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Looking for...the intuition.

Thread originally posted on the Aeclectic Tarot Forum on 24 Jun 2005, and now archived in the Forum Library.

Marina  24 Jun 2005 
Hum...i have, for a long time, used a book a by a Brazilian tarot reader to help me in complicated readings. It's a good book, but i've noticed recently it's too...machine-like. Good to study & learn - not good to use in readings. I mean, i've been reading more machine-like than before, to the point i'm unsure about my intuition.
So i've taken the book that came with my Enchanted Tarot out of the shelf...and noticed how different this book is. It's a book ,yes...but it helps with the intuition part, instead of blocking it. It tells the 'story' of the card, and somewhat it helps me to feel things and to make my intuition say what it 'thinks'. Then i noticed how i missed this book being my guide when i was unsure.

You see, i'm trying to find my intuition again. To trust it again. Maybe books aren't good to do that, but this one is nice for me to start again...

Have anyone gone through similar things? 'Losing' touch with the intuition and having to learn again how to trust it? I see myself unable to read without a book guiding me in a mechanical way (which is a thing the Enchanted Tarot book *doesn't* do, thankfully), even though i've been reading tarot for five years and i know the basic meaning of the cards...i have basis to support me, but i just don't trust myself.

Any tips? Any stories to share? I want to hear and TRUST the little voice again

Thanks in advance!


:TPW Yuko 

MercyMe  24 Jun 2005 
Not that another book would be helpful, but actually I'm finding it interesting. It's called: Heart of Tarot: An Intuitive Approach by Amber K & Azrael Arynn K. They call their method "Gestalt Tarot" which is a fancy way of saying they use the images on the cards individually, kind of free association-like, in order to help the client access informaiton in their own subconscious. It's really an interesting method and I can really see the value in doing the exercises to get your intuition and associations really unlocked.

A good friend and I do something like this, we just made it up and now we do it every time I have some new decks for her to look at. She likes to look through my decks and choose the cards she likes and puts them in three piles: Like A Lot, So-So, and Does Nothing For Me. She edits her piles and often we'll take some of the cards she's not sure about and make stories with the scenes. Take for example the 4 of cups. She looked at that and said, "He's got a problem. We need to help him figure it out." So we do. :) She made up an entire history for the seven of pentacles dude.

When she likes a card I ask what about it is appealing to her. She doesn't know the traditional tarot meanings, so she's solely going by the pictures on the cards. It's great. We have great fun and the exercise ends up being really insightful and therapeutic. When I told her what happened on the five of cups she nodded thoughtfully and said, "Yes, we do that, don't we?" Yes, we humans DO do all sorts of things so common to us all and these cards are such a tool to get us associating what we see with what we are feeling and with what we KNOW deep inside.

Pull the six of swords and wonder how they got in the boat and why and where are they going...answer your own questions...follow the story. Don't worry if it sounds ludicrous, it doesn't matter. After you've described the characters and situations, ask yourself if they remind you of anyone...does the situation parallel any in your life? Are you familiar with the feelings? Why? How?

Then pull a three card spread and make the cards connect like a story.

And I really do recommend this book.


psychic sue  25 Jun 2005 
I lost trust with myself after I saw 2 deaths in the cards - and they happened. I didn't tell the querants of course, but I had a loss of faith for a couple of years. I didn't want anything to do with the tarot, as the experience hit me hard.

I started work at a place I had worked ten years previously, and an old colleague was still there. She had become involved in spiritualism (I took her to the church ten years previously) and she told me (without me mentioning anything) that my Guides were waiting for me. She said I would go back to working with spirit when the time was right.

That night I got my cards out for the first time in ages, and gave my son's girlfriend a reading. She was astounded and said I had really helped her. It was then that I decided I should carry on with tarot again, as 99% of the time I was helping people.

And of course, my Guides were waiting with open arms!

Sue x 

Marina  25 Jun 2005 
Thank you, MercyMe and Psychic Sue for sharing your stories.

MercyMe, i'll surely try the things you've told - i really need to get in touch with my cards. Although i love all my decks, recently i have again fallen in love with my first one - th Enchanted Tarot. About two years ago, i 'lost' the connection with it and was unsable to use. Guess what? I believe it was when i stopped trusting my intuition completely.

And now i'm being once again drawn to it's images, and when i look to my other decks i feel the images calling me...but i still want to understand them again, in my heart, without worrying that i'm not with my book by me.

Psychic Sue, your story is really...interesting. Two deaths? That sounds really scary, no wonder it must be a great shock. I believe many different things can make you loose touch with your intuition.

I need to trust it more. For real. In real life, many times i felt the little voice telling 'don't do that' and i didn't believe...and it was right. But it so hard to just go and trust...harder than most of people think.

Thanks, again!

:TPW Yuko 

Astra  25 Jun 2005 
miss_yuko wrote:
I need to trust it more. For real. In real life, many times i felt the little voice telling 'don't do that' and i didn't believe...and it was right. But it so hard to just go and trust...harder than most of people think.

Incredibly hard, because part of what we learn to do is to always be able to give a "reason" for what we say, and there's no way to give a reason for what you get intuitively without blocking what you're getting.

What I found, though, is that most people, even though they ask for reasons, are fairly willing to accept "I don't have the foggiest idea where I got this, but it feels right" or "I'm not saying this, the cards are saying it. Ask them."

For myself, I generally get the best results when I start out by saying/knowing "I have no idea what is going to come out, that's why I'm asking the question". That can take some time to prepare for, because you may think you know what the answer ought to be, either by past experience or logical progression, and you need to make sure you've dealt with that, so you're not lying about being sure you don't know.

Sorry, I think that got a little muddled, but I hope the general gist got through. I was lucky - I didn't even know that the Tarot came with books until after I'd been reading for a couple of years, which simplified things enormously. 

The Looking for...the intuition. thread was originally posted on 24 Jun 2005 in the Talking Tarot board, and is now archived in the Forum Library. Read the threads in Talking Tarot, or read more archived threads.

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