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The Moon

Thread originally posted on the Aeclectic Tarot Forum on 06 Aug 2001, and now archived in the Forum Library.

Elphaba  06 Aug 2001 
I had the strangest dream last night and when I woke up I decided to draw a card to help me explain it. I drew the Moon. Obviously showing me that my unconcious/dreaming self is a bizarre, confusing place to be and that's why I had the dream. Anyway, I just love it when the Moon comes up in a reading. I feel like it's 'my' card. It's certainly my favorite in the deck. Even though it's usually shows up in my spreads to cause havoc (or is that me causing the havoc;). So what are your personal experiances with the Moon card. Any interesting stories or meanings you've worked out for it? 

arizonagirl  06 Aug 2001 
I love the Moon card too. In readings for myself, it's always been a positive card - a sense of mystery perhaps and a sense of wonder, but never disillusionment. I'm usually at my energetic peak during the full moon. Nighttime to me has always been a time of peace and reflection. 

nexyjo  07 Aug 2001 
when i was a child, i saved every penny i had to buy a telescope. when i finally got it, the first thing i did was focus it on the moon, and i stared at it for hours, night after night. i've always been facinated by the moon, and been drawn to her light - especially now, as a wiccan, i love the moon.

for obvious reasons i suppose, i love the moon card too. when i first read the various interpretations, i was confused at some of the negative conotations. of course, i've since come to realize that every card spans a wide range of energy. but for me, the moon typically is a positive card.

i think the most common feeling i get from the card is mystery and intuition. i also like robin woods take on it, when she adds "wildness" to the mix. especially in the context of the mythology of the moon, the idea of it having a "wild" component fits well with the common belief that on nights of the full moon, things go a bit crazy.

luv and light,

Kiama  08 Aug 2001 
I used to hate the Moon when I first started out with the Tarot, cuz of all it's negative connotations, but having become Pagan, I ffel more at home with the Moon. I especially like it when it comes up in a spread about love, cuz I then take it to mean a clandestine relationship. Ooohhh....


destinyawaitsme  08 Aug 2001 
I remember when I first started reading cards I gave my friend a reading on her love life. Everything seemed great, but the outcome card...The Moon. It seemed that everything was crystal clear except for that one card. Well a few months later I found that the relationship she had asked me about was a fake one! She had made it up! She had called me to ask for advice on their relationship and their "breakup."

So I believe the deception and delusion factors of the Moon card were obviously present here. So now I have a story I think of when I see the Moon card. Not everything is what it seems...just like at night...a log on the ground could be mistaken for a big dog. Or the night time could leave you vulnerable to predators. 

GeminiLady  08 Aug 2001 
Speaking of The Moon as an outcome card...Today I pulled a Celtic Cross for myself and got the High Priestess for my possible outcome and The Moon for my outcome....hmmmm it should be an interesting week...:) 

raeanne  09 Aug 2001 
The Moon has two sides, a near side and a far side. There is no such thing as the "dark" side of the Moon, only near and far. The Sun shines on the far side of the Moon, we just canít see it. To me, this shows that the Moon has a meaning for those who only pay attention only to the near side and a meaning for those who acknowledge both near and far sides. The near side is the eerie, second guessing yourself, strange happenings meaning and the far side is the mystery of life, connecting to the All, wonder of the Universe kind of meanings. 

The The Moon thread was originally posted on 06 Aug 2001 in the Using Tarot Cards board, and is now archived in the Forum Library. Read the threads in Using Tarot Cards, or read more archived threads.

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