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Poll on own readings. not another discussion!!

Thread originally posted on the Aeclectic Tarot Forum on 25 Jun 2005, and now archived in the Forum Library.

Free Flight  25 Jun 2005 
Hi All

There have been a myriad of discussion about being able to interpret your own readings. It is hard to be objective....I would think that there are a LOT of threads on this topic....hence I dont want to start another discussion on this.

Some people can read for themselves
Some people cannot read for themselves

these are the facts:

My poll revolves around this as I would like to see the amount of people in each category...Which is more common. 

Free Flight  25 Jun 2005 
I voted No.

No matter how often I try, I cannot be objective enough for myself. It just doesn't work for me. I will keep trying the cards are just jumbled when I read for myself.... 

Moongold  25 Jun 2005 
I voted yes.

But I know that I am getting a subjective view. Sometimes I've had really accurate predictions come through self-readings.

It's better to do just one reading a week and stick with the learning from that - for me anyway.

I always value the readings that others do for me, however. Sometimes I seek out particular readings.

Good question :)


tmgrl2  25 Jun 2005 
Sometimes I don't do them because of what they might tell me....

That's the simple truth...

So, I do read for myself...occasionally, when I really want the guidance...

and I follow what I get.


light2000  25 Jun 2005 
Well, i dont read very well to myself.

But i try. 

Annabelle  25 Jun 2005 
I voted yes.

I can, and do, read for myself sometimes. However, I'm much, much better at being objective about it now that I've done readings for other people . . . when I was brand new to tarot, every reading I did for myself simply allowed me to confirm what I wanted to believe.

All that said, though, I prefer to read for others instead of reading for myself. 

WalesWoman  25 Jun 2005 
I voted Yes, because I can read for myself

... but sometimes if I'm freaking out about something... there is no way I can be objective enough to not read it either too negatively or try to gloss it to fit what I want to see. So I do a bit of a see-saw between views. If it concerns a major thing then I'll most likely ask for a reading from someone I trust to pull no punches and tell it like it is, after I've done some for myself, just to see if I'm kidding myself or what.

Most often, I understand what the cards are telling me and what I need to do about it... though, I still send my spread to a freind for her 2 cents. I am always glad I do, because she reads much differently than me. While my insights are usually on the right track, she sees things I didn't and it's really helped me read for myself better in the long run. 

Fulgour  25 Jun 2005 
Reading for yourself is different, but very easy...
It's separating the objective from the subjective.
I think of it as being like visiting with a friend. :) 

Chronata  25 Jun 2005 
I voted NO...but that's only a half-truth...

because sometimes...magic happens and I can read and completely understand the messages...and rely and trust on them to be right...

But most times...I can't get past my own brain... 

autumn star  25 Jun 2005 
I had to vote no ....

I find it very hard to understand readings that I do for myself - I try to analyze too much - and get too involved :) 

Moonchild1721  25 Jun 2005 
I voted yes. I can read for myself if it is a question where I can accept any outcome, good or bad, in situations where I am prepared to respond calmly no matter what. If it is a question that I am really upset about then no, I don't feel like I can be objective and I usually won't do a reading for myself.

Leeloo  25 Jun 2005 
I did vote yes, as I think most of the time I can be objective about myself. Sometimes it's hard if you are really worried about something, then I think most of us will tend to second-guess ourselves or start over-analyzing... 

SunChariot  26 Jun 2005 
Well, since I only read for myself....the answer is yes. There was a lot of questioning of myself in the beginning, but I got past it and my readings have been very accurate for me.

I am always ready to accept any outcome because I know outcomes can be changed. If there is something in my life going the wrong direction, I don't want it sugar-coated. I truly want to know so I can correct it. And with the help of my cards I trust that I can. I don't go in wanting any particular answer, just asking for wisdom so I can make the best choices in my life.

Although, once or twice in all the readings I have done, on really really REALLY emotional issues, I did not trust myself to analyse the cards. Although I do trust the universe to send me the right cards... so I just wrote down the book meanings of the cards I got and took it as my answer without analysing it independantly. That worked pretty well to, in retrospect.


rainwolf  26 Jun 2005 
Mostly no, but on occasion I can read for myself very well. Thus I never receive readings myself, but I tend to give some. 

Rogan  26 Jun 2005 
No... I can't - As much as sometimes Id like to be able to - Im way to objective and stubborn to even listen to myself - I need someone else to tell me, otherwise I totally ignore or dismiss the messages because Im such an idiot when it comes to what's going on... When I read for myself, I just sit there and say "Nope, must be a bad spread - Because that's NOT how it is at all..." 

Xarokys  26 Jun 2005 
I voted yes, because most of the time the spreads I do for myself make sense. Although sometimes it takes a few days or even longer before I understand what the cards are saying. 

snowy25  26 Jun 2005 
I voted yes, but in rare ocasions I can't be objective.

In most times this is because I want something to much and am not thinking clear. 

FaeryGodmother  26 Jun 2005 

I can read for myself. But I read for myself best when its written down and reviewed later. I've looked back on readings sometimes six to twelve months later and been amazed even when I didn't like or believe it at the time. 

huredriel  26 Jun 2005 
I voted no, because the majority of the time I am way too biased and can end up seeing what I want to see in the cards. 

gollog  26 Jun 2005 
I voted yes, but there are a lot of times I have no idea of what they mean. I usually find them working well when I really really need advice or not feel happy, but if I'm just playing around or laying them out when I don't actually have a question then they don't seem to make sense. 

