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Tarot Poetry - Guess which card?

Thread originally posted on the Aeclectic Tarot Forum on 28 Feb 2005, and now archived in the Forum Library.

Rhiannon  28 Feb 2005 
Hi all!

I thought of reviving the old Haiku threads, but wouldn't it be more fun to write a poem and see if we can all guess which card it is?

I'll start with a Haiku (but feel free to do any poetry style you prefer).

Poles thrust into earth
Sturdy is the way of four
Trust your foundations

Guess which card!

R :) 

gareth.  28 Feb 2005 
I feel obliged to respond here as my signature is by a wonderful Eastern poet (but chinese!) from a long time ago who nevertheless described this wonderful site (maybe the Internet).I would guess the 4 of Wands.Let me know and here is my attempt/puzzle.

The sharp edge of fate if seized,
Allows you to cut through,
Even the ground you stand on.

Best wishes.G. 

arcanalefait  01 Mar 2005 
1st one: 4 of wands
2nd: Ace of swords

Am I right?


gareth.  01 Mar 2005 
Yep! I thought that it may refer to the 3 of swords as that card denotes upheaval (particularly of the domestic base!) but there is an element of lack of control and of inevitability about the change.It must be the Ace which has a single edge and denotes the will to seize that blade.Your turn!G. 

arcanalefait  02 Mar 2005 
Not sure how good at this I'll be...but here goes...

The sun shines bright ahead.
The grayness settles behind me,
as I look out on the still waters.

That's it! 

gareth.  02 Mar 2005 
You started this great thread and I didnt wait to find out whether I was right before posting the carry on.Please accept my apologese .Error due only to enthusiasm!! Please tell us whether we are right on your poem please.G. Ps.great name Rhiannon!Of welsh origin before Fleetwood Mac fame! 

Pipistrelle  02 Mar 2005 
arcanalefait...great it six of swords? :)


arcanalefait  03 Mar 2005 
Yes it is! I guess that was kind of easy...on to you, Pip! 

Rhiannon  04 Mar 2005 
LOL, Yes. 4 of Wands was correct! Game on!

R :) 

Pipistrelle  05 Mar 2005 
Easy one....:)

I see now, I know
Pierced through by your sharp-tongued truth
It all becomes clear


Lolith  06 Mar 2005 
Is it the Knight of Swords? 

Pipistrelle  06 Mar 2005 
Nope :) 

Lolith  06 Mar 2005 
Queen of Swords? 

Pipistrelle  06 Mar 2005 
Nope...although your answers are well SUITED to this poem ;)


AmyV  06 Mar 2005 
Is it the Three of Swords? (lovely poem by the way!) 

Lolith  06 Mar 2005 
Hmm..well, I'm going to try again, because it's starting to bug me :)

8 of Swords? 

Pipistrelle  06 Mar 2005 
Actually, it was the 3 of Swords...I did reply (or so I thought) but it must have vanished :) Sorry for the unnecessary suspense...

So, over to you AmyV!


AmyV  07 Mar 2005 
Wow, the Lit. Clue and now the poetry corner - I must be moving up in the world! ;)

Okay, let me ponder - dum dee dummmm.............

Right, here goes:

My heart harkens to the call,
The call to freedom - I'll shed these shackles!
The world awaits; adventure, danger;
Life will be mine once more 

arcanalefait  08 Mar 2005 

The Star? 

AmyV  08 Mar 2005 
No, not the Star..... 

rachelcat  08 Mar 2005 
I think it's Judgement! 

AmyV  08 Mar 2005 
know what you mean, it nearly is - but it isn't! 

Rhiannon  08 Mar 2005 
Is it the Devil? 

Milamber  08 Mar 2005 
The Fool? 

SexiSadi  09 Mar 2005 

Pipistrelle  09 Mar 2005 
8 of Cups? 

AmyV  09 Mar 2005 
Nope...... sorry!

