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The Tarot Galaxy.

Thread originally posted on the Aeclectic Tarot Forum on 27 Apr 2005, and now archived in the Forum Library.

gareth.  27 Apr 2005 
Sci /Fi maybe but meant to exercise the brain! Fun too ( I hope but time will tell) The Major Arcana each represent a world in this Galaxy of swirling stars and worlds to visit ( if you have a spacecraft for a deck!) The World of course at 21 lightyears from the centre is our lovely Earth. So what about the other worlds in this small part of our Universe? You dont have to take them in Order (maybe your favourite or where your deck takes you) Each world represents a card in the Major though and displays the unique characteristics of that card.
I will begin with 0-The Fool......(curtesy of Simone!)
Location- As a new beginning it still circles a Sun that is slowly collapsing into a red dwarf.If time meant anything it would be so long before it collapsed and nanno seconds before it burst into SuperNova.As a blackened entry into the Universe it has so many lifetimes.It is the End and the Beginning.As an Entry it is a heartbeat and a touch away from the Earth that seems so far on the further side of our starsystem.
Its Terrain?- so many cliffs!!! There are corners and jagged summits but they are as bare as a new Slate! Its History is forgotten even by the rocks devoid of fossil .A new start can be made but the Sun still has a few surprises except for........
Inhabitents? Of course but you may not see them immediately on Landing. A very Old and Wise Race that has forgotten their History and Wisdom. They have evolved beyond physical presence and yearn to find new pathways. They reflect their Enviroment and are shadows only in the corners of your eyes. They Wait for You and a way to Step off their World .
Can you take over the journey? 

Metaclematis  28 Apr 2005 
Hey G

I'm working on a planet for your thread that is based on the The Empress - so you can maybe take a guess how the society is loaded and governed. Is it ok to carry on with the attributes, habits and culture of the tribe that inhabits rather than its terrain? The people stuff I find fascinating but Sci Fi and Geology have me floundering. Thanks 

Fairawen  28 Apr 2005 
I'm definetly getting into this as soon as I com back. Leaving for a while, probably til late tonight, but I am CERTAINLY getting into this! This looks awesome!!!

Great idea G!


Metaclematis  28 Apr 2005 
There's a world thats sumptuous and bumptuous, the governing tribe are of the female gender, but gracious and loving, fertile with the help of the ........ 

gareth.  28 Apr 2005 
Describe what you want on your world.The Idea is to explore!!!! G. 

Ahria  28 Apr 2005 
Ok Gareth I will try, :)

Lets see The Magician, ah a planet that has burst into many others but all still connected, there is swirls of colours and gas and many many moons orbiting the planets, it is a place of magic and the unconcious...

When you land on any of the planets there are many gateways / portals to the next, magic is in the air and for any to use. The landscape is surreal with much water and clouds, the clouds can carry you from on place to another. There is so much potential...

The race that lives here takes magic for granted and use it in their everyday lives and dont understand those that don't. The magic weaves between them with everyday life, and the understanding is total and innocent they blend the elements with ease. 

gareth.  29 Apr 2005 
The fact it was one and has now become many? As the Magician does that denote trickery? or that it may have many faces? Maybe you just threw that in but I found it striking and led me immediately to research! It remains a mystery.........Hey that is the Magician!!! All Best. G 

Metaclematis  29 Apr 2005 
whilst she embodies feminity isnt ruled by feminists, hers has a hierarchical society that rewards on merit and providing the best cookie recipes for baby showers. Her inhabitants adore love and worship the she god who made all. La Planeta Empressa is cosmically twinned with Das Plantisch Emporor (ph) (turn left as you pass the Graphite Meteor and press turbo charge 109 degrees south on your inter planetary craft). There is a magnetic pull to this planet that is akin to the gravity that you find on your earth craft. This pull is quite inexplicable at times! Many Empressovians have no taste!!! Exchange visits take place betweem Empress and Emporor memebers during these, sumptuous banquets are held made with all organic produce. The hostesses are dressed in green and create amazing fertility ceremonies to celebrate life and the Pagan Godess. Empressovians adore all things beautiful and peaceful and serene yet have a hearty lust for life and living.....The favourite game is not monopoly.... (more to follow)........ 

Julien  29 Apr 2005 
What a wonderful idea for a thread! Let me tell you about the Planet of the High Priestess...

This is a planet where the daytime is spent resting in order to explore the nuances of moonlight at night. You see, while it circles one sun and is very warm during the day, it has two large moons and is a part of its galaxy where starlight is particularly bright at night. The night, then, is a wonderful time on this planet. The people who live here love it because of all the wonderful shadows and the amazing amount of peace they find exploring in them.

