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Hearing the Cards

Thread originally posted on the Aeclectic Tarot Forum on 02 Jun 2005, and now archived in the Forum Library.

EminemsAngelBaby  02 Jun 2005 
I'm noticing lately that I hear alot from the cards, the clacking of hooves, the trickle of water, etc. Sometimes I feel them too like a still quiet heat, etc. I'm just curious. Do alot of you do this? EAB. 

Alissa  02 Jun 2005 
I do, but I realized a while back that I'm predominantly clairaudient (clear hearing), much more so than clairvoyant (clear seeing). It sounds to me like you're really forging a strong bond with your intuitive self, and you've realized that you have 5 internal senses, the same as your 5 external senses, that can be used when "going in."

If you'd like to explore this more, you could try opening your awareness to what you smell, what you taste, and what you feel as well as what you see and hear, when you're in a reading. 

EminemsAngelBaby  02 Jun 2005 
Hi Alissa,
I've been realizing the same thing about myself too. It really hit home a few weeks ago when I was awakened by the sound of someone calling my was a loud whisper right in my ear....but not a dream. I used to think I was visual since I love pretty pictures and images but I'm realizing that I actually respond to them in a hearing and feeling way. Thanks for sharing with me:). 

Alissa  02 Jun 2005 
I will notice certain "hot spots" at times too, you might start being more and more aware of these things each day.

Every now and then, I'll pick up "the Spanish channel" as I call it. I hear a voice or voices speaking in Spanish, REALLY FAST, and I'm only barely fluant in the language, so it's not unlike listening to native Spanish speakers and picking out every few words to get the jist (sometimes) of what they're saying. The conversation is not directed at me, and I notice it most often when I am out on my mountain, digging in certain spots. My home sits on land that has been a crossroads for the Southwest for many centuries, and I have no doubt that at times, I find a spot that holds some psychic residue. Usually, I listen for a while, then get bored and tune out. ;)

I rarely have experienced hearing my name called, but it is a very commonly reported phenonmenon among other clairaudients. The distinct knowing that it is not the "internal voice" or internal monologue is a characteristic of this, as you describe. Others may warn you about "hearing voices," but I have never let this prejudice my own way of naturally connecting to Spirit.

Also, I get very mixed up in my internal senses, and will get sensations during a reading that I can only describe in a montage. I usually try my best to describe it to my sitter, "This feels like whisky biting the back of my throat, the feeling is warm and biting, yet soothing. Something to this situation has that element in it." Here, I would get the sensation of the biting, and the smell and taste of the whisky, as my imagery.

Sometimes the images become very complex in layering the senses for me in order to convery the complete meaning. "The image is that of a pinball being propelled at great speed, and being forced to bounce off obstacles very hard (painfully), all at someone else's control, in order to "win"." In this reading, I had the sound of pinball machines, bells ringing painfully loud telling me someone was "winning," and was using this person as a manipulative tool, hurting her in the process by rapidly forcing obstacles and hardships upon her in their relationship. This process was allowing the partner to feel he was superior, or winning, at the relationship, that he was the one calling the shots, i.e. handling the ball.

I hope you share more of your experiences as they continue to unfold! 

EminemsAngelBaby  02 Jun 2005 
Oh Alissa,

Thanks so much for sharing your experiences. It gets me all excited about opening up to my own. "The Spanish Channel"..thats cute:). It helps to hear from someone else who has the same experience. I really appreciate it:). 

Emeraldgirl  06 Jun 2005 
I have also experienced this although I didn't know what it was called. Some decks really bring it our some don't. have noticed it a lot with the Buckland Romani Deck my Gilded deck is really good for visuals but really silent otherwise. I often hear people talking when I am just drifting off to sleep. 

The Hearing the Cards thread was originally posted on 02 Jun 2005 in the Talking Tarot board, and is now archived in the Forum Library. Read the threads in Talking Tarot, or read more archived threads.

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