  02 Jun 2005 
I clicked on "poet" but as well as writing poems, I make collage and have recently started doing some patchwork-spreadcloths and art quilts.

I always hated sewing as a child and got little encouragement doing it at school-I am dyspraxic, which means my hand-eye co-ordination is not great-people who are ace at putting together their own clothes on a sewing machine find that hard to understand. So I've surprised myself with the patchwork. What can I say other than the colours and textures speak to me, and there are so many wonderful fabrics out there !

How has Tarot influenced l this ? Hard to say, except that prolonged exposure to the cards seems to have enhanced my perception of colour and image. As for the poetry, that too draws on visual experience, though I began writing poems long before I knew anything about Tarot.

Fascinating thread :) 

Moongold  02 Jun 2005 
I have always loved photography but, apart from family and friend snaps, have never done anything special.

In the last year I have managed to do some things that I quite like. I think I have more have an eye now and digital cameras have helped this.

I would like to write but have a long way to go with poetry.

Tarot has helped me find a sense of something magical, of things possible but I am still looking for a way to express these things.

I think it is OK to be a dreamer but believe that for my purposes observation of detail and openness to the energy and connections of things are more important. The poets that I deeply admire absorb and record the beauty of this real world. 

M-Press  02 Jun 2005 
For me, doing art came way before tarot. So, it's more about how my art influences my connection to the tarot.
Now that I'm involved with both equaly and undividedly, I can say that my tarot knowledge serves me as a language that gives more meaning to the images in my head, on my screen and sketchbooks... I use the tarot symbolism to interpret my dreams. I use tarot to describe a moment or a situation, both verbally and in writting...

Today I have an 8 of Wands going on inside my High Priestess...:) 

wizzle  02 Jun 2005 
Had to chime in in response to those who mentioned opera. I sing too plus I attend as many shows as I can afford. Here in LA we are really lucky. We have two opera companies (LA Opera is headed by Placido) and a great radio station that has two opera shows per week.

You can get a live streaming of KUSC via their website at

(don't ask me how live streaming works, though).

I also do digital art and want to start in on painting. I spent 4 years in design school at UCLA (but no paper since I didn't quite finish). I got into astrology and the occult about the time school was fading out of my life. Met my best occult buddy there and we still keep in touch after 20 years.

Learned piano from age of four from my dad who gradutated summa cum laude in music in Europe. 

Ankou  02 Jun 2005 
Hey Wizzle!!!!

Live streaming, click and go!!! FAst connection is good thing to have in this case... Just plugged in to the station, aHHHH.... needed that with coffee!!!

THANKS SSOOOO MUCH!!!! :) :) :) :)

Love and Light,


(PS, do you also know of an industrial metal all the time station?) :) 

seneris  03 Jun 2005 
I've been collecting some spreads to use for short stories, but I haven;t tried them yet.
I haven't written anything for quite some time, I want to start again! 

Violinagin  03 Jun 2005 
wizzle wrote:
Had to chime in in response to those who mentioned opera. I sing too plus I attend as many shows as I can afford. Here in LA we are really lucky. We have two opera companies (LA Opera is headed by Placido) and a great radio station that has two opera shows per week.

You can get a live streaming of KUSC via their website at

(don't ask me how live streaming works, though).

*SQUEALS* That's just PERFECT!! There is no where in North Louisiana to get some really good shows or music. The only radio station that plays classical music is the NPR station. This is /exactly/ what I need.

Ah, I'm so happy I could cry. In fact, I think I will :D 

Chronata  03 Jun 2005 
I'm a Dreamer...and have been as long as I have read tarot! :)

I am also an artist, and writer and actress...and designer...and have been these things for about as long as I have collected decks.

How does tarot affect my artistic pursuits?
Well, it has always been an inspiration...a way to tap into that creative place inside.
Looking at other artist's interpretations of the same thing, can be a huge inspiration as well.