And this is a world where exploring and self-knowledge are very prominent. The language is particularly difficult to learn because the people here tend to speak in metaphors and analogies, taking their time to express their emotions and moods in stories and poetry. Language, here, is not just a form of communication, but rather a means for exploring their own psyches, increasing their own self-knowledge.

This is a world where the residents take the time to listen to the rhythmns of their own planet, and their belief system is built around understanding these rhythmns. They value compassion and understanding, but they also value privacy and secrecy. Their ability to perceive hidden meanings and to see what others try to hide is very acute, and so they value their individual time in order to sort out all those impressions and observations. They have, among them, women who speak the future, and a strong ability to divine outcomes well ahead of time.

They believe strongly in the healing power of their world, and have a system of medicine and healing that makes uses of herbs, gems, and all things they find in their world. Their healers tend to be women who are extremely intuitive. This is a world where women's intuition and women's knowledge is highly valued.

(How'd I do?)

gareth.  29 Apr 2005 
I am so intrigued here! With both of you. Meta I think you are really building up to what you really feel your world is all about (and its a million light years from Monopoly). Julien what can I say but Im heading out there on my ship/pack. I dont care how long the journey takes. I just think at the end of this voyage we will all want for our Lovely Earth a piece of each of these Planets. Happy Journeying to you Both! G. 

Julien  30 Apr 2005 
Hi -- Just refreshing this. I mean, we don't want it to get lost in space...

Sorry, couldn't resist... :)

Anyone got another planet in the works?


Metaclematis  30 Apr 2005 
Am going to continue with my female cosmic adventure soon, but loved your high priestess planet so much. Which pack did you use to visualise or is it that you're one cosmically talented reader? 

Julien  30 Apr 2005 
It's the Robin West. I bought the deck a couple of weeks ago and have been exploring it -- the High Priestess has been following me around in a lot of my readings, so I've been thinking about it a lot. And I love the Robin West version. Very feminine and very mystical.

I loved your Planet of the Empress, too, by the way. Are you going to do the Emperor? Seems like you should since the two planets are connected to one another and talking about their relationship might lead to some interesting developments in both worlds (just a thought, don't mind me).

I'm thinking I'll work on The Heirophant -- I've always had this inkling that the High Priestess energy and the energy around the Heirophant are really deeply connected somehow -- ying and yang? Even when they look radically different, as they do in the Robin West, I still feel this about them... Catholicism vs. Paganism. Organized religion can't be organized without something else to contrast it with -- that's the High Priestess. Which isn't necessarily "disorganized", but it's spirituality is not nearly as institutionally driven. I don't know that the Catholic church would be what it is if it hadn't had to deal with the paganism of Europe (not to mention the indigenous religions around the globe). Oh, and not to mention the gnosticism of the early Christians... At any rate, I'll work on the Heirophant planet tomorrow (seems fitting as it's Sunday and all) and post it when ready. ;)

Have we left any of the cards out? We've got the Fool, the Magician, you did the Empress... So we do need the Emperor and the Hierophant...

At any rate, I like this game... Seems to be just the thing for me at the moment. ;)


gareth.  01 May 2005 
Sounds really inspiring, so much so, I've jsut landed on the planet of the wheel. Will send further anthropological and geological survey shortly (later on this sunday)

Metaclematis  01 May 2005 
Going now - especially with your pagan v catholicism line - like the thought of expanding on empress and then thoughts of material v earthy comforts.... 

gareth.  01 May 2005 
Tried to land on the planet of the Wheel but got into a meteor storm! Wouldnt have happened but I detoured around this rather static noisy meeting between Planets High Priestess and Empress. Guys,there were so many ships just idling away there. Had to put my foot down and ...well I just lost it on the bend (as we do ). Not my fault (of course) ....wouldnt have happened but I couldnt understand that static...... 

carly  01 May 2005 
More commonly nick-named, The Planet of Secrets. The strange woman who live here hold they key to what you want to know, however you may go mad before they actually tell you something, most commonly answering your many questions with a shy smile and turning away. Only occasionally do these strange beings talk, but you can be sure it'll be worthwhile waiting. They all wear long white robes and new moon pendants, and exchange looks of knowing with eachother. The terrain is full of flat mountains, lush deserts and dry oceans. You should bring shorts and t-shirt and thermal socks. 

