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[QUOTE=Ross G Caldwell]But the sheer amount of ground he has covered, even if not to profound depth, is bound to turn up some useful nuggets. Think of it as a preliminary archeological surface survey.[QUOTE]

This is a great relief to know as that puts the book far more on my level. Thanks for this Ross.

Originally Posted by Ross G Caldwell
If you can read German (or even just use it), Dornseiff "Das Alphabet in Mystik und Magie" (1925; Reprint 1994, Teubner, Berlin) ISBN 3-8262-0400-X is classic and still a basic text for these questions.
I saw that book in the Bibliography of Kieran Barry's "Greek Qabalah" that got me so fascinated, and I was trawling for books that carried on in the same vein. Boy I was gutted when I saw it was in German!
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