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Originally Posted by Rosanne
They described the sounds that our mouths make by relating that sound to a shape, we now call a letter. They were for conveying information, that could not be heard orally. It does not appear that these marks originally were used to explain anything esoteric. After all pictograms(first writing) seem to be about the convenience of counting stores and stock; abjads about directions, Gods, stars and the like.To make a mark understandable- it had to relate to the sound of the word- so Ox was the word that sounded like an outbreath AAAA- so you drew a head with horns -that was an ox.
By the way, Hangeul (the written Korean alphabet) was designed specifically so that some of the letters "look" like the shape of your mouth or tongue when you make that sound--a very handy feature. There are statutes honoring the scholar who standardized/invented it in Seoul and other cities.
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