Julien  01 May 2005 
Gareth wrote:

Tried to land on the planet of the Wheel but got into a meteor storm! Wouldnt have happened but I detoured around this rather static noisy meeting between Planets High Priestess and Empress. Guys,there were so many ships just idling away there. Had to put my foot down and ...well I just lost it on the bend (as we do ). Not my fault (of course) ....wouldnt have happened but I couldnt understand that static......

Oopsies! That would make sense, huh? I mean, after all, the Planet of the Wheel would be a place where either luck is with you or it isn't. Looks like it wasn't meant to happen this time around!!! And of course, all that feminine energy around those two planets -- spinning in different directions though! I mean, seriously, who would want to go any place else? On one planet you have warm hospitality and great pleasure, and on the other the knowledge of secrets and the joy of developing intuition...

The head of High Priestess has been meeting with the head of The Heirophant. Their conversation is most interesting. Will be posting it soon. ;)


Simone  02 May 2005 
... I know this was initially supposed to be majors only (if I remember right ;) ), but - my portal-finding deck only sent me to the Planet of the Seals.

The portal was round and adorned by the image of 2 Pentacles, the entrance shimmered invitingly so I just stepped through...

... to arrive in a place with a lot of sea and cliffs and little islands. The air is thick with the noises of the waves and the seagulls and smells of fish and salt, the inhabitants all have the heads of Seals.

All in all there is a very playful atmosphere there, nobody feels like he has to work - abundance is present. I mean, who would work if you just have to take a dive to catch a fish and then just need to lie on the beach for a while, to enjoy the sunshine?

The seal inhabitants play a lot, there are a lot of toys around, they are a happy lot and happy to adapt to the situation.

I think the one who comes there to make business would disrupt this joyful state and sow competition and rivalry, which are unknown as yet. It is thus a purely vacational planet reachable only if you have the confidence and balance between taking and giving in the natural flow of things, and it should get protected from ANY kind of business.

I love this little planet - but beware, visitors, the seagulls don't look where they drop their guano })... 

Julien  02 May 2005 
I need to go on vacation on that planet! It sounds lovely!


Metaclematis  02 May 2005 
On a recent exchange to Planet Emperor my fact finding mission revealed the following:
To your human ideals and sensibilities, the planet of the emperor tribe resembles ancient Egypt. Worship of the sun is practiced with freedom and enthusiasm , hence the leathered skin and premature wrinkling of the tribe!

Structure and civilisation are the name of the day. The locals live in 3 sided triangular abodes. Long, tall obelisks are erected around a main triangular gathering place. Experiences typify their expression. Selection is practiced here and culture is very important (demonstrating, singing and dancing and acting out their feelings) This tribe has a tendency to become a little tyrannical and obstinate at times. There is a strong practice of paternalism and hierarchy. At times when the greedy sometimes careless nature of this tribe abounds (usually in times of great stress and worry ahhhhhhhhhh) they may be found climbing the cliff to the cave of the oracle who will invariably suggest a visit to Planet Empress for some soothing care and gentle R + R.. 

gareth.  02 May 2005 
Planet Wheel!!!! Yes I may be "bullheaded" but heck this intrepid taroshtranaut just keeps trying...and guess...yes ive finally landed here!
My state of the art Deck was recently (and Luckily ) fitted with the latest pack propulsion may have heard of envious...feel free..."Synchronicity at the Speed of Light" !!!!! YYYEHHHHHH BABY ITS A BEAUT" !!!!!!!!!
What does it do ? .....Everything you want it to!!....but lets just say your Luck increases proportionately and hey, metaphysically as well the faster you go..and well ..when you break that get to BE in the right place at the right time!!
But am I???
As Im reporting to you Im about to throw open the hatch.Id like to announce to ALL of you (well ok those who take a peek here!) back home at ATF, that I reckon no man or (indeed woman) has ever witnessed this place ever!!! No Humanoid (never mind us lot) has ever come within a whisker never mind a turn over of this place....and well this card is not even mentioned in "The Tarot of the Known Universe".
So I bet you guys are IMPRESSED!!. and you really would like to know what its like here.
Ok so Im going to tell you.....just let me climb out here.
Looked just like Saturn back home when I first caught sight of it.......
Right lets open up here.....its kind of difficult to describe fact its almost beyond.......
....Yes I may be "bullheaded" but heck this............................... 

Metaclematis  02 May 2005 
Must be the fuel in your engine..... but hey on its next rotation how do I get aboard?

