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Originally Posted by venicebard
- which he evidently got from Graves, as did I (I wish someone could track down Graves's source for this, though he moved in circles where he might have gotten it first hand from some scholar in the field, such as his grandfather[?] Charles[?] Graves).
... there is so much speculation in what Graves documents, and so little GENUINE TRADITION.

He does not document, he speculates. He was a poet, his source a muse, not a document; an inspiration, not a limitation. In as much one accepts that, he was brilliant, beyond that, one perverts everything he was and achieved [which, according to some, was to pervert everything scholars in the field such as his grandfather achieved].

(But of course this is all irrelevant, as I am sure your arguments even if inspired by, surely do not rest on, the fantasies of a 20th century poet.)

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