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MAAT Tarot Study Group-The Lovers

MAAT Tarot cards of the week

Happy Beltaine!!!

May Day/Beltaine
Cross Quarter Day- May 1st

The Lovers

May Day is another "betwixt and between" time sacred to the Celts; Like Samhain is the doorway to winter, Beltaine is the doorway back to summer. This day is one of no rules or taboos; anything goes including sexual encounters. A Queen of May is chosen from among the young maidens. She represents the Goddess, who is now fertile and ready to choose her consort. Beltaine's fire burns the "bones of Bel" and the shadow of winter/death is banished until Judgment Day/Halloween. The Annual King is chosen. In ancient times Celtic maidens blessed the fields with dew soaked ox tails ensuring a good crop. The Goddess's sacred wells were also blessed at this time, water being the source of life and health to any community. The blessing of wells symbolic representations of the clear liquids of the fertile vagina complimented by later symbols of the phallic symbolism of maypoles.

Beltaine is the celebration of the joining of god and goddess in the Sacred Marriage, the joining of the high priestess to high priest in sacred sexual union. Transforming the virginal high priestess into the newly pregnant and faithful Empress. This union transforms the fool into her High Priest/consort…the Holy Father to her Holy Mother role. She is the fertile flowering earth that will bear fruit and he is the return of the Green [man], which will nourish her fruit.

Other Names: May Day; Bealtane; Baal; Bel, Bael, Balder, Pan, Lord of the Hunt, The Maid Marion and her RobinHood, Isis and Osiris

Symbols: May Pole; Phallus, pools, ponds, wells, dew, bonfires

Attributes: Lust/choice

In a Reading: This card signifies intimate partners. This pair bond is stronger than most and would be considered as 'soul mates'. The Lovers card represents a significantly stronger pair bond than even the marriage card (2 of Cups).
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