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Originally Posted by Rosanne
So far, man has not found the Mother language of them all-
Would not the 'Mother language' be the meanings of the individual sounds to the human psyche? This has been understood in the past, surely. For if I have been able to uncover what generates these meanings (no-one having shaken me of this belief so far), then those who created the tools I used -- whose manufacture is far beyond my skill -- must have grasped them better than I.
. . . but there are a few words that have been written down that is thought were there- a mem sounding word for water, a ma sounding word for mother are just two. They were a wavy line for water and breast shaped letter/word for Mother.
You do see the mother-gathering-us-to-her-bosom (read breasts) in old Semitic mem, do you not? I'll go along with you in spades on the 'ma sounding word for mom' bit: mem, called 'silence' in Sefer Yetzirah (mum's the word), is the mother of all mothers, as it centers or defines the 1st wheel (world of sefirotic origin), generated by rays (spokes, Batons) centered on the brow or crown of Adam Qadmon (did the Britons call him Taliesin, 'Radiant-brow'?), which contains in its belly all the other wheels (called 'wheels within wheels' in Ezekiel). This, the most all-encompassing 'mother', logically precedes division into the sexes, in case anyone thought it a male-chauvinist plot, and is probably not the same belly we see in the bottom half of the letter B.
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