Guesses so far:

The Star
The Devil
The Fool
8 of Cups

(This is a really cool game, as well as the Lit. Clue etc., leads you down all sorts of paths of pondering doesn't it?) 

ncefafn  09 Mar 2005 
The Hanged Man? 

Milamber  09 Mar 2005 
Page of Wands? 

Pipistrelle  10 Mar 2005 
The World? 

AmyV  10 Mar 2005 
no one's got it yet (do ye want a clue......?) 

Rhiannon  10 Mar 2005 
4 of Swords? 

Milamber  10 Mar 2005 
Well, I have a couple ideas lingering.

6 of Swords 

Pipistrelle  10 Mar 2005 
Ace of Wands 

AmyV  11 Mar 2005 
Okay, maybe I see this card differently than most people.... The closest guess so far to my line of thinking was the 8 of Cups........ 

arcanalefait  11 Mar 2005 
9 of swords? 

Kaylee Marie  11 Mar 2005 
2 of wands? 

Pipistrelle  11 Mar 2005 
2 of swords 

Milamber  11 Mar 2005 
3 of Wands? 

AmyV  12 Mar 2005 
Kaylee Marie wrote:
2 of wands?

Hip Hip Hurrah!!! You got it!

I was getting just a bit worried there!

To me this card involves a decision between staying and going, because the guy can hear the voice telling him to go, go! There he is in his castle, but he's not the type to accumulate wealth and just enjoy it, that life has had its turn and now he wants something new, different, exciting......

As he stands there pondering on the world and all its possibilities, the 'decision' is really just a formality, because no matter how many practical reasons there are to stay put, he knows a change is in order and it's going to happen, so he may as well pack his bags and go with it!

(I gather this is not how everyone sees the Two of Wands...)

Congratulations Kaylee Marie, you're up! 

Kaylee Marie  13 Mar 2005 
Drat, now I have to write one of these! Okay, I'll see what I can come up with. Back in a few... 

Kaylee Marie  13 Mar 2005 
Go, now I have to leave
Sitting still is not for me
For life beckons, and I must heed
The call of freedom, that intuitive seed.

But alas, here I am
Strong of character, I cannot
Throw off the crown of Morrison
Deny both insight and volition
Now here I sit in isolation.

Looking forward to your guesses! Hope I didn't make this too easy!!! :D

AmyV  13 Mar 2005 
............the King of Wands? 

Pipistrelle  13 Mar 2005 
4 of cups? 

ncefafn  13 Mar 2005 
Eight of Cups 

Rhiannon  13 Mar 2005 
AmyV wrote:
(I gather this is not how everyone sees the Two of Wands...)
I like your take on this card!

I see the 2 of Wands as the "Gambler's Card". There is a choice to be made without much information to base a decision on, it's a rash decision. The 3 of Wands is an extension, as in "how the gamble paid off".

I can see your idea that he has to "go, go" in that too, a decision has to be made, and quickly. Definitely not a card for sitting still & pondering. 

Milamber  13 Mar 2005 
Nine of Wands? 

Kaylee Marie  13 Mar 2005 
AmyV wrote:
............the King of Wands?

Sorry I didn't check back all day... the first contestant got it right. AmyV, the ball is back in your court!

(Guess I made it too easy... I figured a reference to the lizard king was a dead giveaway. Oh well!)


AmyV  14 Mar 2005 
Oh God! Me again...?

Hmmm...... okay, here's one:

What you don't know can't hurt you, they say
You don't know what you miss anyway
What if I lose it all, what if it's not the same?
Better not see it today

I think this one should be a bit easier! 

Pipistrelle  14 Mar 2005 
Ooh ooh! 2 of swords? 

AmyV  15 Mar 2005 
No, sorry...! 

arcanalefait  15 Mar 2005 
The Moon? 

AmyV  15 Mar 2005 

peridot  15 Mar 2005 
Would it be the Wheel of Fortune? 

