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TV/Film Characters

Thread originally posted on the Aeclectic Tarot Forum on 11 Feb 2005, and now archived in the Forum Library.

Sunburst  11 Feb 2005 
Anyone interested in comparing a TV/Film/Book character to a particular card? You can post a character and card, or just a character (along with the TV show/film/book the character is from) and let the next person fill in the card.

e.g. Donald Trump (The Apprentice) -- The Emperor
Dr. Frasier Crane -- The Hierophant 

Rusty Neon  11 Feb 2005 
Gilligan from the U.S. syndicated comedy series 'Gilligan's Island':

The Fool

(of course) 

Sunburst  11 Feb 2005 
Gandalf (Lord of the Rings) - the Magician 

Rusty Neon  11 Feb 2005 
III Empress - Camilla :) 

Sunburst  12 Feb 2005 
Robin Hood - 6 of Pentacles 

ncefafn  12 Feb 2005 
Knight of Pentacles - Keanu Reeves as Jonathan Harker

Heirophant - Anthony Hopkins as Abraham Van Helsing

The Lovers - Dracula & Mina

Queen of Wands - Lucy Westenra 

Nunnu  21 Feb 2005 
THE DEVIL- balrog 

Ulfdis  22 Feb 2005 
The Hierophant - The Smoking Man from X-Files 

Bacchus  22 Feb 2005 
The Devil-Randall Flagg (aka the Walkin' Dude) in Stephen King's "The Stand". He also appears in many other novels by Stephen King, with different names, but they are all, clearly, the same entity. 

Bluemanticore  22 Feb 2005 
K.I.T.T. the Trans-Am from "Knight Rider": Chariot. :) 

Sophie-David  22 Feb 2005 
My favourite and only TV show, Gene Roddenberry's Andromeda is full of strong archetypes, which is why I watch it:

Captain Dylan Hunt = The Fool - his faith and innocence keep him going, no matter what the odds

Seamus Harper = The Magician - the ship's engineer and wunderkind

Trance Gemini = The High Priestess - a spiritual powerhouse and the Captain's anima guide

Beka Valentine = The Empress - emotionally complex, creative, sexual, and the unknowing founder of the whole genetically engineered Nietzschean race

The Patriarch = The Emperor - rather a negative one

Rev Bem = The Hierophant - personally I was really glad to see him go!

Sexy Guest Stars = The Lovers - temptations are faced, difficult choices are made, but the mission continues

Telemachus Rhade = The Chariot - a powerhouse of male virility, after the first Chariot became The Tower

Doyle = Strength - feminine innocence with a big punch

Rev Bem in Exile = The Hermit - continuing to undergo transformation

The Route of Ages = The Wheel of Fortune - destiny, for better or worse

Andromeda Ascendant = Justice - the starship personified, the great equalizer and legalist

The Spirit of the Abyss = The Devil - materialism, seduction, control, obsession

Tyr Anasazi = The Tower - and a very imposing one too!

The Vedrans = The Star - messengers of peace and hope

The Commonwealth = The World - what the Captain seeks to restore 

Melpomone18  22 Feb 2005 
I know I left some characters out, but a couple of them were just too difficult! :)

The Bride vol. 1 Justice, vol.2 Judgment
Elle Driver Justice rx
O-Ren Ishii - The Queen of Swords
Go-Go Yubari - The Page of Swords
Bud - Hanged Man rx
Bill - The King of Swords (or The Emperor?)
Pai Mei - The Hermit
Bibi - The Star 

Kit  23 Feb 2005 
High Priestess- Galadriel
Nine of Swords- Gollum
Strength- Eowyn
Stating the obvious: The Devil- Sauron 

gollog  23 Feb 2005 
miss piggy = queen of cups
gonzo = fool
can't think of which card kermit resembles though... 

Ulfdis  24 Feb 2005 
Kermit's gotta be the King of Cups. I'd put Miss Piggy as Queen of Pentacles, though. 

Kaylee Marie  25 Feb 2005 
Bugs Bunny as the Fool. He appears innocent at first (how much harm can a rabbit really do?), but don't let that demeanor fool you! He's got plenty hidden away in his bag of tricks and he's ready to dive into any situation. :) 

gareth.  25 Feb 2005 
The fool must actually be "just William" .... A series of books by Richmond Crompton. Never big in USA but so popular into the 70s in this country.So popular from the 30s (50s when published) when it was based.So funny!And stilll relevant tod.ay.Why?? Because he / she enjoyed the experiece of our childhood and felt at the time anything was possible.G. 

ncefafn  26 Feb 2005 
Two of Cups - Jack and Lucy from "While You Were Sleeping" 

Kaylee Marie  26 Feb 2005 
I'll have to take your word on that, Gareth. Never heard of "Just William."

