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Tarot Dinner Guests

Thread originally posted on the Aeclectic Tarot Forum on 05 Mar 2005, and now archived in the Forum Library.

Rosanne  05 Mar 2005 
I used to play this game years ago when I was learning about the RWS tarot Deck. You draw two cards and assign one to a Guest who you will invite to dinner and choose one that represents yourself. A party for two. They can be who ever you want but you must tell why you chose that card for that guest (including yourself). I used to set the scene before I drew the cards, so here goes if anyone would like to play? You can use any deck, Mine is Spiral tarot.
I am going to have an midsummers outdoor feast beside a lake, with waiters and violins, white tablecloth cloth and silver service and fine wines.
My Guest -The Wheel of Fortune - Nelson Mandela
I think he would think the venue a bit over the top and it would probally stink a bit of colonialism, but he would be gracious. His life has been one of massive change. He appears not to be a victim of the fates and has suffered huge cycles and overcome great difficulties. His path has been one of choice ( although it seems he might not have chosen some things) and his path has lead to selfless acts. I would really like to meet him. I think a meal at home would have been far more appropriate.
Myself - Two of Pentacles.
How appropiate- a meal for two. Moderation- well I need that , look at how expensive my dinner would be. I always have trouble balancing factors in my life. I overspend on Tarot Cards and needlework, don't get enough sleep/ get to much. I don't have major mood swings tho and I don't forget to stop and smell the roses/ or read a book. If Mr Mandela talks me into a charitable foundation employment I will seriously consider --umm turn it down? 

Jeannette  05 Mar 2005 
Rosanne: I don't quite understand. Do you decide who's coming to dinner first (obviously yourself, but decide on the guest) and then draw the cards, and try to figure out how they match the personalities? Or do you draw the cards, then decide who the first one represents, and why the second one represents yourself?

-- Jeannette
The Tarot Garden 

Rosanne  05 Mar 2005 
Sorry for not making myself clear. I set the venue and draw the cards in set positions Card One - The guest - Card Two - Me. Card one right, card two Left. Then I have to decide who Card One is going to be(when I have looked at the card) and Why- then I decide why Card two is like me. ~Rosanne 

Rosanne  05 Mar 2005 
awwwwwh- nobody wanted to play (sobbing alone in my sandpit) pleeeeese- its easy and I want to see who you have for dinner? (Who not what!!)You can make it Bland- I don't mind. 

Fulgour  05 Mar 2005 
Card 1 right: 8 of Swords
Who is this I wonder... and then: Linda Ronstadt!
Ok, I know, but I've been thinking about her a lot lately,
and from the looks of the card (Colman Smith) she's been
on a diet ~ which I'm hoping hasn't affected her voice. :)

Card 1 left: Queen of Cups
How so me here? Um... I guess maybe I always wanted
to be able to sing, and maybe even like Linda Ronstadt.
From the looks of that stonker of a mug we are having
seafood, served on a bed of rice. Uhoh, I said "bed..." :eek:
could it be my secret fantasies of adolescence linger still?


Linda and Linda. She's a beauty! 

Alta  05 Mar 2005 
Okay, so I used the Robin Wood and drew the 5 of Pentacles and the 6 of wands. You can imagine the contrast between those two cards. One some poor beat-up guy in rags missing half a leg and freezing and the other young, blonde, well dressed on a horse with folks cheering. And the way I drew them they are moving away from each other. Now that'll be some interesting dinner conversation.
Okay, here goes.

I plan to be the 6 of wands. So I am young, good-looking, wealthy and a big hero. So I guess I am Alexander the Great. I have conquered and ravaged and decide as a sort of token guesture to invite some of the locals to a big dinner I am having. Well, they can't come to the table but I'll throw them the odd chicken leg. I am not sure why they look so cold and I look quite warm, but maybe they have fevers and are shivering. So in the spirit of the moment I'll put some quinine in their mugs of water to bring the fever down. 

Phoenix Rising  05 Mar 2005 
Hey this looks a cool game, ok my dinner guest:

dinner guest: Son of swords(quest) My Bank Manager, in this cards this young man, is holding, wods of cash in one had and a great diamond on his left. In the other as whip and a skull to his right, but he is trying to bribe me! The greedy cunning mongrel, "He's being quite up front and direct actually, and I'm taken a back somewhat! He's been reading and eating from that "Hot and Spicy thread" And he's asking me..well for a f/lavor! If I give him this, then he'll give me that, and it's all but a very bit tempting you know! Do I fall for this temptation?

Me:10 of cups! Hey, Hey, well I'm feeling rather generous, and I can feel success and riches within my grasp, and those 10 cups of wine that I've just poured back, is starting to take affect, and that there young naked(yeah he is, and he's hiding behind a pillar) man with that there whip, is getting me a little excited. I don't know if it's the whip or the cash...But I dear say, I'm going to have a little fun tonite, and a blissful contentedness, even if it's only temporary. 