PlatinumDove  26 Jun 2005 
I voted no as well, because I am biased as well and see things into the cards. 

sarahava  26 Jun 2005 
I voted "yes."

I actually find that I'm better at reading for myself. Though, it IS hard to be objective... sometimes I'll see something I don't like and I'll have to force myself not to be in denial about it. :) 

Sulis  26 Jun 2005 
I voted yes.

I've been using tarot for around 4 years now and I'd say for the first couple of years the only person I read for was me.

Tarot has helped me through some difficult times.

I find that I read best for myself when I'm really in need - it doesn't work too well if everything is hunky dory :)


Sulis xx 

Citrin  26 Jun 2005 
Yes, definitely.

There's one subject that I don't let my tarot touch very often though: my love life. I can't be objective when it comes to that, unfortunately. Other than that some of my most accurate readings have been for myself. 

sarahava  26 Jun 2005 
:grin: I agree, Citrin. I never do relationship spreads for my husband and myself, or ask about my marriage. I just wouldn't be able to remain objective. 

Astra  26 Jun 2005 
I started to vote no, and then, while I was reading the postings, started thinking about it. In the past, when I've tried a reading, I've always had one of the little white books out and stuck to whatever the standard meanings were. Generally didn't get me a lot, but sometimes it worked just fine.

Now, though, I think I'm going to try something totally different for the next couple of weeks - I'm going to try reading situations around me rather than me and see what I get, because I got the feeling that if I ask questions that are peripheral to what I want I might end up getting some really solid answers that will in fact get me where I want to go. If I get anything, I'll report in a thread later. 

MercyMe  26 Jun 2005 
I can and I do read for myself, but I do have a hard time being objective. I know the cards are telling me the truth, but sometimes I can't see or don't want to see that truth.


Nevada  26 Jun 2005 
I voted YES. In fact I find that because I'm already close to most situations involving me, I'm likely the best interpreter of many readings for myself.

However, when my emotions are acutely involved, I often find readings for myself difficult. For that reason I tend not to read for myself if it's something I'm likely to be in an emotional twist about. Or if I do read, and find that I'm at a loss, unable to separate intuition from my desires, I try to get another take on the reading.

That said, in most readings for myself, I do just fine.


WolfyJames  26 Jun 2005 
I voted yes because I don't have troubles reading myself. Of course, sometimes it happens, just like with any readings, that I'm puzzled and doesn't grasp what the card are trying to tell me. 

Phoenix Rising  26 Jun 2005 
I voted yes
I disattach myself from the reading, and pretend i'm reading for someone else, makes it easier. 

Fairawen  26 Jun 2005 
I voted yes. I started out by doing readings for myself, and you tend to understand many of the things you see in the cards that other people seeing the same cards would not or may not tell you. Still, I enjoy getting readings from others. A new twist on perspective. But doing readings for yoursefl is, to me, classic.

*shrug* My two cense. :P


caridwen  26 Jun 2005 
Yes and no - so I didn't vote. I also noticed that, with most posters, they said sometimes as well. Sometimes I'm biased and see what I want to see, sometimes I'm too negative, sometimes to positive and sometimes ignore it completely... 

Free Flight  26 Jun 2005 
Wow to look at the poll I would have to think I am in the minority but reading through the actual posts it would seem for those of us who have trouble reading for ourselves there are ways to get around this so long as not too much emotional attachment is involved

this is very interesting and thanks to everyone for posting and voting. Please keep them coming. I had the theory it would be a 50-50 split so am surprised a little.... :) 

Emeraldgirl  26 Jun 2005 
I voted yes. I can read for myself. Can I or can't I accept what I am told? Well that's a different issue :) 

Solty Dog  27 Jun 2005 
I voted yes. I have no problem reading for myself. Some of my best reading were just for me. Sometimes the cards have to yell at me to get it, but I eventually get it. 

Eco74  27 Jun 2005 
Clarifying my "yes" response since it's more of a "Yes, provided..."

I need to use the right deck. Some decks tell me very little, or seem to feel scuffed about me asking things I should be aware of anyway.. These are mostly the more elaborate decks with lots of colors, lots of background and lots of decoration, so I try to not use any of the more "confusing" ones.

The simpler the imagery and style, the easier it is to see clearly.
(Though if it's a very emotional issue I still ask for a second opinion.)

My favourite deck for personal readings is the Ferret Tarot because there's no room for "but what ifs" or "what if I'm missing something in the picture" with that deck.
Other decks are used aswell ofcourse, but the Ferrets are the ones I turn to for clear cut replies if I really need a quick word.
The Housewives and the Marseilles-style decks are close seconds. (Héron Conver, Ignaz Krebs and my Spanish Tarot) 

cormac  27 Jun 2005 
i chose yes tho sometimes i cannot (due to my inexperience perhaps as much as dullardness) 

shaveling  27 Jun 2005 
I do read for myself, but not for questions about which I know I have a desired outcome.


Elven  27 Jun 2005 
I voted yes and then thought of the multitude of times Ive asked others to add their thoughts!
I love reading around business and work - for myself -, with my relationships I have to concentrate a bit more!

Elven x 

Alissa  27 Jun 2005 
I bet if the poll included something like, "Yes, sometimes" more folks might have found themselves there. :D

I couldnt vote, sometimes I read well for myself, even in moments of extreme emotion and lack of objectivity, sometimes I don't~! }) 

The Poll on own readings. not another discussion!! thread was originally posted on 25 Jun 2005 in the Talking Tarot board, and is now archived in the Forum Library. Read the threads in Talking Tarot, or read more archived threads.

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