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Originally Posted by venicebard
Well, Ross, as a sign of your credibility, I just shelled out nearly $30 bucks for just vol. 2 (paperback), as it looks quite useful. (I shall soon know whether I should thank you or not, but thanx in advance.)
Gee, thanks (ducks for cover)

I think you'll be repaid in one way or another. Your theoretical framework is very different from Hulse's, and of course in most ways you are more advanced. But the sheer amount of ground he has covered, even if not to profound depth, is bound to turn up some useful nuggets. Think of it as a preliminary archeological surface survey.

If you can read German (or even just use it), Dornseiff "Das Alphabet in Mystik und Magie" (1925; Reprint 1994, Teubner, Berlin) ISBN 3-8262-0400-X is classic and still a basic text for these questions.
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