Rosanne  05 Mar 2005 
He he Fulgour, maybe Linda is into bondage! I always thought that Queen was trying to read the winners names on the cup. Couldn't be a GD symbol as a WOman bestowing a Cup!! Maybe if I research enough I will find Waites name on the cup?
Hauled out my Robin Wood and the only thing I could think about the contrast was "What would you talk about?" The weather maybe. A Long discourse on why they would have Malaria?
I found this game helped me see and remember the cards and I never allowed myself the same characters again so I did'nt get stuck on one meaning for each card. Thanks for playing. ~Rosanne 

Jeannette  06 Mar 2005 
Okay, now that I understand, I'll give it a shot. I'm using the Rohrig Tarot.

Card 1: Guest Princess of Swords.

Card 2: Me Justice

The "Justice" one is easy. That's not me... but it's definitely what I aspire to these days. I continue to struggle to seek more balance in my life, more inner peace, more insight into the "big picture" in order to know when it's best to stay my sword and when to use it. This card has become a focal point for me as I indulge more of my Hermetic Qabalist tendencies.

Which makes the "Princess of Swords" card an interesting counterpoint. As much as I'd like to see this card as some fascinating historical figure who could shed some light on the path I'm seeking, I can't seem to pull my thoughts away from viewing it as... Maddonna. Yeah, that's right -- the singer, not the Biblical figure. Intelligent but rebellious... reinventing herself at every turn... at one time the "earthy material girl" and practically-porno sex kitten, now positioned as a maternal and spiritual exemplar. Artist, businesswoman, social icon -- ever-vacillating between earth and sky.

I've never been a particular fan of hers -- I honestly don't think she can sing her way out of a tiled shower -- and I've always viewed her continual image-changing to be the result of the worst sort of massmarket pandering. But at the same time, I certainly do respect her energy, drive, and business acumen. I certainly don't begrudge her the success she's achieved -- as far as I know, no one's ever been forced to buy her CDs, videos, and books.

But of course, now she and I have something in common -- our interest in Qabalistic studies. I have no idea what "brand" of Qabalism she's into -- I know I'd never heard of that "red string around the wrist" thing that she's apparently popularized. But because I haven't succeeded in integrating all of "Justice's" principles into my psyche, I can't shake having a sort of icky feeling about the whole thing. It's as if the spiritual path that I've been slowly crawling along at for nearly 20 years, so near and dear to me, has suddenly been reduced to the "trendy spiritual flavor of the month."

Because Maddonna is such a high-profile celebrity, suddenly my deeply held and generally private (and happily so) spirituality is thrust into the limelight, in front of a world that is generally ignorant of this particular school of thought. So it is subjected to both ridicule from people who have no idea what they're talking about, and embraced by the trend-following crowd that has no idea what they're getting into. All of which is not necessarily to be laid at Ms. Maddonna's feet, if she's truly sincere in her path this round, and not just going through another "image phase." But I guess that's why, in this exercise, I am supposed to be having dinner with her. 'Tis time I truly embrace Justice's detatched analytical abilities, and chat with the lady in order to discover not only what her motiviations are (as if they're really any of my business in the first place -- but since this is just an exercise, I suppose I'm allowed to ask), but also what psychological flaw of my own makes it rankle me so. Once I can determine the latter, then I should be ready to use Justice's sword to excise its imperfection from my own ego.

Excellent exercise, Rosanne -- thanks for introducing the topic!

-- Jeannette
The Tarot Garden 

ncefafn  06 Mar 2005 
I chose the Whimsical Tarot, 'cause I like whimsical dinner parties. The first card is the Eight of Pentacles, the second (me) is the Three of Rods.

The Eight of Pents shows the wizard's assistant all alone in the laboratory late at night, with an open book before him, but that's not what he's looking at. He's looking off towards an unseen door, the key to which is on the table right in front of him. If he wanted to, he could just reach out and pick it up, go to the door and unlock it. Oh, temptation!

The Three of Rods shows children gathered around a cauldron placed atop a fire in the village square. The village elders are gathering, brining their stores of harvested vegetables and meats to the square to be cooked in the stew for the whole village. How appropriate for a dinner party! Snow is on the ground and everyone is bundled up, but they're clearly enlivened by the idea of a big communal feast.

I've decided that the Eight of Pentacles represents Barack Obama. He's close enough to the source of power to taste it, yet everyone tells him he's not ready yet, it's too soon, wait another four years, or eight years, when he's old enough and mature enough to take on the Dark Powers that threaten . . . oops, never mind.

And the Three of Rods is the big feast I'm trying to throw for him, but everyone -- I mean EVERYONE -- wants to come along and contribute their fair share to show him how much they support him.

Sigh. I betcha I get moderated again. That would make it twice in one day.


The Tarot Dinner Guests thread was originally posted on 05 Mar 2005 in the Tarot Games & Fun board, and is now archived in the Forum Library. Read the threads in Tarot Games & Fun, or read more archived threads.

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