How about the Powerpuff Girls as Strength and the Yellow Submarine as The Chariot? Samurai Jack as The Hermit? I LOVE animated movies and shows, if you hadn't guessed. :D

Claire Huxtable as The Empress? She's my all-time favorite TV mom. On second thought, maybe she'd be better as Queen of Swords. She's tough, but fair. There are many other TV moms who are more mom-ish... like Donna Reed, Carol Brady, nearly every TV mom on every show... jeez, I hate how formulaic most sitcoms are. There are exceptions, of course, but by and large.... 

Gaidheal  27 Feb 2005 
Carol Brady would make a great Empress... 

peridot  21 Mar 2005 
Oprah - The Queen of Pentacles 

bibi  22 Mar 2005 found equivalents to tarot characters, for example grace kelly is the queen of cups and marilyn monroe is the star ;) 

satinangel  24 Mar 2005 
Robin Wood

9 of Cups = Dom DeLuise
7 of Cups = Jessica Simpson
7 of Swords = Aragorn (Lord Of The Rings)
Temperence = Owen Wilson
5 of Swords =(can't remember his name) the kid from the Home Alone movies 

Lutenist  24 Mar 2005 
Sunburst wrote:
Robin Hood - 6 of Pentacles

In Estensi Tarot, Robin Hood is definitely the King of Pentacles :rolleyes: 

satinangel  25 Mar 2005 
The Fool ~ Robin Williams 

Milfoil  25 Mar 2005 
The Magician - Neo from the Matrix
Knight of Swords - James Bond

Great thread! 

satinangel  12 Apr 2005 
*bump* so Tarot Boy can add his thoughts! 

Emeraldgirl  12 Apr 2005 
I liked that Hollywood deck.

I think Jason Biggs (American Pie) would make a great Fool 

Little Baron  13 Apr 2005 
When I think of 'Le Mat' (The Fool), I see eccentricity and freedom, and a person that is not restricted by conventional beliefs. He has childlike characteristics, is spontaneous and takes risks. There is no laws and rule books and this person is not a conformist and is beholden to nobody.

The other week I saw a re-run of 'Desperately Seeking Susan'. The title character (played by a young Madonna) struck me to have the characteristics of 'Le Mat' (The Fool) - travelling from one place to another with all of her belongings in one suit case; dressing in an unconventional manner and living spontaneously from moment to moment. For her, each day seemed like a new adventure; the character fearlessly throws herself into situations without considering the outcome. She appears totally free, unlike the main character, played by Rosanna Arquette, who is the opposite - maybe the flip side of 'Le Mat'.


Kit  13 Apr 2005 
gareth. wrote:
The fool must actually be "just William" .... A series of books by Richmond Crompton. Never big in USA but so popular into the 70s in this country.So popular from the 30s (50s when published) when it was based.So funny!And stilll relevant tod.ay.Why?? Because he / she enjoyed the experiece of our childhood and felt at the time anything was possible.G.

I've read Just William and I'm not British. They made a childrens' TV series too. :D 

Sunburst  22 May 2005 
The Desperate Housewives:

Susan - Queen on Cups
Gabrielle - Queen of Wands
Bree - Queen of Pentacles
Lynette - Empress 

Juddcatsgirl  22 May 2005 
The Tribe

Amber and Bray - The Lovers
The Guardian - The Devil
Zoot - The Hierophant
Mega - The Magician
Ebony - The Empress
Ram - The Emperor
KC - The Fool
Lex - The King Of Cups
Tai San - The High Priestess
Alice - Strength
Brady - 6 Of Cups
Trudy - 4 Of Cups
Salene - 4 Wands
Danni - Justice
Pride - 9 Of Wands
Jay - 2 Of Wands

I could go on... 

judylea1  22 May 2005 
The Tower: King Lear

Does a play qualify for TV/Film character? This card has always reminded me of King Lear wandering through the countryside trying to accept the loss of his kingdom because he didn't see the light. Come to think of it, that play has the fool too, hmmm . . . 

tao51  24 Jun 2005 
Maude (old tv series) --Queen of Swords 

The TV/Film Characters thread was originally posted on 11 Feb 2005 in the Tarot Games & Fun board, and is now archived in the Forum Library. Read the threads in Tarot Games & Fun, or read more archived threads.

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