Meta C 

Metaclematis  02 May 2005 
Pretty Hallucinogenic one. 

gareth.  02 May 2005 
I suppose you are referring to my use of the phrase "Taroshtranaut". That is not to be taken as an inability to sshhhpeak properly through inbibing this Beltaine Day (its a public holiday here!).No certainly not cos this here is a SOPHISTICATED and MULTILAYERED is an ancient egyptian word on which the name Tarot may be based.It means "the Royal way"
Anyway Meta you should know my Dandelion Wine is for InterDimensional Travel only! G 

Julien  02 May 2005 
Shhhh! All the noise on my radio is making the negotiations between The leaders of High Priestess and Heirophant very difficult.

They are deep in thoughtful discussion. They are having a great many difficulties as the high priestess of High Priestess and the bishop of Heirophant seem to speak in such different symbolic systems... Yet somehow they seem to understand one another even though I don't. It confirms my sense that these two planets have had some shared history in their past, maybe even a common ancestry. But he continues to chant his replies to her as she attempts to describe the needs of her people through fables.

It is taking a great deal of concentration to listen to this and be able to report on it.... I'm beginning to think I need a trip to Empress myself... Or maybe some of that dandelion wine...

More later...


gareth.  02 May 2005 
being maintained.But not for long!!!!! Bit empty up here in space....Julien....Meta.......Anyone else out there....?????? 

Simone  02 May 2005 
IDT Dandelion wine... when will I get to taste it? ;)

My portal deck will only work once a day, I could try the same ritual with another deck, but I am not sure where I would end up... not in a risky mood today, meteor showers never were my cup of tea :D

I'll be back with travel news tomorrow...


gareth.  03 May 2005 
Throw that switch and skip through that Deck ! Its a new day and there is plenty to explore !!!! G. 

Simone  03 May 2005 
On my way :)
Need to finish some "chores" like checking my spacecraft etc... 

Simone  03 May 2005 
*as I push the port al button, in the wall before me, an opening appears. It is hexagonal and on each of the six sides a wand secures it so that it does not collapse during my travel. Even before I step through, I hear the sounds of running water, horse hooves and birdsong...

It is a world that reminds me a bit of medieval times, but the man on the horse I encounter there does not seem to be astonished that I am suddenly before him. Actually, he seems to have been waiting for me, as on his hand, a hawk is perched - the hawk has been watching over me all of my life, he has been my travelling companion for as long as I can remember.

In this world they seem to be so self-confident that nothing can de-stabilise them. They have that natural security that makes successful.

They do what they must and accept the place they are occupying. As the worries about present and future are no issue, they have their minds free to be very intuitive as well. Their intuition leads them to do the right thing at the right time, proof is they appear at the eaxt moment as I step through the portal - with my totem animal, to greet me!

I like this planet as well, it makes me feel peaceful, and I am going to stay there for a while to learn that skill of being naturally successful and lose the guilt... 

gareth.  03 May 2005 
Beautiful Planet Simone but as you travel through the Minor as well as the Major Star Systems in this Galaxy I will have to study my star chart closely to identify it! Anyway Iv escaped the revolving gravity of the Planet of the Wheel and depending on me sneaking past the sensor fields of the Planet of the Empress ( they depend on intuition and....well you cant get away with anything if you are male !!!.....mind you the High Priestess Planet..well...its like those ancient x-rays or maybe more accurately like the latest Bio- Male seeritthruurxcuscan !!!) ..I reckon I can get to land on another Planet...Deck holding up to this DandeLion Drive !!! 

Simone  03 May 2005 
Sorry about the map thing, gareth!

I have to go where my deck takes me, and it is random...(I just pull a card!! - but the description of the portal to the planet usually indicates where we are going to ;)

I am having a lot of fun on this planet here, there are games where everyone wins all the time!

I have no portafuel left... I might have to stay here for a while. 

Metaclematis  03 May 2005 
Simone - really love the idea of drawing a card to decide which planet to visit (just like a magical galaxy mystery tour) am going to go there later ....... And like using all both Arcana too - hope you approve G. And you have me a wondering which of planets is sooooo playful more clues please! 

Simone  03 May 2005 
Meta ;)

the planet of seals came to me through the portal of the 2 pentacles by the Animal Lords.

and the Hawk planet was through the hexagonal wand door of Druidcraft...

;) does this help to locate them on your chart? 

Metaclematis  03 May 2005 
Thats really cool... I'm going to have a go with The Prague me thinks and play with your brilliant approach! 

Fairawen  03 May 2005 
I've been so busy recently, I've forgotten to check back here! I have to figure out which world I'm going to make... Aha! I know! I'll be back in a little bit (as soon as I'm done writing it up...), I'm going to make a world based on Strength! *Muahaha* This is gonna be fun...


gareth.  03 May 2005 
To the Galaxy!! Look forward to learning about your Destination!! G. 

