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LOTR Deck Help

Thread originally posted on the Aeclectic Tarot Forum on 05 Sep 2003, and now archived in the Forum Library.

card_of_hope  05 Sep 2003 
Hi I'm new here i gots the LOTR(Lord Of the Rings) Deck. It's all i could get. I'm havin' trouble understandin them. I was wonderin if someone could Mentor me if that's the right wording, or Tutor me who has the LOTR Deck also and undderstands it. Please post here first, the Email me @ , or
AIM/ or. IM me @ XxXPersus
Yahoo! Messenger me @ xxxperseus

I'm tryin to get Msn msngr to thanx,

Thirteen  05 Sep 2003 
Why was LOTR's your only choice of deck? Didn't they have the "Rider-Waite" deck? That's the usual learner deck.

That said, exactly what problem are you having? Is it with Tarot or with Lord of the Rings? Obviously, you need to understand both in order to effectively use this deck. 

card_of_hope  05 Sep 2003 
LOL I'm havin prob.s with both! I'm trying my best though. I was only ALLOWED to get the LOTR or else i would have gotten something else. my brother like's the LOTR better than me. Okay, when i se the cards when i do the reading, i get a blank, i have no idea what it would mean, Msbe i need a new set, or maybe I;m not a tarot, I'm smthing else........

HudsonGray  06 Sep 2003 
Too bad you can't just give the deck to your brother & get one that works better. Maybe he can go 'halfsies' with you to defray costs on a new deck if you give him this one? 

Thirteen  06 Sep 2003 
Okay. I've had a look at this deck and I agree with Hudson--give it to your brother and get one you can work with.

1) This is not a good deck to learn on. It's images are unclear in meaning--and only clarify if you know LOTR's well. You can trust me on this--it's NOT you. It's the deck.

2) It's never a good idea to learn on any deck that you don't PERSONALLY like or understand. That you didn't really want but it's all you were "allowed" to get (who forced that deck on you? Why weren't you "allowed" to get any other? How old are you that you couldn't spend your money the way you wanted?). I don't like the sound of that at all!

I recommend you return the deck to the store or give it to your brother and get a small, CHEAP, Rider-Waite deck


You can check here, at Aeclectic for a deck swap. You might be able to send your deck to someone here in exchange for a deck you really want and can learn on.

If you are SERIOUS about learning the tarot, then please take this advise seriously if at all possible. I see real trouble with you learning the tarot using the LOTR deck UNLESS you are VERY, very familiar with LOTR (all three books). It's not impossible, but it will be more difficult than it needs to be and not much fun. 

Dark_angel  06 Sep 2003 
I'm not actually allowed to have anything to do with tarot or the "dark arts" at all. In fact, half my wardrobe has to stay with my boyfriend whenever I go home! I have to hide my cards, and it's quite stressful at times.

Why was that the only deck you were allowed to get?

Sorry if I'm nosy; it's just I get the feeling I might have found a kindred spirit. xxx 

card_of_hope  06 Sep 2003 
oka, my mom is into the paranormal , but she said that it was "Safe" becasue of some reason....and givin it to my brother is a BAD idea casue he do't know i nito it nd he isnt id rather not have a deck with naked people if you could sugges sthing thanx im interested in the dragon one but i dunno it loooks hard to understand, thanx

HudsonGray  06 Sep 2003 
If it's the cards themselves that freak her out, how about getting the Whimsical Tarot (based on fairy tales), or the Mary Hanson Roberts deck which has images that are very people friendly? Or the Moon Garden one.

There are a bunch of others that might work too. Go to the top of the screen & click on the purple/yellow words 'Aeclectic Tarot' then click on 'decks' and go through the ones listed on this site. These are all available for the public at this point in time (mostly, maybe a few in there only available in Europe). This way you get to see what the art looks like, how the deck is rated for reading (the number of stars given to it on the bottom) and read the reviews of the deck.

I can think of at least 5 or 6 decks that shouldn't frighten parents off. Everything from cats to dragons to Egyptian.

You know, now that I think on it, why not go over to this thread and click on each deck, they show the entire deck of cards for you to see, so you can find if any are 'naked people' that you want to avoid or not--plus see what the whole deck looks like. There's a large number on there, just check each page.

Here's the URL -- 

card_of_hope  06 Sep 2003 
Thanx, i hope it does help. my mom ain't freaked by the Tarot, but the Wica stuff and Pagan stuff, i know they aren't related to it much. i tested Wicca once and now she don't trust me, she says it ****eeeevvvvviiiiiilllll**** LOL. but we're going to Border's tomorrow, i went today but my sis was nagging me and my bro so i coudn't lok that much in the "Metaphysical" section and i had gas so my stomach hurt. Are there any good decks there?
AIM/ norm. IM: XxXPersus
Yahoo Msngr: xxxperseus 

card_of_hope  06 Sep 2003 
okay, I think the Dragon one is right for me, i hope i can find a place that sells it :-)

Thirteen  07 Sep 2003 
The dragon deck should be easy to find. In fact Boarders may have it. It's not expensive and it's not bad as a learner deck. No naked people either. Nice choice. 

card_of_hope  07 Sep 2003 
:WL :( wah i dont like Borders i went and it sayd it only sells to 18 yrs and older wah its not fair anywhere else that younger than 18 can buy it?

HudsonGray  07 Sep 2003 
That's a new one on me! Not sell a tarot deck to someone under 18??? When did they start that?

Ask at the counter! If you can't get it there, tell them they've lost a sale from you, and that you'll buy the deck elsewhere. Then check on the board here to see if anyone has a deck they want to sell. Or check over on ebay, sometimes good deals come up there too. OR (you've got lots of options) go to Barnes & Noble and place an order for the deck with them, they can get it usually within 2 weeks. 

Thirteen  08 Sep 2003 
Originally posted by card_of_hope
:WL :( wah i dont like Borders i went and it sayd it only sells to 18 yrs and older wah its not fair anywhere else that younger than 18 can buy it?

Buy it here, right through Aeclectic! Just go to the deck in question and follow directions. That is, if you're allowed to buy things off line. You can also, as mentioned before, try to exchange decks. Someone here might have a Dragon deck they'd be willing to sell or exchange for your LOTR's deck. 

The LOTR Deck Help thread was originally posted on 05 Sep 2003 in the Using Tarot Cards board, and is now archived in the Forum Library. Read the threads in Using Tarot Cards, or read more archived threads.

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