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using more thn one deck?

Thread originally posted on the Aeclectic Tarot Forum on 18 Sep 2002, and now archived in the Forum Library.

juice  18 Sep 2002 
Has anyone ever tried to pull from 2 decks in the same reading?

If you have has it been limited to going to a second deck after you decide you need clarification on a point?

Have you ever gotten a reading where you were certain that one of the cards would have come up twice if it was possible?

Have you ever layed down a card and wondered if the meaning that would fit better is the one from the deck you were using last week?

Have you ever wundered if large spreads had a problem because you were trying to pull to large a percentage of an only 78 card deck?

For me. Yes to 1 but only in the case of 2 so far. And yes to 3 and 4 and 5. 

jema  18 Sep 2002 
i often use more then one deck but only as a comparison.
that is i draw the cards from only one deck and put the same cards from another deck above the others to get two versions of the same cards.

i never tried it your way though. first of all it would be kind of hard to even handle 78+78 cards! then i have to wonder if it would really contribute anything.
i can't tell though since i never tried it. 

Laurel  18 Sep 2002 
Its been years since I played around with more than one deck in a reading. I had interesting experiences as I recall, but didn't feel like it really enhanced a reading.

I have read with a "double deck" of both Haindl and Voyager cards and had the same card show up twice in a reading because of it. That's actually been more helpful than mixing two decks. A "double deck" is really hard to shuffle and not something I'd do seriously because of the awkwardness of handling so many cards in a skillful manner.

When it comes to meanings, if the meaning for the situation is inspired by a different rendition of the card- I use it without hesitation. I don't stick to narrowly defined definitions and let what one deck teaches me add to my "general knowledge".

I don't use spreads of more than 15 cards, so I don't have that lack of diversity problem. If I did use larger spreads, I'd consider adapting a "double deck" to compensate.


faunabay  18 Sep 2002 
I'll sometimes use two oracle decks together. Or then sometimes I'll do say a 5 card spread with a tarot deck then do the same spread with an oracle. I do this to add to the meanings. It has helped immensely in the past.
I haven't done it with 2 tarot decks though. hmmmmmm That is a thought about how maybe the same card would like to come up twice...... 

WillieHewes  19 Sep 2002 
I only *have* two decks! :(

I've gone through other decks when stuck on the meaning of a card, because it helps to remember what it looks like in another version, but a lot of the time it's far from helpful. Because every deck (except when they're virtual copies) tends to have it's own take on a card, and accentuates different aspects, it generally just confuses things to mix them up.

Although I can imagine it being useful if you're stuck on interpretation, like I said. I don't know. I think a double deck would be really hard to handle as well...

Sometimes my boyfriend sends me spreads he did through the phone (distance is a problem in our relationship) and asks me to help interpret them. I'm never much help though. I don't know, to me, Tarot is such a personal thing that I can't really do interpretations for anyone else, unless they come to me to ask a question.

Does that make sense to anyone? 

kabuki  19 Sep 2002 
I often find that when I am using a deck, instead of interpreting the cards in front of me I sart to 'see' cards from other decks and interpret them instead. This, usually, happens with cards from decks that I seem to have a strong relationship with. I did attempt to mix all my favourite cards from different decks together and do some readings but I found that they were all different shapes and sizes making it difficult to shuffle.

I've never thought about combining packs and doing a 'huge' reading but it sounds interesting, although I fear that I would become obsessed and try to combine all my packs together ... a spread containg all the 'knight of swords' would be an interesting (?) experience. 

The using more thn one deck? thread was originally posted on 18 Sep 2002 in the Using Tarot Cards board, and is now archived in the Forum Library. Read the threads in Using Tarot Cards, or read more archived threads.

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