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What Card Am I? - Lit. Clue, Feb. 28

Thread originally posted on the Aeclectic Tarot Forum on 28 Feb 2005, and now archived in the Forum Library.

Gaidheal  28 Feb 2005 
This is a passage from Nathanial Hawthorne's novel, "The Scarlet Letter".

"Why, then, had he come hither? Was it but the mockery of penitence? A mockery, indeed, but in which his soul trifled with itself! A mockery at which angels blushed and wept, while fiends rejoiced, with jeering laughter! He had been driven hither by the impulse of that Remorse which dogged him everywhere, and whose own sister and closely linked companion was that Cowardice which invariably drew him back, with her tremulous gripe, just when the other impulse had hurried him to the verge of a disclosure...

"And thus, while standing on the scaffold, in this vain show of expiation, Mr. Dimmesdale was overcome with a great horror of mind, as if the universe were gazing at a scarlet token on his naked breast, right over his heart. On that spot, in very truth, there was, and there had long been, the gnawing and poisonous tooth of bodily pain. Without any effort of his will, or power to restrain himself, he shrieked aloud; an outcry that went pealing through the night, and was beaten back from one house to another, and reverberated from the hills in the background; as if a company of devils, detecting so much misery and terror in it, had made a plaything of the sound, and were bandying it to and fro."

What card am I?

(I'm expecting this to be a quick one...) 

gareth.  28 Feb 2005 
Crikes!!! Can this be the Hanged Man???? 

Gaidheal  28 Feb 2005 
Nope, not the Hanged Man...though I did think of that card in connection with Dimmesdale, certainly. 

huredriel  28 Feb 2005 
I'm new to this, but will hazard a guess:

8 of swords??? 

Gaidheal  28 Feb 2005 
No...but getting closer to the interpretation I was thinking of. Another good guess. 

AmyV  28 Feb 2005 
IX of Swords....??? 

huredriel  28 Feb 2005 
9 swords? 

Gaidheal  28 Feb 2005 
Yes! You're both is the 9 of Swords.

This scene reminded me of the over-blown, mostly self-inflicted torture aspect of the 9 of Swords. In this selection, it is Dimmesdale's on conscience, his own mind which is torturing him. He even goes so far as to imagine that he feels physical pain as a result of his intense feelings of guilt.

AmyV, you guessed it first, so...your turn! :) 

huredriel  28 Feb 2005 
AmyV wrote:
IX of Swords....???

oops my brain has finally fried - i thought it said 4 swords. Can't read today LOL 

Gaidheal  28 Feb 2005 
huredriel wrote:
oops my brain has finally fried - i thought it said 4 swords. Can't read today LOL

Hehe. I'm more than capable of making the same mistake...I've certainly made sillier ones! :P 

gareth.  28 Feb 2005 
Can I have a go? I was going to follow all the Corblimeys with Treasure Island or maybe something else very British like Charles Dickens but instead Ive gone for Yeats.Check out his poetry as so many refer to Tarot cards.How about this one.
I cried in my dream,O women bid the young men lay
Their heads on your knees,and drown their eyes with your hair,
Or remembering hers they will find no other face fair
Till all the valleys of the world have been withered away.

G. ( Now Im back off to my dreams!!) 

Gaidheal  01 Mar 2005 
Well gareth, since AmyV won, it's up to her :) 

gareth.  01 Mar 2005 
AmyV. Got carried away but still have a good look from the Literary point of view at his work!!G 

AmyV  01 Mar 2005 
Aaaaaaaaagh!!!!!!!!!! I've wanted to get a Lit. Clue for ages!!!!

I'll head straight for the bookshelves (in the morning!), and hopefully come up with something good..... :)

PS Gareth, is it the Four of Cups? 

ncefafn  01 Mar 2005 
Congratulations, AmyV!!! 

AmyV  01 Mar 2005 
ncefafn, thank you so much for starting this up again, I've been waiting for it but it wasn't showing. Never thought of restarting it - good thinking!! 

Gaidheal  01 Mar 2005 
Yes, thanks! I always liked this game. :) 

The What Card Am I? - Lit. Clue, Feb. 28 thread was originally posted on 28 Feb 2005 in the Tarot Games & Fun board, and is now archived in the Forum Library. Read the threads in Tarot Games & Fun, or read more archived threads.

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