I have used tarot to help me define things, and to make artistic choices.

I have used tarot as a performer to connect with my audience's energy in different ways.

I have used tarot to help flesh out stories, and scripts.

And of course...I have painted them! Not just my own deck...but I have made tarot candleholders, and tarot soap, and tarot images on clothing, and on furniture, boxes, and jewelry.

I believe tarot...and the idea behind certain archetypes has always existed hand in hand with my creative pursuits. 

firemaiden  03 Jun 2005 
Fun thread! I'm a professional singer (classical), and currently a full-time member of the San Francisco Opera Chorus.

My first dream was to be a ballet dancer, and I pursued that until I was 20.

I also love to write, have never written anything for publication, but I love writing poems, stories, vignettes, childrens stories, and have done so all my life.

I used to write and illustrate stories for my little sister when she was learning to read. When we started making tarot decks on AT, I got into painting again, and that was really a thrill.

I tend to do little artistic things in stages. I went through a "neon tetra" stage, where I just painted little neon tetras. (I was obsessed with trying to capture their transparency and irridescence). I painted hundreds of the little fish, and then cut them out to string together in a black box. But that project fell apart, and for years in my New York apartment you would keep finding little painted neon tetras on the floor.

Then I went through a long paper rose phase. I became an expert in sculpting roses out of crepe paper. I wanted my boyfriend to marry me, and I said I would stop making paper roses when we had our wedding. I made multicoloured garlands to crown all the walls. Then I gave up on quantity and went for sculptural perfection. I was deleriously happy when I finally mastered the "conic section" as I called the interior part of the rose, where the petals make a sort of cone. I loved collecting special crÍpe paper from all over the world. There was a bit of the thrill of the hunt, to find the special paper - the best paper was in France. There was an art store in New York City, that was heaven on earth for me.

Earlier on, there was a dress-making phase. I sewed many dresses, in my favorite colours and shapes. Some of them actually ended up being wearable.

I would say tarot is just the most recent of these phases/crazes. Each one involved a great investment of time and money, and a considerable amount of obsession, in an almost maniacal attempt to master a skill.

Has tarot affected my art? Well, I would say learning to "plug in" in learning to read the cards, supported my singing art, by teaching me to channel a certain energy. 

Tabby  05 Jun 2005 
I voted musician. Although, I'm not very proficient at it, or I don't think I At least I know I can read music.
I do write poems, occassionally, but not very often. With that I have to be very emotional and something has to really push that button. 

Indigo Rose  05 Jun 2005 
My gift is in acting and singing. I love to write when I am inspired, and I am a professional dreamer.

However.....acting is my first love. 

Rogan  05 Jun 2005 
I work in musical theatre here in South Australia. Have done amatuer, pro-am and professional shows, depending on what's available... Its pretty much non-stop for me... 

Free Flight  05 Jun 2005 
I voted that I like to write stories and poetry. And that I am a dreamer :) 

tao51  07 Jun 2005 
as well as drawings with art pencils. I have done photography for art.--Tao 

dadsnook2000  07 Jun 2005 
For me, tarot and forms of art endeavors go together, not just because the cards themselves have artwork on them but because the tarot can inspire and aid in creating all forms of expression in addition to sharing insights with others. I am an artist and a wood carver, a writer and web-designer. I blend tarot, wood carving, painting, photography and web-design all into one extensive ball of wax. My den is full of tarot artwork and carvings and my soon to be launched website will be offering various forms of tarot art. This is how I keep tarot present, vital and alive between meetings with other tarot lovers and internet connections. Dave. 

WolfSpirit  07 Jun 2005 
I write a bit and dream a lot.
And tarot inspires me to make bags and spread clothes - but I would call that creative work rather than art. 

The Art in Tarot Reader's life thread was originally posted on 01 Jun 2005 in the Talking Tarot board, and is now archived in the Forum Library. Read the threads in Talking Tarot, or read more archived threads.

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