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Originally Posted by moon_shadow
Little Baron, thank you so much for sharing this! I am still at a 3 card reading stage on my practice(well occasional bigger spread), so this will be a great help.

Thanks Moonshadow.

I think that the more you use this method, the tighter the relationship between the cards get. They start talking more because they have more defined roles.

And you can break big reads down in this way. For example, the reading I did this afternoon had 7 positions. In one position, as an example, I asked for general advice. Rather than just one card in each position, I used a trio in each. Yes, it may seem like a lot of cards, but when you read in threes, you don't notice. It is so much nicer because it punctuates the response. Rather than asking what that one card could mean, in most cases, you have a noun, adjective and verb, like you do in a sentence. In tarot-speak, that might be, as an example, a court, a major and a minor. Reading larger reads in little combinations of three brings readings to life and gives so much more movement. I never had this as much as after developing this method from my Personal Prophecy teachings. It makes reading far less stagnant and confusing.


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