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Originally Posted by Kwaw
"How wise thou art," the High Priestess took up the challenge, "and how foolish we, to think we could conceal from thee our greatest mystery."
Wonderful post- there back a page or two Kwaw. There will be neverending wonderings about esoteric thought overlaying the written words of ancient times- and even of today.
William Mason wrote "there is a whole volume of human history behind each letter". We, looking back, see it as spiritual in the main- but it was domestic most likely. Most peoples/nations have said it (writing) was given to them by Gods- not speech- writing. I think that was because the elite became in a great part elite, because writing was honoured and revered. It was powerful. So the Gods must have given it. In the same way we today- see it as some great scientific blueprint to explain Man these letters - we think it elite and spiritual and not domestic. Well in the hands of a poet we can fly off and dream- but I am thinking writing helped Mum and Dad send their little Sumerian off to the grocer rather than to the temple. He already knew prayers by heart as there were thousands of years of oral history for that.
I appreciate Dave's Angel for starting this thread- but please excuse the few of us that hi- jacked it, it is a wonderful subject when kept down to earth. ~Rosanne
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