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Phantasmagoric - Knight of Swords

The knight of swords

The LWB says" Here we meet Tom Tom, who is a naughty nature. He is the Knight of sowrds, a character who steals toys from those who are weaker than he. He gains power by manipulating others and forcing them to obey him. The knight of swords warns us notto let go of our rights too easily. When we meet a character like determination and much courage, but it is our only way of protecting ourselves.

Divinatory meaning: Tom Tom, the knight of swords represents omportance of balancing power and confronting negativity.

reversed meaning: Angry, aggressive"

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In my readings the knight seems to show up if i hace to stand up for myself. But it has warned me of people who want to control me too.

There are various symbols on the card like the spikes on his elbows like he is not affraidto use them

There are some toys on the table before him, A litte train and a bear. Futher more this guy is looking very sweet at the reader with his big blue eyes

any thoughts?

Love and light
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