AmyV  15 Mar 2005 
It wouldn't I'm afraid... 

peridot  15 Mar 2005 
how about Judgement? 

gareth.  15 Mar 2005 
It indicates a 5 but the lack of knowledge or the
indication of optimism throws that.Any clues offered??G 

gareth.  15 Mar 2005 
just noticed where you may be from.Satureday big day for us.Dont I deserve a clue just for that reason!!G 

Milamber  15 Mar 2005 
The High Priestess? 

AmyV  16 Mar 2005 
gareth. wrote:
just noticed where you may be from.Satureday big day for us.Dont I deserve a clue just for that reason!!G

Saturday?? Don't you mean Thursday?

As for the poem, I was trying to be a bit more literal than last time - the evidence is there on the card, well, pretty much anyway. Have a look at them, who's in blatant denial besides our friend in the Two of Swords?

PS Happy Paddy's Day all!! 

Milamber  17 Mar 2005 
Nine of Wands? 

Pipistrelle  17 Mar 2005 
Eight of swords? 

Pipistrelle  17 Mar 2005 
Oooorrrrrr.....4 of Pentacles.

Sorry - just thought of that one :) 

AmyV  17 Mar 2005 
- not yet.... (isn't it kind of cool the way what automatically occurs to one person is so entirely different from what occurs to someone else in the same situation?) :rolleyes: 

Milamber  18 Mar 2005 
The Devil? 

Kaylee Marie  18 Mar 2005 
4 of Cups? 

AmyV  19 Mar 2005 
Kaylee Marie wrote:
4 of Cups?

Kaylee Marie, you've done it again!

Tag you're it! 

Kaylee Marie  21 Mar 2005 
Wow, Amy, you and I must really think alike!

Unfortunately, I probably won't have time to write a poem for a few more days. If someone else wants to jump in my stead, go for it. Otherwise, the game will have to wait until later this week.


Pipistrelle  06 Apr 2005 
I hadn't seen anything from this thread for a I thought I'd revive it :) Forgive me, Kaylee, if I'm barging in.

This is easy I'm sure:

The place my heart dwells,
Dwells inside my heart;
And bursts its walls
With garlands and flames.
Crescending joy,
Transcending all.


peridot  06 Apr 2005 
The Sun? 

Fairawen  06 Apr 2005 
Ten of Cups, or Four of Wands? If not Sun that is... 

Pipistrelle  07 Apr 2005 
Fairawen - you're on a roll! (I saw you got the Lit Clue answer as well)

4 of Wands it is! I'm not that good at poetry, but I was hoping the walls, garlands and flames would give it away :)

Over to you Fairawen!


peridot  07 Apr 2005 
Wow! good job Farawen... can't wait.... :) 

Fairawen  07 Apr 2005 
Oh... OH! I got it? Nice! Wow. First time is the charm, eh? Let's try my hand at this... sorry it took so long for me to reply...

I enjoy a walk 'cross the ocean fair,
to see what I can see,
If you see me doing so,
so also shall you be.
I dream a dream, I love a love,
I'm sensitive (it's true!)
I have my head up in the clouds,
and, oh, I'm moody too.
Can you geuss who I am?
Can you finally see?
I walk across the ocean fair,
come and walk with me.

Ok, was a bit long, but I tend to be. I'm a writer, but I haven't written poetry in a little while. So it's fairly aweful. Ah well. There ya go. Enjoy!


AmyV  10 Apr 2005 
Is it the King of Cups? 

Pipistrelle  10 Apr 2005 
Page of Cups? 

Fairawen  10 Apr 2005 
Nope, sorry, but niether! Hey, wow, I didn't think it was this hard... come on guys! *Hint* I got some of the card meaning from the Aeclectic Tarot card interpetation section. I have a dictionary, and the one part of interperting wasn't included. Aeclectic is the first place I've seen with that tidbit. :)

Good luck!


