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Thanks for this Roseanne.

I had been thinking that there's only so far a book's going to go into the esoteric stuff in alphabets without doing the history and development. I think what I was trying to say was "I'd like to avoid linguistics for linguistics' sake". You've guessed me right, it's the "overlay" on the alphabets I'm interested in, and I'm happy with the way that's always going to be secondary to the actual sound of the letters (ie invented afterwards).

Alphabet Abecedarium is a book I've been slowly getting tempted by for the last couple of weeks, especially as I've seen it somewhere - can't remember where - for 40p plus p&p!

I'd definitely like to know more on Runes and I've been following threads in the Divination section on this - I own two Rune books, "Runes For Beginners" by Kristyna Arcarti, which is very basic (and frankly, very crap in many places) but was good enough at the time I got it, and good old "Runelore" by Edred Thorsson - a fascinating book, very deep with plenty of meat, but nothing on the more "everyday" rune meanings.

Pennick - I have two of his books, and while they're interesting, I advise people to avoid him as he tends to say stuff without explaining why, so you have to take his word for it, which I find very offputting.

Now a second person has recommended Drucker to me, I might have to give it a look (Amazon ahoy!).... and as for Hoffman, I've never heard of it so I'll have to have a good look for it!

Thankyou very much, dear!
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