Julien  03 May 2005 
Many pardons requested for the slowness of my reports... I'm afraid I've caught a cold in the middle of grading my students midterms!!! Makes for paying attention to the discussion going on between High Priestess and Heirophant very difficult to write up.... HOWEVER...

The most astonishing thing happened today! A representative of the planet Magician showed up during the talks! He was very flamboyant in a way, brandishing his wand and sweeping his cape about. He wears bright red and white, carries a beautiful wand, and has a crown with the Greek letter for infinity on his brow! He is beautiful. And very very self-assured, possessing an intensity of focus that is breathtaking. But what amazed me most was how well he was able to understand what was going on between the representatives if Heirophant and High Priestess. He seemed to speak a third language that all could understand, and was able to communicate in both languages! It amazed me and reminded me that our first reports from Magician that it was a planet that had broken up into many parts... I wonder if Heirophant and High Priestess aren't just parts of Magician -- or at least brother and sister. Most remarkable!

The representative from High Priestess, who I understand isn't really a "president" or "head" the way we understand it, is dressed in a flowing robe. The funny thing is -- in some lights I'm sure it's white, but at other times it shimmers like silver. Sometimes I think it's gray. She does wear a half moon on her brow, and her hair is dark and flows down to her waist. She is very beautiful, and does have a tendency to smile a mysterious -- almost Mona Lisa-like -- smile. She also carries a crystal ball which seems to capture the light and reflect it like a moon; and a book in her other hand. And she wears a pentagram at her throat. She tends to gaze long into the eyes of anyone who is speaking to her, and takes her time in replying. She is most remarkable.

I have learned that, while she is the high priestess of the planet, High Priestess itself tends to dislike hierarchies. Instead, they prefer to think of themselves, and organize, around the principle that everyone must think for themselves and find their own path. This makes decision-making a long process on this planet (forgive me, by the way, for spending so much time on this -- when not traveling and reporting on Tarot planets, I'm a social scientist on Earth). At any rate, she has been elected through consensus to represent the planet in these talks, and has to report back with frequency to her own people, here their input, before she can move forward in these negotiations. I would think some people would find her very frightening in a way -- people who prefer order. In her way, she brings disorder with her -- or at least, disorientation and maybe those who fear lack of structure would also fear her!

Heirophant seems different -- much more interested in hierarchies and leadership. Their representative is dressed very much like one of our popes, and I've been reminded frequently of our new Pope on earth. Interestingly to me, neither one of these like the sunlight (which the new rep from Magician seems to like very much). But the representative from High Priestess seems to want shadows lit by subtle natural light while the rep from Heirphant prefers candlelight or subdued eletric lights. I might add that both seem to keep their secrets hidden, but the rep from Heirophant (let's refer to him as "the bishop") seems less interested in revealing secrets and more interested in structuring activity than the high priestess of High Priestess (from now, we'll just refer to her as "the high priestess"). The high priestess seems to want people to find her secrets in their own time, while the bishop seems only to want to order activity and make certain that listeners understand what tradition has maintained and what tradition dictates. Very orderly. I can imagine some people would find him comforting, while others would feel deeply frustrated with all that structure!

Of course, I've visited the planet of the High Priestess -- but I don't yet know what Heirophant would look like. Perhaps, soon, I'll see if my portal can take me there...

More later. I need to get some rest or I won't be able to write more tomorrow (this cold sucks)!

(Simone -- what deck are you using? Amazing stuff!!!!)


Julien  03 May 2005 
Got them on my star chart (found your reference to the decks! ;)


Simone  04 May 2005 
At my leaving, the Master of the Hawk presents me with a gift and the caution not to open it before I arrive at my destination. I conjure the magic to open a new portal (preferring portals, I am not much of a spacecraft fan, but I might have to use one or the other for my future visits).

As the air swirls and shimmers before me, I catch a glimpse of bright light, hear a jingling and get a whiff of a flowery smell which I do not recognise though.

I step through the portal into bright sunlight and an atmosphere reminding me of August summers on Earth. The air is still warm but has already that slight autumny feel, not very distinct, but present. It is the feel of sun-engorged nature, rich, almost complete, yet not entirely.

I look around and discover the source of the jingling. It is a most amazing sight, I seem to have stepped into the middle of a well cared-of garden. Around me, in the sun, are a big array of potted trees. They are low, but beautifully developed, and on their branches grow - coins! Swaying in the summer breeze, they make a soft sound when they touch.

As I move closer to examine them, I hear a voice behind me...

"Welcome to Terra Nova!" and a soft laugh.

