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The Fey FOOL -- step 18

I am the Fool. I have been strolling along by myself and have come across a most amazing find. It is a pumpkin with a scowling face carved into it. A candle inside cast a bright glow through the pumpkin's features. I kneel here just looking at this thing. What is it really all about? Who left it? It almost takes my breath away.

Wait. I hear foot steps. A silly looking fellow appears, dressed in crazy clothes and dragging a giant pentacle which he is chained to. In some ways he looks like me yet his face is perplexed -- not because of being surprised but by the difficulty in pulling his large pentacle.

Another figure enters the glow cast by the pumpkin. "Hello, I am the Empress." She is certainly attractive, very kind and comfortable looking. "You are the Fool," she says, "and this is Four Pentacles." Whoa, thought the Fool, we all have names! I didn't know that. "I want that" says Four. "I found it," I say. "Oh, let him have it, he wants everything," says Empress. "Come with me, there is much more out there to see and its all there as you need it" says Empress. I leave Four, following the Empress, eager to see what else is out there.

The above came to me as I tried to put myself into the card. The Fool has to meet others at some point. What will happen with the Pumpkin; will he leave it, take it, or will someone else want it? The card just shrikes of "discovery" and "curiosity." I can't see the situation in the card can stay as it is, something just has to happen. The first thought that came as I looked at the Fool happy over his find is that someone else has to just come along that he might share this with. I have a nasty mind, so the Four of Pentacles had to just pop up in my thoughts, someone who would want what the Fool had. Since every coin has three sides -- in this case, "have", "want" and "solution" -- someone else had to pop in. The Empress.

This playful insertion of self into the Fools situation is a logical continuation of drawing and feeling the Fool in previous steps. Nothing is static. It now seems "just right" to me that more things were implied in a situation in which only one entity existed, and in which a discovery of some unknown significance was made. The situation had to expand, had to change and enlarge. It's as if it takes other people and the passage of time to bring perspective and movement forward. I just brought that to the card.

This step was not one of restating the card's figure in an image that I felt comfortable with, it was not feeling the awe and curiousity of discovery, this was a "power projection" in which I brought change to the card in a meaningful way. Discovery, claim, hold, yield, gain something else -- all of this as a way of moving forward and in high contrast to see, want, grab, hold, keep, increase the burden -- as was Four's approach to the situation.

So, even if I don't consider any cards to either side of the Fool (or any other card) I now realize that each card has its own one/many possible ways to move forward or to change. No image is any longer static to me. The cards do have to take on the qualities of the Harry Potter photographs, they have to move and have momentum of their own.
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