Pipistrelle  11 Apr 2005 
Knight of Cups 

Josh  11 Apr 2005 
Is it the Fool??? 

AmyV  11 Apr 2005 
Page of Swords?? 

Fairawen  11 Apr 2005 
Sorry I wasn't on for a while, got held up.

But... hey!... good job Pip! You got it on your second try. It's the Knight of Cups. His personality is as mentioned in the poem, and Aeclectic says that it signals traveling over water, on a boat or ect.

Good job Pip! On to you! 

Pipistrelle  11 Apr 2005 
Goody...another chance to subject you all to my feeble attempts at poetry ;)

*Rubs hands with glee*

Now let's see....

Back soon :)


Pipistrelle  13 Apr 2005 
"As the acorn falls from the oak tree,
So this gift falls to you from me."

Sorry it's so brain doesn't seem to be in poetry mode at the moment!


AmyV  13 Apr 2005 
6 of Pentacles....? 

Pipistrelle  13 Apr 2005 
Could have been....but nope ;) 

Fairawen  13 Apr 2005 
Pip this is hard! Ouch. Such little to work on.

Um... Emperess? Or how about 6 of Cups?

Ooof. Is you win again, you gotta make your poems longer! You're killin' us Pip! :P


peridot  13 Apr 2005 
four of Cups? 

Pipistrelle  14 Apr 2005 
No, no and no ;)

Sorry...I actually thought it would be easier if it was shorter! I can give you a clue if you like...? 

AmyV  14 Apr 2005 
Two of Cups perhaps....? 

Fairawen  14 Apr 2005 
Clue please? :P I know, pathetic, but this is quite difficult.


Pipistrelle  15 Apr 2005 
2 of cups...nope.

Okay..a clue

Um, let's see...Well, an acorn belongs to the PHYSICAL realm :)

Is that enough?

I feel bad to have caused so much suffering...I really shouldn't be allowed to write poetry ;)


AmyV  15 Apr 2005 
Ace of Pentacles? 

Pipistrelle  15 Apr 2005 
Now we're talkin' :)

Still no...but much closer...


Pipistrelle  21 Apr 2005 
Okay, well I see I've effectively killed this thread - sorry! It was a rather lame attempt at a poem... :(

How about this...? The first person to post with the correct answer wins and gets to continue this game in the manner in which it was intended to be played...

Ready? Set? Go!


P.S. The correct answer is the 10 of Pentacles ;) 

Marquise  25 Apr 2005 
How is it like the ten of pentacles? 

Pipistrelle  25 Apr 2005 
Well, one way I see the 10 of Pents is as a legacy - putting something in place for future generations or for your own children. When you are yourself settled and secure, then you can think about what you want to leave behind. For example, making a will or passing down a family heirloom or, if you have loads of money, establishing a charitable trust or a library or similar.

So the oak tree represents the stability and established roots etc needed to make a gesture of this kind and the acorn is the gift to future generations...another tree.

I admit it wasn't a very good poem and a tad on the short side ;) but I thought that would make it easier, not harder!

Anyway, since you replied first Marquise, you can be the winner :)


hannahma  11 May 2005 
Will a little seed grow big?
What to plant? Or what to dig? 

Rhiannon  11 May 2005 
Is it the 7 of Pentacles? 

hannahma  14 May 2005 
Rhiannon wrote:
Is it the 7 of Pentacles?

Yes! Good one Rhiannon. 

mike gorth  14 May 2005 
Let me think. What sounds good... a ha

Pentrated by venom of which grey clouds
Leak the substance of life from upon them.
It drops down from the heavens onto our weary souls
By the rapiers loyal counterpart
The asp

I might have made it a little too obvious but I really like the poem itself.

Mike Gorth 

The Tarot Poetry - Guess which card? thread was originally posted on 28 Feb 2005 in the Tarot Games & Fun board, and is now archived in the Forum Library. Read the threads in Tarot Games & Fun, or read more archived threads.

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