With a little gasp of fright, I turn around and see... nothing! Nothing except the plants that were there before.

One of the plants lights up a little brighter and I hear the voice again.

"Do you like our fruit? It is not quite ripe yet, and some of us still have flowers, can you see?"

I look closer, and truly, there are flowers amongst the fruit and leaves, and I discover the lovely smell I noticed earlier.

"Careful, the smell is addictive and intoxicating, but if you keep a good balance it will not harm you!"

I think it is time I took a look at the present the Hawk-Master gave me, I open my hand and look at a little medal - bearing a picture of these money plants and the number IX - how could he have known???

"I have been observing your voyage, stranger!" the voice came again.

"Look, you have been to the Planet of Seals where there was nothing to do but enjoy and trust in abundance.

Then you came to the world of natural success and confidence, a confidence having evolved from the trust you learned earlier.

And I was expecting you to get here sooner or later: you now have to learn the patience and stamina to get through the process to be able to harvest the fruit of your investments.

It is promising, but do not pick them too early, they are not entirely ripe yet!

The warning of the flowers is to trust that they will ripen eventually but not to get possessive of them - this is part of the natural rythm and flow, everything ripens at its time. Those who want it all now will have nothing for later, and those who do not pick what is now will regret it later..."

As I ponder this message, I start to realise that there is no such thing as random. The portals appear exactly as I need them....

and for those who missed the clues ;) - this was the 9 Pents from Tarot Nova 

Fairawen  04 May 2005 
(Sidenote: Good job on that one Simone! Still working on my own... gonna have to post it tomorrow or I shall die of exaustion...)


gareth.  04 May 2005 
working...again.I might be slower than Simone"s Portal Travel....But Hey!...Its the Destination thats Important and....Im heading for the Lovers Planet!!!!!!!! that is if no-one beats me first...( I promise Moderator to be PC whilst there!) So I stake my was it expressed in the US a few eons ago CLAIM!...Report back soon! 

Simone  06 May 2005 
Kan or the House of Fire

I have landed in a weird place. It is burning hot here, the sun scorches a deserted land without any plants or water. Yet there seems to be life here, because I hear the murmur of voices...

... until I realise this murmur is in my head.

I look around me and see 10 perfectly round rocks, they are big, monolyths. Their surface, polished, gleams like gold in the sun and as I get closer, I see they have been engraved all with the same motive.

Slowly I approach them to see what kind of rock they are to gleam in that colour.

The heat is almost unbearable and I start to feel thirsty.

As I approach one of the stone balls, there is suddenly a flash of light and I close my eyes, blinded. When I open them again, I am in a world full of plants, I hear water gurgling, the air is fresh and cool.

Before me stands a young woman, her ethnics looking a bit like native Indians of South America.

"Welcome to the planet of transformation" she says. "You have mastered the art of transforming your wishes to reality..."

I am speechless as this landscape was just what I was wishing for.

"This is the planet of mind over matter" she says. "But you have to have come through the fire to be purified first."

This is something I need to think about...

Deck: Tarot Mayas, Card: 10 Balls 

Julien  06 May 2005 
Oh Gareth -- have a nice time on the Lovers planet...

I'm afraid I've been so sick, I've lost track of the Hierophant and High Priestess. I did get to Hierophant briefly, though -- lots of buildings that looked like our cathedrals, mosques -- and it struck me that the more decoration, the better, especially in places of business. As if, all of that formality would distract the observer from paying attention the actual doings of the planet. I was also struck by how formal the attire as well as the language was among all of the people on the planet. Even the gardens were very stylized, unlike High Priestess where the order of the day seemed to be to let planet do as it would, and if there was a plan, not to make it too obvious. Had I heard one more gregorian chant though... Well... I must say, I just couldn't take it. I much preferred High Priestess, despite the fact that I wasn't always sure what was happening around me, in the moonlight. I like the unknown, whereas on Heirophant, there just was no encouragement to question what was right in front of you.

Yet I can well imagine that some people would prefer Heirophant, and I can also imagine that most people prefer one over the other.

