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What card am I? - Lit Clue, 25th Feb

Thread originally posted on the Aeclectic Tarot Forum on 25 Feb 2005, and now archived in the Forum Library.

ncefafn  25 Feb 2005 
Here's another easy one, from the Tao Te Ching, translated by Man-Ho Kwok, Martin Palmer and Jay Ramsay (Element Books, 1993):

"The sage rules from the purest motives
Relying wholly on quiet and inner peace.

He watches the seasons rise and fall
And if he knows how things grow, he knows
They are fed by their roots.

And they return to their roots;
To grow and flower and flow.

Every thing must have its roots,
and the tendrils work quietly underground.
This quiet feeding is the Way of Nature.

If you understand ch'ang -- this principle of nurturing,
you can understand everything.
Not understanding it will lead you to disaster.

If a sage knows this, he can rule
And he will do so with patience and justice.

Any man can become wise in this
And he can walk the Way of Heaven.

And if you walk that way
You will be royal in the mastery

Life can end in pain --
But if you live like this,
under the Tao
You will fill your days with breath."

What card am I? 

arcanalefait  25 Feb 2005 

Although the image that springs to mind is the Ancestral path 6 of swords... 

Fitz  25 Feb 2005 
My original thought was Hermit, but he is too dry for this.

How about King of Pentacles, Rider deck?


ncefafn  25 Feb 2005 
Nope, it's neither Temperance nor the King of Pentacles. Try again!


aaquwaa  25 Feb 2005 
I'm getting addicted to these games!
I think it was the hermit. 

Satori  25 Feb 2005 
High Priestess 

ncefafn  26 Feb 2005 
Hmm, I thought this would be a gimme. Nope, neither the Hermit nor the High Priestess. 

Phoenix Rising  26 Feb 2005 

Ulfdis  26 Feb 2005 
6 of Pentacles? 

ncefafn  26 Feb 2005 
No, but Phoenix Rising was closest in theory to the card I chose for this passage. :)


Phoenix Rising  26 Feb 2005 
"Heirophant" although i don't like him! 

Gaidheal  27 Feb 2005 
My first thought was the Emperor... 

ncefafn  27 Feb 2005 
Oh, dear. Neither the Emperor nor the Heirophant. Let's not make a big deal out of this; it's not an, ahem, major issue.


Gaidheal  27 Feb 2005 
Haha...hint taken ;)

The 6 of Cups, perhaps? 

Satori  27 Feb 2005 
9 of pentacles 

ncefafn  27 Feb 2005 
Neither the Six of Cups nor the Nine of Pentacles, but you're each so close in your own ways. 

Satori  28 Feb 2005 
Queen of Pents 

Pipistrelle  28 Feb 2005 
7 of Pentacles? 

ncefafn  28 Feb 2005 
Yes, Pipistrelle has it! The image that this passage from the Tao Te Ching invoked, of careful husbandry of the land, of patience with and love for nature, immediately brought to mind the young farmer leaning on his hoe in the RWS Seven of Pentacles as he waits for his crops to yield their fruit.

Over to you, Pipistrelle! 

Pipistrelle  28 Feb 2005 
Who, moi? I can't believe it! I'd like to thank the Academy....oh no, hold on, that's not right :)

Well, I've never done this before, but I'll give it a go (she says, scurrying away to the library...ahem...bookshelf).

I take it I post mine in a new thread? Are there any other special "rules" I should know about?

Back soon! (How exciting!)


ncefafn  28 Feb 2005 
Hey, Pip. Yes, you do start a new thread, and the rules for the game can be found here.


The What card am I? - Lit Clue, 25th Feb thread was originally posted on 25 Feb 2005 in the Tarot Games & Fun board, and is now archived in the Forum Library. Read the threads in Tarot Games & Fun, or read more archived threads.

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