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I think we learn to navigate through the world with these two polarities, using them as guideposts to define and understand our world. When working together perhaps an image is found, an idea born. It’s like a creative flash (fertile moment) that makes something new from what came from our own stored perceptions and memories……the past.

Carl Jung sums it up nicely by saying:
Is it a vision of other worlds, or of the obscuration of the spirit or of the beginning of things before the age of man, or of the unborn generations of the future?”

Hmm, nice pic purple_scorp. This couple looks like their relationship, or marriage could weather any storm. And when one is troubled, the other is able to comfort their partner, reassuring them good times are just around the corner.

The next thought I had with this symbol and purple_scorp’s image is the feeling of stepping back and gazing out at the vastness of our universe, of the infinite possibilities and of seeing it from two different perspectives. Just thinking of this makes me feel we have the ability to heal the split that the world consists of this or that. Perhaps it could also be capturing a moment which at some point we could express verbally, artistically and fondly in the future.

For your interest.........

In metaphysical terms our “power center” or solar plexus, which is located between the rib cage and belly butto……and near the stomach area. This area of the body acts as 'the look out tower' of the body. Just how strong our emotions affect the stomach area is shown by the fact that the solar plexus is the most important center of our sympathetic nervous system. Scientists have proven that the stomach, intestines, and kidneys not only make the same chemicals that the brain makes when it thinks, it is made up of the same grey matter found in the brain. Without a moments thought, it can signal a gut response that overrides our thought processes and our guidance system too.

It has also been proven that our intuition stems from this power center and sends messages to the brain which in turn offers us a visual or verbal message to a question we’ve been struggling with.

How many times have we thought of someone, and they called moments later. How many times have we been lead unconsciously to a book, a person or situation that answered a most pressing question to a perplexing problem. And it didn’t come when we felt agitated, angry or stressed to the limits. Most of the time it came when we finally relaxed, doing what we enjoy, a solution suddenly appeared from our awareness deep within. The question is, will we act on it?

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