I'm off to my next planet... And my portal says it will be... Oh dear. The Tower. Well (taking a deep breath as I step through the portal), should be interesting. Report will follow soon.



gareth.  06 May 2005 
Still Lovers bound...but caught your message about Hierophant.Went there once myself and visited their Library which is one of the 9 wanders of the Tarot Galaxy.They have succeeded in that Learned Institute in recording every wise and compassionate thought expressed in the Galaxy since time began.There are no walls or corners in that vast building and to just be there allows you to experience each.Every visitor leaves either believing and if not, cherishing and accepting all belief systems , philosophies, and religions. I just wish they could open more Branches on other Planets!!!!! Good Luck on Planet Tower....Iv heard you may need it! G 

gareth.  06 May 2005 
Planet of the Lovers. My own Heart beats a little faster as I enter the Outer Firmanent of this Planet and I realize that probably Simones way of Transport is so superior as I would not be faced with this choice! My Dandelion Drive falters and I am forced to consider reaching the end of my journey only at the cost of ejecting the outer casing containing my entire collection of plantlife collected from so many journeys.I love them so and I cannot consider that loss. Are they truly alive? What may they feel in the cold vacuum of space if I leave them? Will I ever dream that I made the alternative decision? Will I make that decision without regret? I do not know but I do know that Life cannot be lived by fear and I do know that we must always be brave in making decisions when we finally face up to them........ 

Julien  07 May 2005 
I step through the doorway of my portal and ---

**Coughing, sneezing and watery eyes***

I've done it. I'm on the Tower Planet. Oh my, do I really want to be here? I'm coughing and sneezing and my eyes are watery because there's something about the air here -- it's acrid, smokey, and I hear lots of noise but the light is dark and I can only really make anything out when the lightning flashes. Too much sensory information, I feel a bit dizzy and look around for a place to sit to get my bearings...

As I take a few deep breaths, I begin to realize that beside the thunder and sound of volcanic erruptions (and, by the way, I'm realizing I must be near an ocean as I hear surf crashing on rocks not far off), I also hear people -- yelling, screaming, and... I don't know what else. It feels chaotic to me, like I'm in the midst of a battle zone...

There's a crack of lightning, and I realize that someone has seen me and walked over to me. He's dressed in a long gown and wears a cape. He asks me what I'm doing here, and I tell him I'm exploring the planets in the Tarot Galaxy. "And you came HERE? Most people only come here when we force them to, not because they want to explore it." Well, I tell him, I had no real choice -- I had recently visited the High Priestess and Heirophant, and this was the next planet that came up in my assignments. "Ah," he says. I think I'm supposed to find meaning in that Ah, but I really haven't a clue...

There's a huge lightning bolt followed by a tremendous roar of thunder. Everything shakes around us, and I look up at the sky and wonder where the nearest building is -- having grown up in the midwest part of the U.S., I know to head for cover when a really big storm hits (to avoid tornadoes and things). My new acquaintance sees me looking around and he says, "No where to go -- you have to survive this out here with the rest of us. That's the way it is on this planet."

Oh dear... Well, time to face up to my long held fears of high winds, rain and thunder... But then I notice in the distance -- there is a structure -- it grows up from the ground as if it were not man-made but nature-made. It's the same dark gray as the rest of the terrain, but it rises high high into the sky. And it's on fire. And people seem to be jumping from it to avoid the fire... I begin to run, toward it thinking that I need to help these poor people. But as I get closer to it, I realize that as they get near the ground -- and they're falling from great heights -- one of two things happen: They completely disappear; or they land on the ground, then get up and walk away. Well, this stops me cold in my tracks. What the heck...

I look around, and see that my acquaintance has come with me, and he has a very puzzled expression on his face. I shake my head, and I say, "I just don't understand... What is this? When people leap out, where do they disappear to? And the ones that get up and walk away -- sometimes with wounds, other times without any damage -- where are they all going? And don't we need to get the rest of the people out of the tower?" He laughs at me, and then he explains:

"Usually when people come here, they find themselves in the tower. They have to find their way out of it -- the test, of course, is that this means making their way through the smoke and fire of the tower. Once they get to a window, they have another choice: stay in the tower and face that fire, or leap out, face the storm and the long fall. Once they decide which way to go, they'll find themselves in a new situation -- if facing the fire, they have to get out as fast as they can and hope for the best; if they jump -- which, frankly, is the preferable way of getting out of that tower, then they face the prospect of not making it to the ground, or being hurt and having to surve this" he motions around us.

"But," I said, "Some people just disappear mid-flight -- what's happened to them?" He tilts his head to one side and says, "We think they are transported to another world, and we hope it's one that is peaceful, filled with starlight and hope. But no one really knows. All we know is that they no longer have to face this world."

I think I've heard enough... I look around to find my gateway home, but can't see it. I ask my acquaintance if he will help me find it, but he laughs and says, "I'm afraid there's only one way home for you," and then he points at the tower. Oh dear... I think he's probably right, and I'm afraid that if I go to the tower, find my way up the stairs and take the leap, I'll just find myself with a broken leg and still on this planet... Well, they tell me I personify the Fool, and he's always walking off of cliffs, so... I take a very deep breath and summon all my courage and enter this tower...

