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Probably a crazy idea ...

Thread originally posted on the Aeclectic Tarot Forum on 06 Sep 2003, and now archived in the Forum Library.

Little Baron  06 Sep 2003 
Was just thinking ...

There are so many new readers on the boards and a lot of people that have limited experience with the tarot.

A lot of beginners look for a way that they can learn the meanings of the cards and a way that they can stick in their minds. We tell them to play with their decks, make stories around the cards, have fun with them and compare with other decks as they study - noticing differences and comparisons.

Thought of something that might help all of us. I study the Phantasmagoric on here with the other readers of the deck and the cards are really falling into place with me because of what the other readers see as well as my own intuition. These combined thoughts flood through me when a card is pulled from the pack. It has been very helpful and has helped me tune and work on my own intuition as well as gain other interesting insights I might not have noticed alone.

Why not have a thread that tackles one card every week or two? Lets say, for example, that this week it was 'The Lovers'. Whoever wanted to contribute to the thread could do, regardless of which deck they use. They would only need to label their post with the name of the deck and then go on to tell their views of the said card, why it is special in their deck, what references cross with other peoples decks that have also contributed etc etc.
In the end, each cards thread would be a wealth of knowlege centred around the said card with contributed attributes from a vast selection of artists work. Newbies would be able to get stuck in and use their intuition, and nobody would be excluded - all they would need is a deck of their own.

Do you think this would be useful? I can imagine a thread on the lovers for example, with the traditional to the modern, the dark to the whimsical, with different depicted cultures, sexualities and artistic styles all harmonising together to give the essence of that card. When possible, scans of the cards could be included.

What do you think? Have I gone mad? Is this any use to you - if so, stand up and be counted LOL.

Best wishes


Mimers  06 Sep 2003 
Yaboot, this is a great idea! :D

Not only will it be a great way to get deeper meanings of the cards, but it would also be a great way to compare decks and perhaps for the newer folks, they would be able to get a better idea of which deck is right for them.

We could call it comparitive studies thread for (insert card name here). How does that sound? Or perhaps something a little less serious,like 'What does you Lover say to you?' Lover card that is (he he).

Any ideas?

Another great idea from Yaboot! 

Little Baron  06 Sep 2003 
Ok ... I am gonna try this one out then and see what the response is like - strike while the iron's hot, eh?

Thanks for your response Mimers.

The thread will be called Comparitive Study as you suggested, M.



**If this goes down like a lead balloon, apologies** 

Mimers  06 Sep 2003 
If this goes down like a lead balloon, there was still no harm in trying!

I'll be there with my Thoth, Rider Waite, Ancestral Path,Marseille,..... 

Maan  06 Sep 2003 
Great idea Yaboot!
I will join you in this project..i would love to read everyone's take on the cards.
As soon as i have some spare time i will post in your lovesr thread...( but wich deck to pick? you already choose the phantasmagoric ;) )


Little Baron  06 Sep 2003 
We can post from the same decks. I just chose the PT because it is the one I am getting most familiar with; if it is the same for you and you have other things to comment or add to it then that is great.

Best wishes


Thirteen  06 Sep 2003 
Originally posted by Yaboot001 Why not have a thread that tackles one card every week or two?

:D How do you think Thirteen's Tarot Basics got created? Long ago, I decided to start us through the deck (only I decided it best to stick with Rider for the study). Each day/week or so, I put up a new card (starting with the Fool), gave a general description, and folk talked about it.

Eventually, we had enough material for the basics, so I consolidated it. Fact is, it only has my name on it because I edited everything I found in the pot. It came into being only thanks to all of the wisdom distilled from the discussions.

In other words, not a crazy idea at all! How do you want to work it? That's the important thing. Do you want this to be a comparison of different decks? So, start with the Fool, describe how it is in the earliest decks and then let everyone discuss the Fool in their decks? 

Little Baron  06 Sep 2003 
Yes, pretty much that way. I just thought that it would be a good way for people to discuss what is important to them about their own cards and locate simularities, see things they hadn't noticed before etc. My intuition with the Phantasmagoric may highlight something that somebody else sees in the Robin Wood for example. At the end of a cards study, a complete 'idea' of the said card would be established and people would have learnt the meanings and ideas without the chore that some find by memorising the LWB or plowing through courses etc. Its also a chance to share decks that some may not have had the luxury to esplore. I use a lot of intuition in my readings and after reading a lot of what new members have to say about learning how to read the cards, I thought it would be a good platform for them to jump forward and say 'this is what I see'.


Ruby7  06 Sep 2003 
Yaboot, I think that this is a great idea!!

I am finding that the more decks I study the more I see in my usual reading deck (Hanson-Roberts or Universal Waite ).

The Phantasmagoric characters are helping me a lot. I have only studied a few so far, but they really seem to stay with me and then when I am using my Hanson-Roberts deck I think of the related Phantasmagoric character and see a different aspect.


Nevada  06 Sep 2003 
Are you talking about an all-decks study group? I think that's a great idea. I find that when I study Tarot using books, I like to use books that aren't associated with a particular deck, or to use books written for other decks, to get more of the feeling for the card rather than the deck I'm using. If that makes any sense?

In any case, I'd be very interested in this. I find that when I try to study one deck I get distracted by my others anyway, lol. 

Dark_angel  06 Sep 2003 
I'm totally up for this; I'd love to hear what other people think when they see cards. Count me in!


The Probably a crazy idea ... thread was originally posted on 06 Sep 2003 in the Using Tarot Cards board, and is now archived in the Forum Library. Read the threads in Using Tarot Cards, or read more archived threads.

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