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this one is a special one for me, he always comes when i'm feeling unsure, weak or as a warning to look out, to be on the alert
when he comes up he always looks naughty with a deep intense strong look/eye, he challenge me like heh you know i'm stronger than you, what are you gonna do about that! but then he makes me angry! hah, you think so, you will see! i know then i have to be strong and don't let people walk over me, i tend to let do that too much sometimes, or challenge people by myself who are trying to do that with me, he's my special warning,
now i don't need him and he looks so peacefull, like an angel, but i know better, lol...steeling the toys of other people, tss! not mine!!!

edit: that is why i love this deck...the figures are really real to me, when they come up they can have a totally different look than an other moment when they aren't so important for me at that stage of my life...
at this moment he looks peacefull, kind, you should not think he's a meany boy, only the pins on his outfit can suggest it, but when he shows up his look/gaze change, it becomes very intense, challenging: i want to steel your toys what are you gonna do to don't let me do that...looking how far he can go...thinking he can dominate me...but no way !!!

nice card, my little devil!!!
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