Smokier, hot, lots of bodies all trying to find a way out and off this planet. I'm fortunate -- I'm small, and I've found that if I stick to the sides of crowds I often can make my way through them. I begin to climb up steps making my way around sweaty, hot people through the smoke. My eyes are watering so badly I can hardly see, my nose burns and my lungs ache. Finally I see a window -- I figure it doesn't matter which window I use, I just need to get the heck out of this place. I get over to it, but alas, it won't open -- stuck shut. Someone laughs "Now, if that one worked, we'd be out of here, wouldn't we..."

Back to the press of bodies, up and up we go. It takes hours and hours, and finally, I can see flames at the top, and I know that there are cracks in the walls as well as windows. I feel two big hands grab me "Out you go!" I never did see who threw me out -- but suddenly I was in mid-air with crashing waves and rocky beach below me. Terrified, utterly terrified, and then suddenly...

I found myself on the ground, but not on the same planet. There's a river here, gently winding its way through a meadow and beautiful starlight all around me... Where the heck am I, I think... And how do I get home? I see a woman bathing near the river, one foot in it, one foot keeping her balanced on the bank. I approach her. She's holding cups in either hand. She looks up at me, and says, "Ah, you made it through the ordeal. Welcome, friend, to the Planet of the Star."

I breathe a sigh of relief. Thank heavens! I still don't know how to get home, but at least I'm in a really remarkable place.


gareth.  07 May 2005 
Who beamed up Scotty from American Idol? 

gareth.  07 May 2005 
Report on Lovers Planet to follow shortly!....... 

Magick Child  07 May 2005 
hey G, i was wondering just how do you explore the worlds? From what you are describing it sounds like something in a book i read from the liabrary, but could you clarify it for me?
Magick Child 

gareth.  08 May 2005 
Get your Tarot pack and either pick a card yourself (the Major Arcana or Minor ) or let the deck do it for you and draw a card.Then let your imagination take you there.The planet you visit will somehow have the characteristics of that card. Perhaps the Enviroment or the inhabitents or both!!! Its up to you entirely as it is your world! Simone uses a portal to travel, my skills and Deck are not so advanced so I use Dandelion Drive.Its slower but it gets me there!! When one arrives on the Planet report back....its a way of exploring not only the meaning of the card but also what it means to it has in your imagination become a reality! The card is the planet.Try it! All Best G. 

gareth.  13 May 2005 
There....MC (give it a go!)...I will post my report shortly. G. 

Fairawen  15 May 2005 
*cries* My ship had to stop by at the nearby planet of Parents, and was refused lift off cearance after I stocked up on supplies! I wasn't allowed clearance til just now! A week!!! I'm definetly having a word or two with the Council of Two on that planet... imagine, holding up a ship for a week!!!

(A.K.A. My parents took away my internet card for a week, so I wasn't able to post or anything. Sorry guys! Will post tomorrow, am exhausted! See ya tomorrow! And, btw, I didn't beam up Scotty from Idol... I beamed up Constantine! *cries* How could they boot him...?)


gareth.  15 May 2005 
I really must apologise.I landed on this Planet days ago but..(how shall I phrase this?)..Iv not really had to post.
I am lying under the deep comfort rays of this worlds purple sun.Beneath me the crystaline sand shines with reflected prisms.Iv been (huh) relaxing with a gargleblaster and Port cocktail!
You see...this world is peopled by the Cosmic Tribe (yep!!).Their lives are spent in Friendship and Love.Their Homes are near the green Ocean.The only sounds are the rolling waves and the voices of lovers and seabirds.
(SCIENCE NOTE-the Planets Sea is heavily laced with a natural occuring chemical.Phenylethylamine or PEA causes significant changes to the human body usually naturally generated when we fall in love......)
A wonderful world that posesses a secret.Many lifetimes ago when its sun shone with pale lilac light its advanced people tired of their mechanistic life.A world was created for their senses. No negative emotion, no envy,no hate..No ambition save to Love Life.
Due to the heavy scented presence of the sea, children abound. Life is sweet but also short and these biengs before old age are invited to join their ancestors. They exist deep within the bio-core of the Planet that has been driving its ecosystem since Creation. Away from Passion and physical Love they are offered intangible form within this Life giving machine.Many do not leave and sleep in due course beneath the deep forests.Those that decide otherwise acquire the knowledge and immortality of the gods.......
Got to go now....something to attend to.............. 

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