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Thread originally posted on the Aeclectic Tarot Forum on 19 Jun 2005, and now archived in the Forum Library.

ronin  19 Jun 2005 
Hi ppl,

Is it true that its a good thing that someone gifts you a tarot deck, i mean the gifted deck turns out to be very lucky. and i have also seen here that most of the ppl have got their decks as gift. 

Little Baron  19 Jun 2005 
Hi Ronin and Welcome

Firstly, it is always a good thing if someone gifts you a tarot deck :)
What could be a nicer gift if you have a love for the tarot?

However, as much as if is a lovely gift to receive, people do buy their own decks and I would say that here, the majority of people do. There are a lot of myths about tarots and whether you buy one or are gifted one is one of those myths that is discussed on frequent occasion at AT.

There is another thread that asks a similar question, which can be found here -

The only problem with being gifted a deck is that you may be waiting a lifetime for someone to take the hint :(


Lillie  19 Jun 2005 
Most of my best decks I bought myself.

The other problem with being given one is that sometimes you get given one you don't want. 

Little Baron  19 Jun 2005 
Lillie wrote:
Most of my best decks I bought myself.

The other problem with being given one is that sometimes you get given one you don't want.

This is very true. I was gifted the Gilded and it wasn't right for me so I had to change it. The thought was there but the knowledge of what I would and wouldn't appreciate was not - not my friends' fault of course.


mythos  19 Jun 2005 
My very first deck was given to my by my ex-husband back in about 1976. It was a birthday present. Two days later, in a fit of rage, he tore it to shreds before my very eyes. I like to buy my own decks LOL. 

breathlessmahoney  20 Jun 2005 
I have received a few decks as gifts, but I seem to have the best rapport with the ones I've purchased myself. Don't get me wrong, I love to get gifts, but I almost prefer to buy my own tarot decks because then I know I'll get one that I can connect with. 

jaded_tortured  20 Jun 2005 
i have four tarot decks currently;
rider waite deck - handed down from family
celtic deck - xmas present from mother
tiny tarot rider waite deck - from friends
gnome deck - bought myself

i find that all these decks work equally well and one doesnt seem to have any sort of advantage over the others.
although, because i recieved the celtic one as a gift from my mum and i had been waiting for it for a long time i favour it ;] 

PlatinumDove  20 Jun 2005 
I've either bought all my decks, or in the case of one, had it given to me. Neither work better for me, or worse for me. They are all the same cards, the same pictures (in the case of the Thoth I bought for myself, and the one given to me). Its your ability to communicate to the querant what the cards are saying. 

Emily  20 Jun 2005 
It is nice to be given decks but I like to buy them myself. I only have one that was gifted to me, the Diamond Tarot - a good choice mainly because my friend knew of my love for RWS and very bright colours lol.

But I don't think your first deck has to be a gift - your first deck should be special, one that you've looked over and want to learn with - if you had a deck that just appeared one day as a gift it might not hit the same tarot buttons as one that you really wanted :)

Then again you can never have too many tarot decks. :D 

Lady Tararith  20 Jun 2005 
My first Tarot deck which was the Arthurian deck, was brought for me by my fiancee. The other deck I own which is the Ancient Egyptian pack was my fiancee's and he gave me it after I realised I could read these cards better.

But you can buy your own packs, your first pack doesn't have to be a gift.

Lady Tararith xx 

The tarot deck thread was originally posted on 19 Jun 2005 in the Talking Tarot board, and is now archived in the Forum Library. Read the threads in Talking Tarot, or read more archived threads.

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