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The Tower as Healer

Thread originally posted on the Aeclectic Tarot Forum on 06 Sep 2003, and now archived in the Forum Library.

Moongold  06 Sep 2003 
Do Cards have Shadows too?

I was idly thinking this the other day, and wondered if these shadows could be reversals? But no, I think they could be much more than I have seen reversals to be.

This evening I drew the Tower card from Thoth is a reading. It was Rachel Pollackís Reading to open the Heart Card no. 6. What will carry me through? . I drew the Tower for this and then read Gerard Zieglerís wonderful description of the Tower as one of the highest cards for healing . The removal of stagnant situations, corruption or just things gone wrong, opens up the door for healing.

Looking at Thothís Tower I see a stunning, vibrant card. There is chaos as things are ripped apart but an eye oversees all, like some kind of cosmic ambulance driver, waiting to extract the bodies from the wreck. Perhaps this could even be the eye of the Tower spirit, taking care of business. I have just read that the eye is the Eye of Horus, showing awakened consciousness. The picture includes a dove with an olive branch symbolizing compassion and acceptance of self. How could I ever have been afraid of this card? Sometime the light of a situation is so dazzling that you canít see. You have to step into the shadow to see where you are. This Tower Shadow is this kind of placeÖ. A place where the darkness has receded and there is now a beautiful balance, or exposure, to use a photographic term. Purification brings a certain beauty and poignancy to the post Tower setting. 

Mimers  06 Sep 2003 

I have felt the same way about many of the cards in the Thoth deck. The Tower even though it does look painful and scary shows that we are not alone during these times. The dove and the eye(which I see as God looking out for us) gives me comfort when I draw this card. It makes it much easier to accept the turbulant times in our life when we are reminded that they occur to take us to a higher level.

God's intentions are not to destroy us, but to make us stronger and closer to the light.


Macavity  06 Sep 2003 
In her "Reversal's Book" Mary K. Greer ends sections of reversed meanings with a short paragraph she refers to as the "shamanic or magical" meaning. She describes this as (variously): Each card having a meaning you can "see through and into" OR, to look under "the mask of what seems to be"... A metaphore for "what we call reality". etc.

Of the Tower, she says: At the shamanic or magical level, it can signal the raising of energy as with a cone of power, or a terrifying breakthrough to enlightenment, such as with a cone of power or through divine intervention. It also can signify psychic surgery and sex-magic, or it can represent magical battles and psychic warfare.

She defines "Shadow" in Jungian (apparently) terms... for things repressed, or unactualised by the concious self. Maybe that is totally different from the above? Anyway, these sections (as a subset of reversal meanings?) are intriguing... if nothing else? :)

Crowley says... Well, perhaps it's better to read yourself? })


P.S. Runes seem to have magickal, "shinning" and shadow meanings too... 

Marie  06 Sep 2003 
Hi Moongold,

I got the Tower repeatedly before giving birth recently. It was the first tiem I was really able to see the Tower in a good way. Shook me and my whole family up big time! A healing and a blessing!!!!!!!!!


Moongold  06 Sep 2003 
Hi folks

I forgot that my personality/soul card is Chariot and the Teacher card is Tower. LOL

But I had seen that in the sense of clearing out and change, not healing. There is something quite benign and beautiful about this Thoth Tower, however. 

Elle  06 Sep 2003 
I suppose the jarring effects of truths revealed and lies exposed could, and should, clear the way for healing. But it comes after...



Moongold  06 Sep 2003 
Greetings Elle,

Individuals have different experiences. In particular instances there may not be lies unfurled or anything like that.

Many blessings 

firemaiden  06 Sep 2003 
Wonderful thread, Moongold. Where can I find this "opening the heart" spread? Would you be willing to post it in spreads? The Tower as greatest healer seems most apt, especially in light of what Macavity has posted from Mary Greer, of the shamanistic perspective-- psychic surgery (what is that? sounds fun). A propos "terrifying breakthrough to enlightenment", lets not forget Alissa's amazing posts on the tower in this regard 

Moongold  06 Sep 2003 
Macavity: Thank you for that quote from Mary Greer. I have had that book for a long time but never used it thoroughly. The idea of psychic surgery is very interesting. I like the idea of psychic change alittle better. Can't afford to lose much more cerebrally. :D

I also very much liked the link to the Thoth, which is new to me. I might buy Crowley's book, if only to save internet time.

firemaiden, thank you so much for Alissa's dazzling post.

Mimers and Marie, thank you also. Mimers your knowledge of the cards delights me.

Now I have to do some work or the Tower will collapse. 

firemaiden  07 Sep 2003 
I liked the link to the Thoth too, Macav, and Moongold. I have read it before, but it seems there is always more to read in Crowley. It is so deep, rich and chewy. I will never tire of reading Crowley's explainations for his " Atu". 

Mimers  07 Sep 2003 
Originally posted by firemaiden
I liked the link to the Thoth too, Macav, and Moongold. I have read it before, but it seems there is always more to read in Crowley. It is so deep, rich and chewy. I will never tire of reading Crowley's explainations for his " Atu".

"deep, rich, and chewy" I like that discription! Like a tootsy roll that sticks to your teeth:D 

The The Tower as Healer thread was originally posted on 06 Sep 2003 in the Using Tarot Cards board, and is now archived in the Forum Library. Read the threads in Using Tarot Cards, or read more archived threads.

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